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The Hour Of The Rooster

5pm to 7pm is the Chinese Hour of the Rooster. Rooster peeps (born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster) are shrewd, boastful, cocksure, lucky, energetic and horny. How appropriate that these hours are also usually the so-called Happy Hour. It’s also known as the Year of the Cock, although i have run into probs with this during discussions of Chinese astro. It’s easier to say Rooster – just asRead More…

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Astro-Poll: Which Sun Sign Is The Most Louche Of All?

louche \LOOSH\ , adjective: 1. Of questionable taste or morality; disreputable or indecent; dubious; shady. Quotes: You’ve got to keep yourself free of any suggestion of louche behavior. — Anthony West, A man in a bar, utterly average, though there is something louche about him, something sly. — Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes Danny would be sipping a mai tai or a whiskey sour in some louche WestRead More…

The High Priestess Thoth Deck

The High Priestess Is Poignant

 The High Priestess is poignant. In Tarot, she is the most mysterious aspect of the divine feminine. She represents the Egyptian Isis, Ishtar of Babylon and, some say, Persephone. When she appears in a Tarot reading, the meaning varies depending on the placement but it’s always a profound omen. It means significant spiritual development is occurring. Or, that a secret is coming to light and likely a juicy, valuable one.Read More…

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Uranian Retrograde Sends Weirdness Incognito

Uranus Retrograde doesn’t mean that the classic unconventional conduct and ingenuity of Uranus goes backward. It sends the weirdness incognito. The God of the Future spends half the year in Retrograde mode so that, in itself is not a big deal. But the days around Uranus turning Retro or Direct are like a gigantic, super-weird version of Mercury Retrograde. Situations can go spectacularly awry. Omens are writ large, and messagesRead More…

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The Moon Conjunct Uranus Shifts Stale Vibe

The Moon conjunct Uranus alignment occurs once a month. It is a signifier of sudden genius & whopping great “aha!” emo insights. The impersonal and cathartic Outer Planet Uranus meets the Moon, representing your psyche. The alignment of these two can be jarring, particularly if you’re complacent. But it also inspires stunning random encounters. It ignites synchronicity. The Moon Conjunct Uranus Ignites Synchronicity If you’re born with this vibe, you’reRead More…

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Venus In Taurus Is Luxuriant And Green

Venus in Taurus is Helen of Troy, luxuriant sensuality and the High Priestess vibe; all rolled into one. “At this moment my cousin Helen came sailing up, like the long-necked swan she fancied herself to be. She had a distinctive swaying walk and she was exaggerating it. Although mine was the marriage in question, she wanted all the attention for herself. She was as beautiful as usual, indeed more so:Read More…

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