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Ask Mystic: Psycho-Shoe Karma

Dear Mystic,  I have a question about shoes not fitting So, for the last three months, I have been trying to replenish my shoe wardrobe/everyday collection as I have thrown out two pairs of stalwarts recently and am lacking enough footwear with comfort and versatility.   I have never had such a strenuous exercise in shoe shopping, although I am quite particular about my style and comfort is a must.  …

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Ask Mystic: When You’re A Quadruple Virgo Author

  Hiya Mystic, I’ve been self-employed for eight years, mainly as a writer. I’ve recently completed the first draft of a fictional novel, something I’ve always wanted to do. A spanner in the works: I spotted a part-time job at an independent short story publisher and on a whim applied. I’m a great fit for the job description. Apart from the childcare logistics, I feel like it’s going to take …

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Ask Mystic: Share-House-Witchery

    Dear Mystic Medusa, I’m not sure if you’ve gotten this question before, but I’m wondering if you have any insights for house witchery in shared living situations? I just moved in with a roommate after living alone for seven years. I’ve listened to your House Witchery mp3 and I loved it, especially as someone who LOVES to clean and live in a clean space and also just take …

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Happy Full Moon And An Oracle Story

Happy Full Moon Mystic! I loved your Neptune/Dreaming audio zap! I get very excited by all your magic!!!!! I wanted to share a little story with you! Thursday 9/13, I asked the Oracle “what should my next move be?” And it answered something about me being introduced to my animal familiar. I did not screen-grab to save it because I was convinced that it was incorrect and got the wrong …

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Taurus In Love

Travelling For Love During Venus Retrograde?

Should A Taurus In Love Travel To Meet A “Maybe” Romantic Interest With Venus Retrograde? Dear Mystic, The upcoming Venus retrograde has got me thinking about Venus retrograde protocol. That is, no excessive shopping benders, no drastic makeovers, etc. But if a retrograde is going back over things, is this a good time to review a relationship? Or in my case, it’s more of a non-relationship that I would like …

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Ask Mystic: House Witchery – Am I Being Cursed By A Doormat?

Dear Mystic,  This is a House Witchery question that is not really astrological. I’m sure I’m not the only person haunted by hessian mats and pewter trinkets. My actual Ask Mystic question is:  am I being cursed by someone else’s doormat? And also by their little silver guardian angel, but suggesting I was being cursed by someone else’s guardian angel sounds weird –  like I have an infestation of winged …

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