Ask Mystic – Plutonic Dreaming?

Dear Mystic

My forgiveness for the..ahem..”crappy” nature of this query but would dreams about bowel movements be considered symptomatic of this Plutonic vibe?

I had a most strange dream about going to the toilet and feeling that the crap literally wouldn’t move and would need some sort of intervention! And then these seemingly never-ending coils of very pale poop started coming almost effortlessly out of me.

I mean, it’s not the most elegant dream I could ever have, but it’s lingering with me to the point that I’m now fretting over the notion that I am full of pale stale crap!

I’m Libra with Capricorn rising and am devoting this year to brave new ventures as I approach 49. Including writing, creative ventures and no more working for the man but now I’m feeling Pluto thinks I’m full of crap!


Cheers from a Long time avid reader!


Dear K.H.,

Wow! Okay, we need Freud on astral-plane speed-dial and a couple of crates of Pluto Water.  Horrifyingly, there are unopened bottles of it for sale on eBay.

So the process of digestion, absorption (or mal-absorption) and elimination is Scorpionic/Plutonic. What is it, after all, but an endless churn of transformation? And did not Freud (who had Pluto in Taurus opposite his Taurus Ascendant) say that if you resisted change, or hung onto the past, it would manifest as problematic poo issues?

But this is a dream. You don’t need Pluto Water. As a Libra with Capricorn Rising, the chances are that you’re having a Pluto Transit.  Your morph is underway, and if I were to interpret this dream, I would say it meant that you’re already, um, clearing the crap.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Pluto Water

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Similar dream this morning also. I felt happy to finally let go of the crap that had taken soo long to digest


Could be metaphorical, could be literal. Maybe you need some colonics, a juice fast, a period of strict colon cleansing and increasing your water intake to 1L per 22kg of bodyweight (add a pinch of celtic seas salt) eating a lot more fruit and fresh vege. Pale poo in the real world is a serious sign of bile issues, which are liver, gallblader, pancreas related. Are you having digestive issues?

Back in the metaphor world, it could be issues with anger, and holding onto negative feelings, thoughts, emotions. You mention a change in work, and not working for the man – could also be issues around the work?


Had another screaming episode with a man harassing me, yelling “Get the fuck out of my face” and trying to get up in front of me when I literally said and did nothing.

jordan river

Funny, I had a poop dream around the same time as this post. Time to shift some sh*t.
Love it when I see people going through similar experiences! We are movin’ on up~


I’m a Scorpio Rising with Pluto and the moon in the first house. As a child I was absolutely plagued with dreams of crazy things preventing me from going to the loo. I vividly remember dreams of tiny witches waiting in the toilet bowl to stick needles in my bum as I poop (I have also had a seemingly unexplained fear of needles my whole life), and monsters living in the bathroom. As an adult, my emotions and state of mind always seem to control the state of things… digestively. In the last 10 years or so my system has become more and more sensitive to certain things, which has kind of naturally led to veganism and giving up booze. Hasn’t really changed anything with my emotionally sensitive stomach, but it’s greatly transformed most other areas of my life. I’ve never looked at this through the lense of astrology until this morning and it’s like, *click!* Pluto moved into Capricorn 5 days after my 18th bday, almost 11 years ago. How fascinating. I have honestly learned so much about life and about myself since beginning this vego journey around that time, learning the truth of where our food comes from, eliminating things from the diet, increasing the body’s efficiency, love it.


I have Pluto transiting mars in Capricorn in the first house currently and have developed IBS symtoms which has been really traumatic.
Letting go can be painful


Oh, my… This is incredibly timely! My guts have been profoundly unhappy for the last couple of weeks, and I’m awaiting some results from the doc. It’s fascinating that others are also thinking about their bowel habits now that Scorpio season is upon us!


Ya…. I’ve had tummy trouble since early Friday morning…….

rachel cap scorp

!!! So weird. I have also had bowel movement dreams these past two nights. In the dreams I am unfortunately attempting to have them in front of people, who are carrying on around me as if I’m not sitting on a toilet. I am a Cap sun, Scorpio rising, so maybe there’s something to that combo?


Agreed absolutely…you’re releasing old rubbish big tiime.!


