An Astrology Lesson From Joe Rogan

Whatever your views on the podcaster Joe Rogan, the following anecdote is a magnificent example of astrology in action – mostly Uranus.

A la the tweet below, Rogan enjoyed a unique career epiphany and success coup on March 10 1996. As a relatively obscure stand-up comic, he’d recently scored a role on the sitcom News Radio – Uranus was at Zero Aquarius, three degrees away from his Midheaven.

On March 10 1996, however, Uranus had arrived. It was smack-bang exact on his midheaven and the episode that aired that day saw his character – an eccentric electrician – given his own radio show. The triple Leo (Sun, Mercury + Jupiter) seized the mike and the moment, ad-libbing and improvising his way into a rapidly career-enhancing performance.

It was a coup in that audiences loved his (fictional) broadcasts but for Rogan it was a turning point; he wanted to broadcast from that moment on and became the most successful podcaster on the planet.

Uranus rules Aquarius, so had extra electrical oomph in that sign, zapping up the signature Uranus-Midheaven themes of ‘sudden reputation-altering event’ or ‘cosmic career catalyst.’

Not only that, it was opposite his Mercury in Leo. Mercury represents your talk-style, the communicative you and the point where your consciousness engages with society/culture.

Just as Leo Rising people draw the light in photo shoots, Leo Mercury people can pull off some sort of weird vocal performance sorcery if inclined. But it can also manifest as simply the loudmouth, the blowhard in a basement comedy club.

Rogan had other benevolent astro that day – Jupiter in Capricorn was in his 9th house squaring his natal Saturn in Aries* and Venus (his chart ruler as he’s Taurus Rising) was supportive. But the once-every-84-years-only phenom of Uranus on his Aquarian Midheaven was Everything.

If Uranus is nearing your Midheaven, don’t buy the negative hype that it’s automatically going to involve gnarly change. It could just as easily be a sudden, incredible opportunity or realization: you find your niche or are thrust into the spotlight and compelled to do something you actually love doing.

*Joe Rogan starting martial arts in his teens because he was “terrified of being a loser” is core Saturn in Aries.

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Wow. Very cool. Love Joe Rogan…


I’m an Aquarian, American, and I’ve worked in healthcare throughout the entire COVID pandemic. Still do. This man gets paid hundreds of millions to spread lies, conspiracy theories, and so many harmful untruths. He came under fire for his anti-vax Spotify episodes, but it only made him more popular. But he wasn’t sitting beside me at deathbed after deathbed, while dying victims gasped for air. He wasn’t terrified about infecting anyone to watch them drown in their own lung fluids. He wasn’t there to comfort family members or watch beds fill up in favor of more pressing illnesses. We had… Read more »


So sad to see such a vile human being on one of my favorite websites.


Yes, Meg… I was there, too.
And, you summed up that waste of a voice-box to a T. 👹
Thank you for your brave service, then and now. ❤️


The other side of the coin is that there are thousands of health workers, including nurses, doctors, immunologists and virologists who were also holding hands with dying covid patients and who do not believe in the experimental drug touted as a vaccine. These experts, who you don’t hear about in MSM lost their jobs for speaking up against what they knew was wrong and against draconian measures instigated by interested parties, and for trying to uphold basic human rights. But above all else this is an astrology blog where famous and infamous people of all walks of life are astrologically… Read more »


An oasis must be kept sacred by intent, I am trying so hard not to comment on what I think these days that I don’t comment much at all! But at least as you say it keeps the waters clean from angry sediment-stirring. Well said, like, Siriusly.

Kim Queen

Thank you for being there for those patients. It must have been grueling. unfortunately the entertainment industry rewards clowns, and loudness.
Not intellect, nurturing and caring.


Hmmm. That’s a timely post. I’m about to get this very transit in early May. Not too sure how it can be any more dramatic than the last few years or so. I’m from Melbourne, Victoria and chose not to be vaxxed – and subsequently couldn’t work in my two clinics (I’m a natural therapist/acupuncturist/craniosacral blah blah). Over thirty years of building the business got wiped in 12 months. I still get waves of anger. Not so much about the loss of work (greatly reduced) and income (also greatly reduced), but I’m just not ready to retire. I miss moving… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Sirius

Dear Sirius, I feel your pain! I packed my bags, sold my house and ran. Made it across the border by two days when they shut Melbourne down for a year. Still rather traumatised. Pretty sure you have never been needed so much given the excess death rates? Also feel a lot of anger, mainly toward my family who swallowed the kool-aid with glee. One with jack-boots on! Compassion, right? Uranus opposing my Moon makes that challenging.


