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A Classic Mercury Retrograde Dilemma…And Solution.

 Hello Mystic I’m a Virgo Double Capricorn, a long time subscriber of your awesome site, I live in a groovy Bohemian suburb in the Inner West in Sydney and I have a question about the Mercury Retrograde that I’m hoping you can give me some insight/guidance on. I’m applied for a new role within my current company. I really like the role I’m doing now and feel very competent in …

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Victory Over Qi Vampires

 Dear Mystic, thank you, THANK YOU, for this amazing list of ways to lovingly exorcise qi vampires! I’ve been battling one hell of a manipulative/hostile/pass-agg/whatever, you name it – she has gone there – qi vamp for three years (our tumultuous bff/frenemies relationship morphed into a business partnership because I thought I could save/change her), & finally, thanks to your wisdom, had the willpower & confidence to cut ties & …

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Love Zombie For A Week But It Felt So Good

Dear Mystic, For the past 4 or 5 years I have managed to stay away from the love zombie trap. I have dated, been the dumper and the dumpee. I have quietly and peacefully hermitized my self when i felt I have needed it. I have given loving and grounding advice/ support to my friends who keep themselves in constant love zombie mode. I have been in control of my …

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Ask Mystic: How Does One Do Saturn In Capricorn?

Good morning Mystic! I hope you’re amazing. I’m always so dumbfounded by how accurate and spot on you are. Not to mention funny, droll, wise-cracking and well-informed. In fact, when it comes to what’s going on in the world, I check you first before I check Twitter’s what’s trending, the NY Times, HuffPo, etc. Is it because you’re a day ahead? Today’s a little messed up in the US, what …

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Ask Mystic: Christmas Babies?

Hey Mystic, I recently found out that December 25 is the rarest birthday, and also the birthday of a handful of ancient prophets. I was wondering if there is an astrological significance to this day, or am I just having a status crisis right now? Lol. Much Love from the Curious “Christmas” Baby. Hi Curious Christmas Baby, Interesting question and i had no idea it was the most rare of …

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Astro-Query: Re-Entering The Mating Orbit

Dearest Mystic, I’m a subscriber, inspired by your recent Dear Mystic posts (which are so helpful and fun to read) to share a question of my own: I’m a Taurus Sun-Venus-Lilith, Cap Moon-ASC, with an exact Sun-Neptune opposition  Thank God for all that earth, because… Love Zombie, yo. I’m in recovery, but I think I might have become too reactionary. I either merge instantly and completely, or I shut people …

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