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Ask Mystic: Is There An Esoteric Reason Why Spiders Like Me?

Dearest Mystic, I was hoping you would help me. I am unable to settle my query scientifically, so I was wondering if this was more a question for the esoteric arts. I frequently, from childhood, have been attractive to spiders. I get bitten often. The worst was a necrotizing bite on my forehead that sent me to the Emergency Department.  My Nanna, God rest her soul, often told me they were warnings. Of what …

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Ask Mystic: Help With A Qi Vampire Cat Napper

Dear Mystic,  I am currently insanely aware of our Plutonic stratosphere and given the Sun Cancer/Moon Cancer hyper-spidey-sense that I have, my tagline is often (jokingly) “I know everything”. But something else has crept in of late that I would love some help with, from you and the Community Mystic, I have come to know and love.  On my block, there is a woman from whom, over ten years ago …

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Ask Mystic: How Do You Know When A Libra Likes You?

Dear Mystic, I’m hoping the Librans out there in your blog world might be able to help with this one….  How do you know when a Libran genuinely likes you – is attracted to you – as opposed to you just being citizen X and the Mask Of Politesse is simply doing its job? And particularly when that Libran is already very socially active and always seems to be surrounded by …

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Ask Mystic – Sun Square Ascendant Identity Crisis

Dear Mystic I have spent most of the weekend pouring over my Astral DNA. So much resonated that it felt like talking with an old friend. So thank-you for producing such a treasure. One big a-ha moment was reading about the effect of my Sun square Ascendant aspect… my persona or image is at odds with my actual identity. Oh my god, this explains so much.  As a Cancer Sun, …

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Ask Mystic – Plutonic Dreaming?

Dear Mystic My forgiveness for the..ahem..”crappy” nature of this query but would dreams about bowel movements be considered symptomatic of this Plutonic vibe? I had a most strange dream about going to the toilet and feeling that the crap literally wouldn’t move and would need some sort of intervention! And then these seemingly never-ending coils of very pale poop started coming almost effortlessly out of me. I mean, it’s not …

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Ask Mystic: Am I Chaos?

Hey there Mystic, My question is Am I Chaos?  I’m a long time subscriber, but as a typical Scorpio, I lurk on the forums rather than participate. Your site has been essential in my journey back to my magical witchy self after the end of a tumultuous relationship with a nihilist Virgo who believed in nothing and contributed even less. I have found the Tarot/Oracle essential in resetting my compass …

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