Ask Mystic: Help With A Qi Vampire Cat Napper

Dear Mystic,

 I am currently insanely aware of our Plutonic stratosphere and given the Sun Cancer/Moon Cancer hyper-spidey-sense that I have, my tagline is often (jokingly) “I know everything”. But something else has crept in of late that I would love some help with, from you and the Community Mystic, I have come to know and love.

 On my block, there is a woman from whom, over ten years ago I used to rent a house in this same town. When I lived in that house, I had three cats total, one died shortly after moving there and other two cats both, in very odd secretive ways were coerced into living next-door, with another lady. Circumstantially, it was strange; I had to figure it out due to the secrecy (shame, the guilt of the neighbor and also, the cover-up of my ex-housemate, who simply let it slide, rather than tell me) and it became a massive lesson in letting go. Never the less, it broke my heart and I didn’t own a cat again until relatively recently.

 So cut to ten+ years later and my current, adorable landlady tells me the same woman (my ex-landlady) stole her last cat and was doing the exact same thing to her current cat; coercing him into staying at her house, denying any knowledge of him being there when confronted and yet, feeding him in her yard. This sent such a cold shiver through me because I knew the same was also happening to my current cat, shortly after moving here.  To be clear, my cat is a gigantic five-year-old, Leo,  Bengal cross, he is a lothario and a schmooze. However, the Landlady of my old house was behaving exactly like my neighbor from the old house she used to own and rent to me. So there is a thread and a vibe of continuation.

 There was also an incident this year, due to the catnapping of my current Landladys cat, he died because the catnapper failed to declare him when a truckload of parasites was affecting the cats in the area. I treated my Leo-love in time but she failed to reach hers and by the time we confronted this woman, it was too late to treat him. My now landlady refuses to have anything more to do with this woman but  I know she is coercing my cat.  I have asked her to stop. I have asked the police to ask her to stop. I have psychically asked my cat to stop going to her house.

 What the giddy fook is happening? Is there a Qi zombie thread to this catnapping Psychotic, in-denial, cat lover? Can these threads permeate over time? Can I do something to energetically cut this thread to her, protect myself and my cat from harm? Or, Am I being too sensitive? It leaves me so angry and sad I can’t sleep and I am starting to obsess (Virgo rising). Any help greatly received.

 With huge love, J.

 Dear J, 

I love that this email arrived with asteroid Bast conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Bast is, of course, the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess. Synchronicity and Deja-Vu are Magic. Magic Is Real. Anyway, the question: I am a bit lost with the various cats and cat-nappers however I can relate.

A few years ago, a Qi Vampire Cat Napper tried to co-opt my Aquarius Cat Tesla. This women despite being ostensibly ‘nice’ to the point of cloying had the most hideous dark energy. I would actually feel fatigued and scattered after talking to her, even though there was never anything ‘wrong’ with what she actually uttered. Apparently oblivious to the irritation factor and ethics of trying to take over one’s companion animal, she’d simper “but I only hand fed her some sardines” and “the weather was so shocking, the poor thing just wanted to come in.”

Unfortunately, the situation was only solved when I moved and that was after it had deteriorated to the point when I was saying things like “get your own bloody cat.” However, I realized quickly that Cat Napping is a syndrome and that it seems to be a sideline of Qi Vampires. Basically, there is a Venn Diagram overlap that has Qi Vampire Cat Lady smack-bang in the middle. They also wring their hands a lot and probably have a Pulsatilla constitution in homeopathy.

So solutions aside from moving? You could go full Saturnine on this and engage a lawyer to invoke local laws. Or magically, try some of the tips in House Witchery and put a statue of Bast in your house for protection. Qi Vampy Cat-Napping would not have been tolerated in Ancient Egypt, where cats were worshipped. And perhaps try one of those plug-in Cat Pheromone things that are meant to make cats feel more at home when you move?  Or offer to buy her a cat from the Cat Protection Society?

What does everyone else think?

Image: Lana Turner

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Ah cats have no shame. They will do what they want, you just have to go with it.


Maybe stop letting your cat go outside. I wouldn’t feel safe with that woman. This whole story of cat nappers trying to deliberately entice your cat away from you and then that woman didn’t even take care of the cat she basically stole, totally reads like a major red flag of serious mental health issues. She clearly does not care about the animals. It’s a power thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did something to purposely hurt the cat if it didn’t choose her, Like out of spite. This has the vibes of issues with rejection; of being rejected.… Read more »

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What a great image a elegant bengal just content with one person in their bed. My feline knowledge on is: Cats choose their owners and if you want the best seat in the house then move the Cat. I’ll have to check my Cat Bast placement because I’ve always been a person whom communicates with felines. With my mother informing me that “You are the Cat’s Mother.” My Mother couldn’t show me unconditional love because I suspect bipolar with manic highs and her energy is off the wall. It drains me and yet I’m envious of that energy surge. However… Read more »


Thank you for sharing.. I have a cat that has adopted me… i’m not a traditional cat person… I have a big Labrador… but this black cat just turned up… after a couple of weeks I took him to the vet, but he was not microchipped… he has moved in, loves my lab & now treats my & my neighbours home as his own.