Ooh, when Uranus (ruler of my 9th house) was on my Midheaven, I got a great opportunity to get paid while earning my graduate degree! It was in an institution that was on a (peaceful) border of a country and had many people from abroad who worked and studied there. The timing couldn’t had been better. I hope to transition out of this career and use it as a springboard to my next endeavor (it’s been 22 years now), but it definitely opened my world in many amazing ways.


Great stuff! Joe is always so on top of things


Yes, he doesn’t always explore things I am passionate about, but I have loved his Graham Hancock/Randall Carlson association so much, it’s been great to have these podcasts on ancient civilisations and the younger dryas period explored so successfully it’s produced a fountain head of other young people obsessed with it all.


There is so much action in my chart when uranus will do a little gemini retro dance over my midheaven. Progressed mercury is there at the same time The nodes will be there, there will be the saturn Uranus conjunction a few degrees away from the progressed venus mercury and saturn merge -progressed new moon in gemini all in two years time. Part of the duration has some 8th house intercepted in the progressed chart… And my ascendant progresses into scorpio so only my partner will know how this goes down… This suggests I can stop worrying about this week’s… Read more »


Oh is the jupiter vesta chiron thing on my chiron? Yeah. Ok. Happy chiron return ellen you little invisible minx.


With retrograde it covers that point 5 times. 5. Times.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

love this.


We lost a lot when we lost Phil Hartman


Love this


I left the safe confines of life in Australia and moved to Singapore to work when Uranus opposed my Sun Uranus. Not much later it hit the MC and I won a stack of international awards for my creative work. Those years were formative and being a Uranian native with it combust Sun I loved every minute of it. When it crossed my ASC my home was hit by lightning. Now it’s travelling through the 1st changing everything as it goes. Erratically as is it’s nature. We live astrology every day of our lives. It’s there for those of us… Read more »


So you have natal sun uranus in the 4th?


In the 3rd. With Mars Jupiter conjunct. Highly aspected Sun opposite Chiron.


And yet his greatest fear came true.


I received a significant promotion when Uranus crossed my Aries midhaven… At the same time, I was freed from working for my Aries boss, after 12 years. She retired with Uranus transiting her Aries Sun ⚡️ The whole situation forced me to become a bit more Aries myself, which wasn’t / isn’t easy because I have Saturn in Aries

Last edited 9 days ago by Calcifer
Corduroy jeans

Hi Calcifer, even I have trouble being Aries sometimes, and I have a traffic jam of planets and points sitting on the Aries shelf of my galactic wardrobe!😂😄
Am so sorry you had a tough couple of years with your Aries boss. I can only imagine !!! Xx Uranus is a benefic as far as I can tell. Have a few good & life-changing stories myself, based on Mr Lightning Bolt. Hope Saturn has given you some much needed support from and by Rams, now (at least, you have from this one!🤚) 😘


Playing an eccentric electrician & given a radio show as Uranus hit his MC is ridiculously too astrologically apt!


It is!


I want to burn that shirt he’s wearing though. Dear god


So vile.


+1 for Uranus midheaven being the experience of a fabulous portal materialising in front of you. Give possibility a home in your life! Say yes!


And Uranus opposite my MH any month now?


Uranus-IC transit occurred in my late 30s & catapulted me from my comfort zone (work & home) – throwing me into a life of “fun, danger & excitement” (my motto back then), as i went travelling & working abroad.
So enjoy the ride! I daresay it’ll be more fun than Pluto-IC which i’ll have any minute now.


So looking at my journaling, the precise date of Uranus on IC, i decided to quit my job & go freelance. I’ve remained freelance ever since. The date i handed in my resignation was 11th March, exactly 27 yrs ago to the day. 😮 waddayaknow…


Taking notes


Mine comes up in April 2026. Uranus over Gemini Midheaven. Starting to lay the foundation for Pluto in Aquarius era, but a sudden opportunity could be awesome!


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