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Dear Mystic – Retrogrades Send Me Bats

Dear Mystic, Is it normal for a Virgo to go really OUT THERE when things are Retrograde? By things i mean Mercury, Mars, anything. My relationships (Mars in Sagg) are exciting, unpredictable and above all, imaginary lol. I walk around looking as if I care so little I could nod off at any moment, while my Virgo Sun goes quietly berserk, OCD-ing on whatever. My job involves staying up allRead More…

How Can I Be Famous But No Men Approach?

Hello Love, Firstly, let me thank you profoundly for your boundless positivity and banging creative booya we subscribers get to enjoy from you on the daily. What a gift you are. If you post this, please keep my details private, as i am a little bit famous. Call me Luna.  In the last five my career as a performer has become amazing.  I tour the World constantly getting standing ovations,Read More…

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Why Can’t I Feel My Capricorn Vibe?

Dear Mystic, I am a Capricorn but I don’t really feel like a Capricorn… I kind of feel at odds with the things that are supposed to be important to them. Whenever I read about Capricorns, it always seems like they are described as conventional, logical and organized. Whilst I think these qualities are admirable and are things I can do when I want to, I am a creative andRead More…

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Is There An Astrological Signature For Energy Vampires?

Dear Mystic, i see a lot of talk about Love Zombies on this site – not complaining 😆 – but less so about Qi Vampires, apart from in the Horoscopes. Your Qi Vampire Alerts are crazy accurate BUT i have realized recently that i used to be a Qi Vampire. I had a particularly bad example of one in my life and around that last Full Moon Eclipse, it allRead More…

How Can I Be Happy And Secure On The Road?

Dear Mystic I have a query for you… I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now, and I can’t seem to settle on a solution.   I have Neptune/Rising/Sun conjunct in Sagittarius.  Ok so 6 months ago, I had no job and was living with my parents, while in a terrible (9yr!) relationship with an Aries that had gone well past its expiry date. My relationship with myRead More…

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To Zap Or Not To Zap?

Hey, Sparkles- I loved your entry on Gwyneth and agree- I’d love to see her back in films.  Maybe behind the camera even?  Anyway. . . . I have a Zap Zone question that might be suitable for the blog.  We’re in the Zap Zone and April is a flashpoint with Everything Square Everything, so your advice has been for us to lay low, do yoga and meditation, and stayRead More…

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