Triple cancarian

Oh waauw. Reading the article and being stuck after the sentence “I would actually feel fatigued and scattered after talking to her, even though there was never anything wrong with what she actually uttered”….. That is EXACTLY how I feel when in presence of a woman in my life… To the point of being confused about why I’m feeling like that. She doesn’t steal my cats but she is working her very best to ‘steal some friends she sees of being hers’ and gets angry when I have a date with one of ‘her friends’ and on so many levels… Read more »


Personally i love getting sneeky, and would find her birthday and look up our synastry chart to see what comes up. When i have had issues with people, or people people have had issues with me, it has allways been an interresting mirror. Sometimes of myself, sometimes of my polarity, or patterning. Personally i would avoid her company, and trust that friends that are ment to be in my life will continue to be my friends even if they start spending time with my nemesis. And i would be super curious about my triggers. When i have identified why i… Read more »


Too many little creatures are killed by cats. My dislike of the damage they do comes from many visits to vet to save injured and ripped hurt lorikeets and parrots..The gekkos can’t be taken to vet sadly. The only ones i like are kept inside and supervised outside. Why do they dislike crapping in their own yard and need to use the neighbours i wonder. I hear cat fights of a night time and wonder why their owners allow them free run any time of day or night. Guess i’m the wrong person to ask. Do love pedigree cats prob… Read more »


I hear you. Too much wildlife (for me) are killed by humans, cars and rural development. Nature/nurture. Pedigree cats are as much an issue as non-pedigree agreed. Never the less they are here and who am I to make an indoor pet of him, when that is as much a cage? Why do people have horses or, any animals for that matter. If we go there, do we also need to ask, why do people have children? -for many reasons. It doesn’t mean we cant make any situation better with validation, tolerance and support. xx


He’s not a wild cat. He’s a domesticated cat who has been socialized to people. He is not feral and therefore not afraid of people… which is why letting him go outside is dangerous for him. He will trust random people he doesn’t know and he will eat food they gave him. Feral cats won’t go near people. They don’t trust them. It keeps them safe. People do horrible things to animals… letting a cat outside to run around amongst other people u don’t know or trust, especially sketchy people like the woman in the story is irresponsible. Never mind… Read more »

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Keep the cat inside?


Wow. THANK YOU, all of you xxxx Firstly, YES to drones. I have a friend who has one and will deploy asap. Second, trackers are not specific enough and weight the cat but again, I can borrow one and I will track his ass because I think he tarts about more than one neighbour ( I believe it is for feline girlfriends.. super-social Bengal beast). Third, he is always labelled. Like he wears a bloody cape. Forth, I just found out he is double Leo *eye roll. So also Leo rising. No way in hell I am keeping this King… Read more »


4257 is the asteroid number of Bast. In your you go to extended chart selection, and on the bottom of the page there is room for asteroides, and you just write that number

Goldy Hawnbag

FYI outdoor cats live significantly shorter lives than indoor cats. Maybe take that into consideration along with his star sign.


Alouetta, Appreciated and noted. I have grown up with a cat, an outdoor cat I will grant you and he was 19years old when he naturally kicked his own bucket. I hear you and contextually, this guy was indoor when we lived in an extremely busy town but he was also miserable. SO was I. We moved. He is now outside and so far, all well. ‘Do-gooding’ humans however, are as much an issue, as his wondering. We cannot return to an indoor-only life but I can up my community watch. I am not being contrived when I recall his… Read more »


Leave the place or do as Hel suggested. If this person continues to be in your life I think you need to break the spell with some action.


I have very rearly (3 times in my life) been in situations where people very clearly disrispect our agreements, and has tried to steal from me, and where they have not listened to my patient, clear communication. ( Virgo rising, taurus sun, Mercury, Venus, mars) The first time it happened i had sub let my apartment while travelling, and the flaky young man i rented it out to did not want to pay me the 2 months rent he owed me. We both knew there was no written contract, and no way i could get to him through legal action.… Read more »


I love this. If you’re Plutonic, then why the hell not make it work for you? Saves a lot of angst and sleepless nights fretting about ar**holes that clearly have no scruples about fuqing one over with their hideous pass ag. It’s not like you are doing anything wrong – you are merely holding up the obsidian-like plutonic mirror which reflects their murky selves – giving them the chance to rectify.

