astrology compatibility

Dating and Astrology Compatibility

astrology compatibility

Let’s face it, dating can be hell. So you need every advantage possible. Fear not, Mystic Medusa unearths truths, cover-ups, character traits and flaws when it comes to your astrology compatibility with signs of the zodiac. Whether you are going through a dating drought or are a frequent traveler to Love Zombie Land, then having a leg up on astrology compatibility and how the signs date is super useful to help keep you grounded and get somewhat equal footing.

Even if you think dating is passe, being grounded is key because as we well know, delusion is the most potent aphrodisiac of all, as discussed in Saturn Dating Goggles.

Each zodiac sign can, typically, behave a little differently when it comes to dating. Virgos love to be efficient when it in terms of dating, Librans are well known to be aloof when they like you and Aquarius will absolutely run for cover if you start to impose any kind of conventions on them.

Want to read helpful anecdotes and reader stories on dating and mating the various signs? Here they are!

Dating the Zodiac














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Plus, there’s always the popular Ask Mystic posts that answer dating woes with aplomb and accuracy.

Just like in Dating a Distant Leo

‘I am… dating someone who is as he puts it “is emotionally available, but not physically available”. He is a Leo, I am a Pisces. We get along amazingly. Similar humor, moral principles, thought processes, respect, and loads of workaholic vibes. So naturally, we get each other. But…’

For the ultimate in astrology compatibility that is personal to you and your sign, seek out the Love Warp 9 report. It’s like a personal Love Horoscope, with your most potent times for dating and meeting new people of interest. Or go in deep with the Soulmating report which is a unique consult that compares the birth charts of two people to ascertain their strongest soul links.

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