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Venus conjunct Mars synastry

Why Do I Fixate On Venus-Mars Men?

  Venus conjunct Mars synastry can be addictive, as this Mega Mystic member’s dilemma illustrates. Dear Mystic, Do you ever notice yourself caught in attracting the same astro signatures in your love interests and/or relationships? For instance, I have a penchant for being attracted to Mars-Venus men.  My first boyfriend had Mars in Libra, not quite Mars-Venus in aspect but after all, Venus rules Libra. His Mars was conjunct my …

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Do Saturn Transits Mean You Lose Money?

Saturn Transits and Money issues seem to go together. But they're also the astral passages most connected with wealth consciousness. Hi Mystic, Do Saturn Transits mean you lose money? Or your credit rating? Saturn through Libra, Scorpio, and Sag touched ALL of my natal planets. Yeah.  That was interesting. And during that time, there was a litany of changes to my mindset, expectations, career, and income. Now on the other …

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Can Saturn Return Make You Mouthy?

Mystic advises a Sagittarius who wonders if it's normal to have such a good Saturn Return. She's now more mouthy, empowered, and brave in her every day. Mystic, I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Cancer ascendant. Before Saturn entered and left my sign, I was pretty much a low-key wallflower and when things upset me or people did something wrong, I coped by accepting it and writing through it. Since …

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Ask Mystic: Winter Olympics Astro Cartography

Dear Mystic, I’ve been having serious ‘pings’ lately and was wondering if there was some astro that could be explaining it all.  I have a bit of a relationship with the Winter Olympics.  When they were in Turin in 2006, I fell in love with the mens figure skating (as any teenage girl is wont to do), particularly one Canadian skater. What then happened was just a cosmic storm of …

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Ask Mystic: Aquarian Thoughts

Dearest Mystic, You may very well be inundated with emails these days, from all of us being profoundly zapped by the current Eclipse Zone?! And, with as much grace as I can muster, I thought to describe briefly what has been my almost overwhelming preoccupation these last couple of weeks. In short, I was adopted as a baby. Long life story, mostly blessed. Can’t complain really. I’m Aquarian, Taurus Rising, Scorpio Moon: …

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