Eclipse Tripper

Yes. Sometimes a certain type of situation needs us to call upon our animal instincts, but in modern-day parlance. When someone or something seriously oversteps our boundaries or threatens our security/survival, we must growl and roar a little to protect us and ours (in Leonine fashion). We threaten before we attack, and if we do it well, there will be no need for bloodshed. I learned and embodied this lesson via the Leo-Aquarius eclipse season last year, in a very freak-a-zoid loony-tuned way.


Yes, I am glad to hear that your inner lion came out to help you Moonglow. I like very much how you describe it 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

What would Dr Seuss do or say?


This is making me feel a little guilty, at the last house I rented I had a few cat visitors, one would only check in for a couple of minutes and then continue patrolling, he’d hang around longer if I was gardening and he’d also help with the weeding. Not long before I moved out there were new neighbours across the road with two gorgeous ginger cats. The older one wouldn’t go out of the property but the younger one would, He was still not fully grown and was very tall and lanky with lovely orange eyes and a little… Read more »


Cat story. Babuschka fluffy little hunter caught rabbits rats mice and fence bats, lizards and a blue wren which made me give her the name “first and last”. Everytime I would get clucky for another cat I would think first and last and change my mind. But I relented to my teenage daughters wishes and bought a $20 kitten for $50 because the family were so horribly poor. I kept thinking “the cat will come to me”, I won’t need to organize a thing, but I drove, paid and cleaned the poop. We couldn’t decide on a name, Luna was… Read more »


So little Babuschka killed little blue wrens and lizards? How cute is that.

Eclipse Tripper

I’d be getting a lawyer-friend (or friend of a friend) to write her a cease and desist letter pronto. Start diarising everything she does…but I get the obsessing thing is super unhealthy, and hard to shift, and that may not be healthy (I hate to say it, but triple crab here with scorpio ruling 4th & 5th house, I think obsessing may be an as yet unidentified crab problem {or is that a form of grudging?}) Plus, hard-core doing all the things protection/house-witchery suggested my Mystic. If that doesn’t work quickly, and you want to keep your cat you, you… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

PS. There is most likely some massive life-lesson/trigger/ super-power, you need to reclaim here, so I’d be contemplating that in the background.

Violet Virgo

Gift her a cat from the pound. One that needs love & attention like most cats. Our bengal lives in a nature reserve where she wears a collar that zaps if she wonders out of bounds. She learnt quickly.


A shock collar? Condemned by the RSPCA in the UK. They cause pain and fear. The Government was going to bring a ban in on this last year – I believe the ban is still pending. I hope other countries follow suit.


I did t know this was a thing. Near the end of my marriage, my ex decided the neighbor’s dog was “experiencing negligence”. Basically, it was his excuse to dog nap the kid’s poodle.
The situation was very embarrassing- I had to walk over and return the dog TWICE.
I left…who knows if the dog napping continued.


Interesting. I wonder, did he have a general issue with boundaries and/or narcisstic traits as well? Sounds like it’s s good thing he’s your ex.


I’ve only heard of this type of behavior once before, I didn’t realize it was a thing. My brother in law and his girlfriend had a cat stolen from an older lady with a bunch of cats who lived across the street. The cat was always in the window but she denied having it. Finally she let them have it back after she grilled them on their caretaking credentials. Seriously. It makes a good story now but good lord some people go too far. I’ve always felt like cats chose their own owners and really they have no shame in… Read more »


This made me shake and gag… sending protection vibes to your cat and your peace of mind


I’m not even a cat owner but I actually feel sick and creeped out just reading about this cat-napping. J, it’s no wonder you are feeling, angry, sad and feeling yourself obsess over it. They are totally valid responses. And no, as everyone else is saying, you are NOT being oversensitive at all. As someone wisely pointed out, this lady is even gaslighting you. It’s abusive, even highly narcisstic sort of behaviour at the core. This lady clearly doesn’t have an ounce of respect for others, but gets away with it by playing up the whole “I’m just a lady… Read more »


Only real way to avoid this is to keep your cat chipped, tagged with an ID collar at all times and NEVER allow kitty to go outside alone again. Take your cat for monitored outdoor time in your fenced yard and do NOT leave it unattended ever.
If she needs a cat there’s plenty of senior cats in the shelter that are desperate for homes.


