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Yes Mercury Is Still Retrograde

Yes, Mercury is still Retrograde. It feels like a forever-retrograde because Mercury is strong in Gemini and its square Neptune for more or less the whole time.*  That's the weirdness factor. It's not so much that Mercury is Retrograde; it's more that it is nebulized.  Lately it's been hyper-weird. How often have you gone to do something mercurial - sending emails, updating something, snappy dialogue - and bam: Neptune Fog? …

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Have You Heard The Interstellar Plasma Hum?

If you hear the Hum, you might be delighted to know that it is possibly galactic. Ever since Saturn entered Aquarius late last year, astrophysicists have been making unprecedented, ridiculously cool discoveries on a more frequent basis. But they've really stepped it up since the first Mercury-Neptune square in late May. Check out these clear proof of cosmic intelligence discoveries announced in the last ten days alone. The pandemic, as …

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Stealth Jupiter & The Weekly Horoscopes

Me Yesterday: Reflects that, although I wrote that Jupiter in Pisces will be ultra-potent, it's not really having that much of an effect on me, a Sun Sign Pisces. (Makes notes for a post on Pisceans being possibly immune to Jupiter's bombastic and hyper-everything influences.) Me A Few Hours Later: Realizes that since Jupiter entered Pisces two weeks ago, I have slept with a moldavite nugget taped to my third …

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Saturn: We Had To Go Back

"The Voyager discoveries, such as the beautiful structure in Saturn’s rings, our first views of Saturn’s moons close up, Titan’s hazy atmosphere, and the mysterious Saturn hexagon.* Each set of tantalizing pictures left me with a sense of wanting to see more." Linda Spilker - NASA scientist.- Saturn: We Had To Go back Yes Linda, we know the feeling. If it is not Saturn Returning, then it's us feeling compelled …

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Jupiter In Pisces 2021

Jupiter in Pisces: oceanic surge of opportunity or high tide of hubris? Potentially, like anything in Pisces, it's both - a cryptic convergence of the two. Jupiter is now in Pisces for 75 days, previewing 2022's more substantial offering: Jupiter in Pisces for 26 weeks all up. Although the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is only exact in April 2022, their mere proximity makes both planetary influences more potent. It will …

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Taurus New Moon Briefing

Happy New Moon in Taurus! I uploaded a free-styling rave about it on the Mega Mystic members page - it's 19 mins long, just click play. Additionally, the Venus Retrograde post below now links to this epic resource: all of the Venus Retrograde dates between 1900 and 2098. Mega Mystic Members Area Listen To The Taurus New Moon Rave
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