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What Scent Would A Virgo Man Like?

Mystic advises a Pisces wondering what fragrance is most likely to be seductive to a Virgo. The Virgo Man presents like he is the most legit guy in any room but he can be as cryptic as any Gemini. However, this zodiac sign is extremely discerning and will notice details. Such as? Scent. They’ve got nearly as strong a nose as Libra. “Lady Mystic, For all the astrology info outRead More…

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Can An Aquarius Trust Her Sagittarius With A History Of Cheating?

Sometimes the Aquarius ability to give space and not be possessive can be used against them in relationships. Mystic advises an Aquarius who has doubts about her Sagittarius partner. “Dear Mystic, I am an Aquarius who was engaged to be married, but I have decided that marriage is an idiotic concept. At just 33, I was already divorced and skeptical when I met my (now) partner. I was coming outRead More…

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