Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry Is Crazy

Venus conjunct Mars synastry

Venus conjunct Mars synastry is rightly renowned for its deathless lust, life-enhancing properties and ability to inspire crazy romances. Here, a prime example of the genre.

Dear Mystic,

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my confused heart for your cosmic guidance and insights. This Venus retrograde has been a nostalgia-filled trip down bad memory lane. I’ve tried to avoid the potholes. I’ve kept to myself and stayed busy. I slipped up once and e-stalked an ex-boyfriend for 20 minutes to see his wedding photos—they were nice, beautiful bride. But mostly, I’ve conducted myself with chill, considering the sky is reminding us of all the “BUT WHY?” decisions we’ve ever made.

Last month, out of nowhere, an old acquaintance messaged me. I’ve always pitied him, so I wrote him back, foolishly. That unleashed a barrage of requests to go stay at his house and basically begin what would be a brilliant relationship between the two of us. Wait—what? When I told him I was unable to do that, he hounded me with emails and texts, asking questions about music, TV, movies, and anything else he could think of to rekindle rapport. But it’s long gone, and I have moved on. He is and was a Love Zombie tripping out on his undead dreams and unmet needs, poor thing.

He Was Into Kung-Fu And Chem Trails – I Was Blinded By Our Insane Physical Connection

While dealing with the guilt and confusing feelings produced by this man’s continued contact, I received a phone call from an unknown number. A different man, a different life. This one was an actual ex-boyfriend—from many years ago. He was a man with whom the physical intensity was intense and real, but that’s where it all ended. He was into kung fu and chem trails, and I was so blinded by our insane physical connection (he’s Mars in Pisces, I’m Venus in Pisces, ahem…), I overlooked the lack of a mental one.

What did this man want, you ask? After figuring out who it was (it took me five full minutes), he asked me for a favor. I was to go to an address, collect a box from his “friend,” and deliver this box to his other “friend.” What?! Why? What’s in the box? All good questions. Because I once loved this shady fellow, it took all of my willpower to turn him down, even though it has been years since we broke up.

After I let him know I am not a professional courier, but that they do exist, I got off the phone and got angry. I’m sure there were drugs or something illegal in the box. Of course, I blocked his number, but WHAT is this Venus Retrograde? Tempting us to gaze back at boyfriends past with rose-colored glasses is one thing, calling me up to be a drug mule and reminding me of how weak and easily duped I used to me is something else entirely. As a Taurus with Venus in Pisces and Mars in Libra, I know I’m particularly impacted by Venus retros—but this one takes the cake. My question is: WHY is this happening and WHEN will it end?

Yours truly,

Vexed by Venus

The Clitoris Has Nerve Endings – Not Brain Cells

Dear Vexed By Venus,

Congratulations on executing a perfect textbook Venus Retrograde!  To answer your “why?” It’s an astral passage that illuminates your love life to date and empowers you in the now. Check your Horoscopes for cues re all this. I too have had various mysterious re-connects from past love interests, the kind that feels more like an alien encounter. Or as if you need to put a line of salt across the threshold straight away.

It’s super strong now as Venus is stationing at the end of the Zodiac. And for all of April, the Love Goddess is in aspect to Time God Saturn. Of course, you’re getting object lessons in previous choices, current strengths and what would constitute a formidable alliance.  The stronger and more authentic you get the less you can countenance flimsy, “colorful” lovers.  They morph into anecdotes, at best.

As an older woman once warned me when I was a teenager;  bad boys turn into bad men.  How dare he try to sleaze-compel you into doing his dirty and no doubt dangerous errands.  Spray the phone with eucalyptus oil to disinfect it from his auric emanations. But you know what? I bet you were thrilled to hear his voice. Venus conjunct Mars synastry is insidious. Even when the person in question is, as you put it, shady, you physically react to them. Muscle memory? Hormones? The clitoris has nerve endings, not brain cells.

Over Time, They Morph Into Anecdotes

Every time I read one of those crazy tabloid relationship stories, like a prison guard running off with one of her prisoners, I think “Venus-Mars.” It’s the sort of hormonal heat that has a half-life of centuries. So even though you did not get drawn into his Chaos Addiction, there was a part of you that would have, so long as it ended up in, you know, bed.

Another example of Venus conjunct Mars synastry: My neighbor once turned up at my house, unexpectedly and drunk. She needed support, she said. A happily married woman, she’d gone to her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s funeral to ‘pay her respects’ and experienced such extreme lust at the wake that she had to leave. Now she was back trying to resist his bombardment of “I need you” texts. She didn’t even like him and he was the sort of guy who ate Cheezels while watching fishing shows. She’s Vegan. She had not thought of him in years but the physical proximity rebooted the insane synastry. His Mars in Capricorn was bang-on her Venus in Capricorn.

And I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say congratulations on resisting the dodgy Mars Man!



