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Why Is It So Hard To Break Up With A Taurus?

Why is it so hard to break up with a Taurus? Are Taurus and Libra relationships particularly fraught? Mystic advises a Libra in the thick of it. Dear Mystic, As a triple Libra, being reasonable is somewhat of a religion with me. It may be a cliche, but I am most often the peacemaker in my group of friends, and my job is in the conflict resolution field. So, IRead More…

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How To Tell If A Virgo Man Is In Love With You?

Mystic advises a normally super-cool Aquarius woman being sent nuts by a reserved Virgo. She asks How does a Virgo man in love even act? “Hi, Mystic, So I believe something started recently between myself (Aquarius) and a Virgo Solar Engineer.  I’m usually not one to dabble in the land of Virgo; I have to admit. I typically get on with the Geminis, Librans and the occasional Scorp. But somethingRead More…

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How Do I Seduce My Taurus Flatmate?

A Leo asks how she can seduce her Taurus flatmate. But is it a good idea? To make matters more complex, he might be a spy. Dear Mystic Medusa, I found your site when I was searching for  “seducing your flatmate tips” and I got to the Sun Sign Survey about flatmates. I have a problem to do with my housemate. He is a Taurus and I am a Leo.Read More…

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Should I Send My Gemini Ex A Birthday Card?

A Scorpio asks if it is a good idea to send his Gemini Ex-Girlfriend a birthday card. Gemini and Scorpio have a strange dynamic and my first answer is no. Dear Mystic Medusa, I love your Horoscopes. You have always been spot on.  I know you have lots of people asking questions but, if you have any spare capacity at all, I’d appreciate your answer to an astrological question thatRead More…

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Is It Normal To Wish You Were Another Sun Sign?

Is it normal to wish you were another Sun Sign? Or to even lie about it? Mystic advises a Libra who has Sun Sign envy. And yes, it’s normal but irrational. “Hi Mystic I am a Libra and whenever I read your posts about Aquarians I always wish I was one! Do other people have Sun Sign envy? The other sign I envy is Sagittarius. But I am glad IRead More…

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