Wow, this is so interesting. It’s the very light colour of the pooh in your dream which makes me think of both freudian theory, old fairytales of creatures pooping gold & Babylonian doctrine that equates faeces with gold/money. Without getting too bogged down in theory, Freud believed that there is a stage in childhood development in which the child has a really positive & pleasurable relationship with its own pooh, believing it to be part of its own body & therefore highly prized. Later of course, pooh takes on the negative meaning which society dictates (revolting, dirty, etc) – but the original positive attitude to it is transferred to money/gold which takes on the symbolic representation of pooh (this is a v v simplified explanation).
So maybe, instead of thinking that you are full of unpleasant pale poop – which if you think about it could be the colour of gold (yellowy) – then you are full of gold or whatever gold represents to you – which to me sounds like creativity ….. In other words – you’re full of it! Rejoice! 🙂


About 10 years ago I dreamed regularly about going to the toilet, usually with people outside the toilet door. The last one I remember is being in a large room of white cubicals, immaculately clean with some Italian looking women outside and having bowel movements of pure gold. I felt pretty special after that.


I’ve had similar dreams and I think it has a sort of opposite meaning that what you would think: having to do with productivity and even abundance of some kind. Though you’re definitely supposed to determine your personal associations with any imagery down to the number of things and the color / place / people, I always google “dream symbolism of x” and look at like 4 or 5 different takes on what something means. As Mystic always encourages, keeping a dream diary is so helpful and basically if you can begin to notice patterns in your dreams and can have some insight into them it gives life a whole new dimension.


I flushed when I read this!


Lol! KH, I love your letter! Gosh I needed this tonight.

I agree with Mystic, sounds like a positive omen, really, as in you were stuck before but are now effortlessly clearing a whole pile of crap? Perhaps some breakthrough is occurring or you’re gaining some serious momentum in your life. Could it be that the brave new adventures you speak of are coming into fruition, a state of ‘flow’?

Hats off to you for embarking on brave new adventures.


Lol, a state of flow! I hadn’t thought of it like that! I am doing many new things this year or at least attempting them..thank you


Is it that all your ideas had been building up inside you, and now you have made these life changes you are able to express them, to get them out? So not at all to say that they are ‘crap’, just a metaphor for what was blocked now being able to flow freely?


Was literally just writing down my dream from last night (something I don’t usually do) because it was so strange and full of symbols. Just one of the many: I moved into a house I had lived in before, but it had been completely, almost unrecognisably, refurbished. Someone else now had the large but gloomy basement room and mine was at the top of the house, light and bright with a view.


Good Omen. You are on the top floor, full of light, enlightenment.
Encouraging headed in the right direction or already arrived at your destination.


I think the problem has passed (or been passed)


Synchronicity. I was LITERALLY just watching videos on how the Nobel Prize in 2016 was awarded for research into Autophagy (eating oneself) before checking MM. It’s about how Fasting (with Ketosis) forces the body to “clean up” dead and dying cells and regenerate the crap and plaque. It can also force the gallbladder (which doesn’t function well on low-fat diets) to get with the program. (Gall bladder can cause white or light yellow stools, meaning poor biliary drainage due to not enough good fats.). I think we’ll hear a lot more about autophagy in the next decade… Probably just a coincidence?


P.s. if you were full of stale crap, the dream is probably showing you that you’re not any more?


I had a kind of Pluto IC dream last night. My neighbour had “cleaned up” the (very small and odd) back garden of where I live, removing almost all vegetation etc. I was a bit nonplussed about that and had to water the garden, there was still grass and some good moss cushions, but also realised that the back door of the house leading to the garden could also open all the way properly now. Then, I noticed that next to it there was another back door, leading to another house (like a semi detached) on the other side of my place (it’s already a semi on one side, and the neighbour who ‘efficiently’ razed the whole garden is the husband irl who lives there) . I peeked through the open door and then went a bit further and realised that there was a (hetero) couple living there and that it was in a violent relationship. She was always in a state of danger. A little later I was around the same place but on a front porch or front room and it was some kind of DV workshop, another woman was there too, long story short somehow the workshop process worked and these two women were able to say nope no way get lost this is done no more, I’m out. There were a couple of people intervening with the aggressive men/partners.
It was so damn clear, I couldn’t believe it,


So much loving this!

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