Images: Hold Your Man – 1933

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Yes! I am an Aries with Venus in Pisces and Mars in Libra, so I am feeling you Vexed by Venus (and suspect we are quite close in birthdays). I have had the usual temptations to trip down memory lane, most of which I have deftly avoided… then, a few days ago (on my birthday) I received three messages from an unknown number via whatsapp… no identifying information, just hi, hello and hello. I considered responding with an Adele-style ‘hello, how are you?’ but then today decided to just delete them. I am curious about who it was, but then,… Read more »


Venus retro popped up on FB- odd message from long gone pre-teen chum. We parted ways due to irreconcilable differences. She had called me names- I was glad to be free of the drama. She popped this week in FB gushing about the old days. I checked to see if she might be a troll and responded vaguely- no data shared. So odd! People must drink ambronesia for lunch! LOL!


Oh my goodness, yet more realisations /lightbulb moments overnight. I moved my bed to a different position and I’m sleeping so much better. Thank you Dr Chiron and Venus sq Saturn I finally understand that the only relationship that is going to matter is the one with myself. Post-Chiron return, hey, better late than never 🙂 After decades of self-destructive behaviours and self-loathing I am still here, still stuck with me. Perhaps I’d better start getting to know Me because we’re in this together whether I like it or not. Hope that doesn’t sound too Oprah but you know what… Read more »


Our relationship goals are on the same page.


In my haste to get rid of all my clothes that don’t suit me I seem to have given away all my pants- all I have are three pairs of leggings and a pair of athletic capris for yoga.

You’re doing amazing by the way. You did a sweet job avoiding the trap pied piper Kung fu loving ex-boyfriend set out for you and got a look at a cosmic mirror in the meantime. Nice work.

Leo Princess

The deal is the deal.


Chortling over your and Mystic’s response to the sleazy drug mule ex. You are a class act handling all this drama like a 60’s french actress – cool aloofness in the face of slobbering male urges.

Also that quote! Will be turning that around in my head for awhile. Finger on the pulse of the universe as always Mystic.

Unicorn Sparkles

You are more than you were. The past is just that.

Venus just decided to show you that in a really annoying way.


I also believe what Mystic said (the Venus squarig Saturn) add a even more annoying kick to it all.


Great article, great reply. I especially loved this:

“Bad boys turn into bad men.”

Sticking that in my pocket and saving it for later!


Venus definitely hasn’t done me any favors this retro – she’s been quite the bitch, actually. Even though I am Venus-ruled, these normally aren’t very problematic periods for me. But this one has been something else…

Also? This Venus Rx gave us Blorange – need I say more?


what’s blorange?


A particularly polarizing (technicolor) hair trend. And before anyone googles it and falls in love with the glamour shots, under these Venus square Saturn skies I want you to think very carefully about the maintenance. Because it’s the kind of thing that even though it might appeal in photos, IRL after a couple of washes when it’s more “worn in” probably looks tired/like crap. I can foresee the time & upkeep costs being staggering. That aside, I totally understand the appeal of fun, funky hair colors as they’re youthful/free-spirited/allow one to creatively express their individuality/etc. and they are certainly Age… Read more »


Oh super-ugh, that business looks like faded curtains to me. Dusty dried rose petals that got bleached in the sun. Life drained.
But you’re right, on some young things it looks quite lovely. In pictures. It always seems to look more tired in person. Cant wait for the trend to pass, along with hipster beards.


As annoying as it might have been to be contacted from exes like this, you mastered it and managed to stay put. I believe you have overcome a great deal of your own limits and they (your exes) are there, still behind the fences of said limits looking at you and see what they want to see, not what you are.
Well done.


It’s been a painful but productive Venus retro (in my 8th/7th) made sharper with the SN on my Venus/Dsc. Finding out that my ex-hub has got a new permanent relationship sent me into a tailspin of despair – tears, illness, insomnia, bleakness. Wondering if the depression is back. BUT it prompted some major pattern recognition about how I have always dealt with the end of relationships. I’ve done a bit of a forensic analysis of key relationship endings and the stories I told myself at their conclusion. Very enlightening. Perhaps my 7th house Merc trine my Neptune has not always… Read more »


Stealing Fire is GENIUS- thanks!
So what I needed to read now.


I’ve had something similar – an old boyfriend from 13 YRS AGO (yes that’s right folks) who I have not heard a peep from since, popped out of the woodwork at the beginning of this Venus retro and has been fb bombarding me relentlessly with last minute requests to go ice skating (???) and so on…seriously???? I am not even vaguely tempted, even though I was so upset when we broke up that I went on a 3yr man-fast. I am however concerned about mystics hints in the horoscopes that something romantic is brewing in the background to be revealed… Read more »


I am so over everything.. my job is meh.. I have no love life.. At. All.. and in some kind of cruel twist of fate my period is 10 days late so I have eternal pms… if there is anything developing behind the scenes for me then it is so behind the scenes as to be a completely different movie.. one that I’m not sure I’m in..


hahaha I know the feeling – BUT I am hoping in that there is something sooooo hidden brewing that I don’t even have a whiff of it yet, and it will all be a lovely surprise 😀 (hahahaha, fat chance I know!)


