What Is This Seven Pointed Star Talisman?

What is the origin of this seven-pointed star talisman? It’s weirder than you might think.

Hi Mystic,

My grandmother always had this on her necklace, and I’ve been trying to find out the meaning. But I have not been able to find that exact star with those letters and colors. As it’s a bit old, some of it is scraped off. The picture is not that great but do you, or your readers have any insight on this? I would appreciate it. My grandmother and my family are from  Havana Cuba. I don’t have family left that would know. They came to New York and then Miami after the Castro invasion, so they didn’t bring much with them. I will be grateful for any guidance on this as I feel very connected with this star. 

Thank you


The Constantly Changing Woman

Hi Roxana,

It is so beautiful and fascinating that you feel a connection to this talisman. I have no idea what the letters on it mean, but the seven-pointed star connects to many different theologies and beliefs. It is, I gather, significant in Kabbalah and it is also known to Pagans as the Elven Star or the Faerie Star.  Seven is also the number of Neptune, and some say that seven-pointed stars or talismans reference the seven stars of the Pleiades, sacred to multiple cultures.

But my bet would be on Yemaya, the Afro-Cuban Moon Goddess. Affiliated with the Ancient Egyptian Isis, her symbols include both the number Seven and the Star.

She is known as the Lady of the Rain, the Constantly Changing Woman, the Creator Mother and she is one of the Seven African Powers of the Gods of the Yoruban pantheon. She’s generally regarded as the elder sister of Ochún, and is considered the mother of the most powerful Orishas.


Yemaya is also the patroness of all witches and two of her sacred names are Queen of Witches and Mama Watta (Mother of the Waters) which explain why many of her followers built their altars next to the Ocean.

She is often called “Sirena” and depicited as a double tailed mermaid or a beautiful black woman at the seaside wearing a long flowing dress, cinched by a wide belt with 7 skirts with blue and white ruffles, which represent the waves in the ocean and the 7 Seas.


What does everyone else think?

Image: Alberto Del Pozo


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My very first thought upon the question of what it could symbolise was planetary movements of Venus, so connected to the stars somehow and LO there is an Elven Fairie Star.
Always thought the fairie were little sweethearts flying from petal to petal and delighting all until i read novels about how naughty disruptive and downright nasty at times, but hey, great hair and cossies and could probably hitch rides on swallows and finches.

Wish Upon a Star

Hi Roxana. Can I apologize for my out burst last night. I had a huge adjustment on my neck yesterday and I tried to smoothe the transition physically and mentally with wine. It worked but I felt like Linda Blair in the excorcist with my head spinning and my mouth spewing out crazy jibberish. I’m sorry.

All better today.

It is a beautiful, dazzling star. Although it is diminutive in size it feels profoundly protective and joyous. Cherish it.



I love this. I have always felt an affinity with the number 7, blue, white and the water. I have never had a 7 pointed star, though. How powerfully special.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ooh this is so beautiful! Love it xx


That is just the most beautiful thing! I’m sitting here thinking how bereft my mother and grandmother are/were of any mystical energy. My great mother, who I knew up until I was seventeen, had a bit. I can just imagine your grandmother and feel her energy, talisman at throat, going through all that history. I would treasure this like nothing else. Thank you for sharing and Mystic, your wonderful knowledge continues to warm my bones and inspire me x


Soooo elegantly put.


Dear Hermeswitch,

If you haven’t already, you may love reading ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes …. perfect for all us daughters bereft of wise, powerful, story-bearing, instinctive mothers. Best x

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve read it also and I agree.


It’s a bit hard to tell on my screen but is that Mary medallion our lady of regla or maybe our lady of charity? Our lady of regla is associated with Yemaya in Santeria and like Mystic said the star could be in relation to her (one of her nicknames is Star of the sea and her number is seven).


In alchemy the seven pointed star is used to denote celestial bodies… the letters almost fit…Jupiter Uranus Saturn earth … but then some clearly don’t fit either.

If Christian, I was thinking the seven days of creation although again those letters don’t fit.

Ooooo I love mysteries!!!


Btw Roxana, Yo soy Cubana tambien, I have the exact same necklace… the gold chain …. it was given to me by my Abuelo.


7 is also for the 7 visible wanderers aka Planets 7! Chakras, etc. I adore this post Mystic touches me on many levels


OMG love this. The letters C J U S E D could be the first letter of some of Yemaya’s names, or maybe represent the 6+1 elements that make up what is worshiped here -not sure what those are, though the +1 or 7th one is golden so to me that stands for spirit/ether – like the pentagram is the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) + spirit/ether.

Wish Upon a Star

Don’t analyse it just appreciate it, it sparkles and it’s yours. Yummy mummy feel it in your tummy like its yours. xox.

Wish Upon a Star

She is so beautiful, just wonder upon her.

Whether she is Calypso or Sirena does it really matter?
PS read up on Calypso (if you are African). a really beautiful soul. So much beauty and love there. Darkness and Awakening. Pearls and love xox.

Wish Upon a Star

Calypso is actually Greek Mythology. But I digress. Just enjoy the sparkle and joy ( fuq we need more joy, dancing )before we enter the Virgo sun. Then you can analyise this fuqin star.


The Cuban Santeria mixes things up quite a lot. It could of course be purely Catholic, but very few cubans ( at least living in Cuba) are, the official numbers are around 70% Santeria. The Santeria uses Caholic iconografy, and Maria ( represented on the other amulet) is the same as Yemaya. This protected the religion all the time it was illegal. So it was and is Yoruba religion under cover. Even in The churches they say that inside the sculptures there are planted religious pieces that are sanctified, so that when they went to churth they actually worshipped their… Read more »


Thinking outside the box…..
1 – Did your grandmother have brothers and sisters? Or perhaps seven of her own children?
Did their names begin with the letters on the leaves of the star?
2 – keeping with the Catholic theme, Dio, deo, duse… all spelling varieties of God,
Juse, perhaps Jesus
Best wishes, Tina


Wonderful explanation Mystic.

dark star

I loveeee hearing about Yemaya /Sirena and want to know more about those goddess figures.
I must say, I’ve been surrounded by Catholic artifacts and jewelry my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like the 7 sided star.
There are seven sacraments so I guess it could be that? Seven days of creation?


My Little Book of Goddess says Yemaya is goddess of the ocean an Ocean Mother and is one of the most powerful forces because of that. Symbolises water, nourishment, transformation,, flowing with the divine, surrendering to higher power than yourself ..the usual 🙂 and associated with the Diana archetype, nature, rather than Athena, warrior energy or Dementer with nurturing.


This reads so beautifully


hola! fellow cuban here. i have a feeling the charm in question is actually purely roman catholic. and not from cuba. cuban azabache charms are of pure gold or obsidian and red coral. that type of material was not available in pre-revolutionary cuba. you’ll also see that the style of the charm’s link is different than the others – it’s not as decorative. it’s possible she got that in the states when she immigrated here.


Oh wow I want one now


Wow That’s Magical! Thank you Mystic❤❤

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