Is Venus Trine Pluto Why My Fake Fingernails Caught Fire?

science fiction comic incorporating a Thoth tarot card

Is Venus trine Pluto why my fake fingernails caught fire? You know it’s Jupiter square Neptune when you get emails with subject lines like that. Read on for the real reason.

Dear Mystic,

The most bizarre thing is happening. I did a stellar clearing ritual for the new moon.. getting rid of a car full of junk, throwing salt, mugwort smudging, Buddhist mantra. The following 36 hours includes a visit to my ADHD guru, an IUD insertion, and three/almost four of my (fake) nails have fallen off. Another even caught on fire.  It happened directly after the Libra I’ve been gracing with my attention and I decided to no longer be romantic. This decision follows—though it’s unrelated to—the most mysterious disappearance of my keys to his house.
Is it the New Moon? Is it Venus trine Pluto? Am I cursed? Did I clear him right out of my life?
The Space clearing mp3 is amazing! Clearly very effective.

You’re Experiencing Fab Omen Flow And Are Clearly A Synchronicity Agent

Dear M,
Cursed? No, I’d say more like blessed. You’re tapped into the Trickster energy of the Hyper-Flux (Jupiter square Neptune.) You’re experiencing fab omen flow and are clearly a Synchronicity Agent or have perhaps even been to Neptunian Life Coaching.  If you have to get an IUD inserted, Venus trine Pluto on a New Moon is nigh perfect.
The fingernails? Well, I’d like to know which finger was the one with the acrylic catching fire. Your ring finger? Or your index finger aka Jupiter’s finger in palmistry and medieval correspondences? The term “no longer be romantic” is such a superior expression to ‘break up’ or any of the other similar jagged terminology.
And how can you say that your keys disappearing was unrelated to this? It was either your Libra friend pulling a pass-agg stunt or magical key symbolism, don’t you think? So, while it was logical to think Moon or Venus, this ambiance is Hyper-Flux. That is; extremely Mutable energy interacting across multiple parts of the galaxy, with key planetary players. involved.

Thank you for the kind words re the space-clearing mp3 – the reviews for it are rad and I have it playing on a loop.

Image: Marshall Rogers

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Wish Upon a Star

My dreams last night were definitely Venus Trine Pluto. Maybe with a touch of Jupiter Square Neptune. I was an Aussie male redneck with a bigheart. (I live in that kinda place, still stuck in the 70s). And I could fly. I loved flying through trees. My duty was to rescue damsels in distress and cherish them. When I was slowly flying through the trees I happened upon a branch that resembled a woman’s calf. Then I realised it was. That calf had been cut and restitched back. In fact the woman was hanging upside down like the hanged man… Read more »


That is so beautiful! You met a goddess, or you brought her back to life again in yourself. And you had super powers to fight for her. I saw it so clearly, and i is so beautiful. Thank you!

dark star

I got a Venus pluto mooned iud too! It wasn’t even supposed to happen but the clinic had time that afternoon due to Ramadan cancellations. I love all these hyped flux synchronicities


I love this!

My life has felt like I’m in Mercury retrograde….. must be the Jupiter Neptune square and Gemini season all rolled up into a ball. My texts are autocorrecting in the most interesting ways (bar> bad, pb&j>pen&just, cps>cops) and yesterday a super quick hailstorm shredded the city and my electricity has been off ever since. It’s 97 degrees and humid today. Then my phone jumped off the counter and squashed one of my toes. Swollen and bruised…. gosh.


Maybe related to the hyper flux. (?)A tiny island community in the far north of Norway, called the Summer Island wants to get rid of time. They have voted over it, and has sent in an aplication to the government. (it is so far noth that it is sunny all night in the summer and dark the whole winter, so they want to be allowed the flexibility to mow their lawn or work at 4 in the morning without breaking any rules) I love it! Summer Island ( way past the polar circle), following the rules, and making all the… Read more »


whiffs of Saturn Rx. I love this.


I want to experience timelessness. It’s something I think about a great deal. Life before clocks and schedules! There was some kind of order of course but nothing like the push notifications of today.


So i was reading this out to my partner as we were driving along & he said “yeah, it’s where we’re at – you can just walk in to your house and just tell it to turn on lights, music, air-con, whatever – like you can just say Hey Siri – tell me how to make a bombe alaska -” and at that very moment a voice comes from his phone telling him how to make a bombe alaska! We were so stunned & didn’t know whether to laugh or fling the gadget out the window & run over it… Read more »


Yikes! Serco are in charge of running a number of the “detention centres” here in Australia too. Eerie stuff.


I dunno about the key thing. I keep the key to beloved, now-trash-heaped ’88 Honda Hawk (named Mustaine) on a chain around my neck. I didn’t want to throw the key out because I loved that bike and will never have another bike/partner like him. It was just a momentary flash to put the key on this chain I’ve been wearing almost every day for years (jesus, probably almost 20 now?) but it felt really, really right. I even felt like I’d had this silly, metal ball chain for all these years and its purpose had been finally revealed…as the… Read more »


“Unplug from the mains, rub all over with a soft cloth and avoid over crowding. If necessary press the reset button using a sharp point”

wifi Router reset instructiuons applicable here



I need to do this to my entire body.


yes, i have been searching for the factory reset button for my psyche

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