LOL yes same! Weirdest comeback (out of 2, plus 1 ghost) was my high school crush from the early 2000s and lifetimes ago. He was the first guy I “fell in love with” past the trauma of my first boyf, which provoked my intense commitment issues, while paving the foundational patterns (+ and -) of pretty much what has been since. I was still trying to figure out what his point was in reaching out/how to answer when he asked “What have you been up to?” then it hit me in all its meta glory: maybe the point of these… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

lol!! Yes he does!


Wow. I’ve had a really amazing venus retro but it has been a trip down memory (even if they were subconscious ones) lane. I met people that were technically ‘new’ but it felt like we knew each-other in a past life… I also reconnected with someone who i’d grieved and thought was passed away twenty years ago. Quite an emotionally-gruelling but amazing Venus Retro for me. I have a question – and sorry that it doesn’t relate exactly to this post – If you meet someone during Venus Retrograde, does it mean the relationship will only pick up when venus… Read more »


“BUT WHY THO” HAHAHAHAHA basically sums up my natal venus – south node – chiron conjunction. I have become my own psychotherapist. v glad you engaged Taurean strength to resist the slippery Piscean, wtf was that. and it’s a bit heartening (sad?) to know sometimes we are the LZ object for others. tough one for them hey. on the venus retro track: Had an insight about neglect and passive-aggressive not-passing-on-of info being a very present form of abuse, and a way that people seek to undermine and bonsai clever colleagues and potential competitors. As a natural consensus-seeking communicator, I find… Read more »


(*As a natural consensus-seeking communicator, **when I am not channelling my conversational handgrenade tactics)


further to my communication thing. I guess it’s pretty obvious once you think about it. Transparency being such a hotly opposed value in the sticky webs of power mongering.


Sounds like you handled both situations perfectly and upheld your own boundaries and made your own well being a priority and didn’t cave at all to either of them! Good stuff! Who cares about the 20 minutes of stalking, that’s harmless compared to having to fend off direct and difficult contact with these two other guys from the past. Yay, you! 🙂 Trippy, though, my ex lover guy that took me forever to get over was Taurus Sun with Venus in Pisces (conjunct my Mars), and his Mars in Libra. Wonder what his Venus retro has been like?! haha! I… Read more »

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Can Venus retro just manifest at work? (love interest is great)
Got Great new job great new firm in Feb. – Was so excited -then- BAM I just feel like I cannot do anything right. I am SO the newbie.. Cannot wait for something astro to change. It may due to my natal saturn, north node and Chiron partying on in my 6th house with Uranus. Old ways to doing things need to change. It’s not easy.


ALL the posts above just do it for me, as does this letter to Mystic, Mystic’s reply, the feeling of admiration for the shaky steeling of the backbone (what a woman, Letterwriter, strong in your vulnerability, calling down the Couriers of Valkrie). My Saturn is in Taurus 6th house natally, squaring Venus in Aqua conjunct IC. And while i took time out to morally support a Depressed Aqua in my lovely neighbourhood and at home yesterday, he pointed out after a few clinical aqua qs to work out his own context, that my love pattern since a defining relationship as… Read more »


Interesting what you said about Pandora and the star tarot card. My experience of Venus retro has been nothing with the ex stuff but pond juju instead. Full moon on my NN currently also visited by Jupiter. Did a tarot spread here just for the 6th (Aries) and 12th house (Libra) since I’m a solar Leo. Got the Star for the 12th house. I have Aqua IC too but no planets, just opposite my sun t-square focal planet. I feel like this is more connect the dots, nebulous something or other for me but hmmm maybe I should consider Pandora.… Read more »


My Aqua Venus IC is with my NN. Sorry for MY ramble.

I do hear you x


They walk like they… have an exoskeleton? A lot of soft gooey insides to protect for those two


I’m just so super in awe of the focused awareness and control and taking-back-the-power shown by Vexed By Venus. My!! My!! Thank you for the lesson.


lovely artwork again MM. I do find what Neptune (?) is holding hilarious, that looks like a powerful big Conch for that little Auger.


Vexed By Venus, your level of steely awareness and control is impressive. Reminds me Psyche walking through the underworld saying no to all the piteous undead asking for her attention. (Wasn’t it Venus/Aphrodite who put her through all those tests in the first place?) Stay strong!


Excellent analogy!!


Yes, really well done on that NO to the ex. Very shady but also I understand why it didn’t happen instantly but was so important to actually SAY. Like you needed to say no, get angry and then take on the upgraded version of how Venus energy works in your life from now on. It’s healthy and I’ve had very similar experiences with random guys that had energetic hooks from the past stuck in the door or whatever. It’s such a boundary reassessment time for me too. It’s like “this was always true for me and yet I wasn’t honouring… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot




Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh wow. Just wow. Think of it as venus doing you a favour, rather than “actively working against you”…. Venus retro REALLY brings anything ex-related (especially imo, unresolved stuff) back into your orbit. Have you considered that the unresolved side of things could be on the bloke’s side this time? It sounds like the old facquaintance and the kung fu drug dealer are both not over you. Romantically in the case of the acquaintance, and the druggie bloke clearly sees you as some kind of ‘old version’ of yourself. YOU handled venus retro brilliantly (no tears or phone calls over… Read more »

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