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Mercury in Pisces

Is Mercury In Pisces Forever?

Is Mercury in Pisces forever? Or does it just damn well feel like it? “Desperate Sagittarius” speaks for many of us, I am sure. Dearest Mystic,  Is it possible, that Mercury retrograde is still “on”?!  I have been fine throughout the actual retrograde, working well and feeling inspired. But ever since it supposedly went direct, I am in a brain fog. My sound system has crashed multiple times and still …

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Cancer Man Ignoring You

What To Do If A Cancer Man Is Ignoring You?

The email arrived with just the subject heading – What To Do If A Cancer Man Is Ignoring You? – no message text, no context. So, thinking it might be an Ask Mystic question, I replied and the email was returned; this users mailbox is full – their quota exceeded.  How Mercury Retrograde is this?! But what if the Cancer man in question had also tried to reach this person?! …

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neptune rising

Is This My Neptune Rising Or Is It CBD Oil?

Dear Mystic, Neptune in Capricorn Rising here – the past day or so I’ve suddenly felt all my typical Saturnine heaviness lift off into outer space and I’m curious if this is due to Chiron into Aries, Sun moving into Pisces, Mercury in Pisces, or the copious amount of CBD oil I’ve swallowed over the past twenty-four hours? I’m curious about your thoughts on the CBD for my astro. Even …

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hair vampire

Ask Mystic: I Have A Hair Vampire

Hi Mystic, Since you created the phrase “Love Zombie” and give advice on dealing with Qi Vamps I thought you may have some advice on my hair vampire situation. I am a Virgo-Rising, Virgo-Sun, Virgo-Venus and Leo Moon. I have a Sagittarius colleague who keeps copying my hair. Grow it long, so does she and when I cut it short, so does she. And then I add bangs, so does …

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feng shui bedroom ideas

Ask Mystic: A New Year House Witchery Question

Dear Mystic, This is more of a Feng Shui Bedroom consult, but the astrology and house witchery is super relevant.  I (with my Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and Aqua Ascendant) live with my partner (a delightful Gemini Sun, Libra Moon).  We live in a spacious 1940s pier-and-beam house, which means it’s elevated with only air and the occasional opossum underneath. There is another roommate who is moving out at the …

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Ask Mystic – The Astro Stalker

Hi Mystic, What a manifestation for Venus Retro. I have a stalker. A colleague no less, who breezed in from a faraway office, Malibu or somewhere. After one lunchtime chat she starts following me around the building, constantly hinting that she “dates women” and is “single”. I also date women, but I told her I’m happily in a committed relationship with a man. She came up to me and blurted …

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