What if the neighbours cat just demands to stay at my house?? I didn’t want the cat as I already had 3 – each of my cats were either foisted on me or adopted me – ie just turned up and for all of them I tried to find their homes – found posters on telegraph poles etc – but with the neighbours cat – it was pathetic and every time I took it back to its home it just wound up on my back deck?? It was in a woeful state – filthy and bedraggled and tormented by 3… Read more »


My yard attracts all kinds of feral, strays and our neighbors three well-taken cats. They come over to nap and play in my yard. I don’t feed nor entice them they come and go own free will. I don’t try to kidnap nor allow them inside either.
My neighbor is aware they like to visit.
Sounds like your neighbor has boundary issues when she should just be honest she likes your cats instead of lying and hiding them indoors. It’s creepy behavior.


We were adopted by a cat once. From further up the street maybe, we never knew who her owner was. She just sort of wandered past a lot and started hanging around more, and then one thing led to another, etc. We had a new little furry sister
. If kitty clearly needs love, give it, and let her come and go as she pleases if she’s not “yours”, eventually she’ll know what side her bread is buttered on, I guess. Maybe you could cut a deal with the neighbours. A Cat PR campaign if you will…


I have no intention of adopting the cats that have owners. I have way too many indoor kitties. But, I feed the ferals and strays that in bad shape. 🙁


Keep your cat indoors, it is much safer for the cat and all the other at risk creatures around your neighbourhood, it is a falsehood to believe that they need to roam.


I would suggest this too!
My own kitty has been with me for 9 years, is an inside cat ( I have walked her on a lead a few times to introduce her to our property) and she’s completely happy.
No interest in going outside. No risk of her being harmed, getting lost or harming other wildlife.
It is very heavily suggested by all animal welfare agencies to keep cats indoors.
I do wish J all the luck with this issue, whatever you decide to do! <3


I would go full Libra/Scorpio nuts on her (my natal Mars) and get JUSTICE. You’ve said you already have asked the police to intervene?! Then take her to court!! You now have what it takes to make a legal case. Most small claims courts aren’t scary or expensive at all, file a Personal Protection order against her or something. If you have to go to her house then to confront her about your missing cat, she will be the one at risk for arrest should you push the matter and call the police. I bet having to sit before a… Read more »


Wowowowowowowow, I would straight up bring down a war on my block if my cat didn’t show up after a day. My cat goes outside, but it’s literally to patrol half the perimeter of my house (the walkway). He barely responds to other cats and other people he usually shuffles back indoors at the sight of. In one of my houses where the front door was quite close to the road he even jumped from the top step off into the walkway rather than go all the way down and be close to the road. He is very much my… Read more »


<3 this.

Unicorn Sparkles

I wonder how many pets she’s nabbed…


This woman practices several abuser techniques from the power wheel of abuse:

Messing with pets
Control over possessions

Our gingers are indoor kits (more common in the States.) But-

My beloved black kit- named for an Egyptian God used to visit our dude neighbor and would return reeking of Obsession. He always returned but once got locked in their basement by accident. My Bast is in Scorp on my Moon.


This calls for Sekhmet action too, the Ancient Egyptian lion goddess of war and healing. Right now her Asteroid is at 2º Scorp – perfect for stealth manoeuvres & incantations.
Then get a pack of lion manure pellets (most garden centers sell them) and spread them all over her property perimeter & yard at night, while invoking Sekhmet to shoo away cats. Hopefully this will deter your Leo-love & other cats from wandering there too.


As the ancient Scarabaeus saying goes: We know a thing or two ’bout shiat.



Secret Sagg

Don’t get busted for trespassing though


Such a shitty thing to do! Go with lionshit instead!

Goldy Hawnbag

Inside cat + fenced-in cat area if space allows. You get to keep your cat and the local wildlife will thank you. I’ve been doing this with my latest puss with the addition of supervised outtings in our back yard. Kitty sleeps most of the time anyway and has settled into a routine of morning garden time followed by deck time followed by inside time. And I love that the golden skinks aren’t being dismembered and that the birds hang around.


PS sorry but there is also something toxic in the fact that there are so many cats crying out for good homes and yet she steals other peoples’ cats.


Definitely. Pure toxicity. Totally with you.

Secret Sagg

This! *shudder*


I think it’s highly suspicious that this person only appears to steal women’s cats, and that she is a woman too. It sounds as though it’s all about power and control on the Qi vamp’s side which is why giving her her own cats wouldn’t help. I think she should be subtlety and anonymously, if at all possibly exposed. Anonymous emails to local groups warning them? Anonymous letters to local letterboxes warning residents. The fact that this arch demon neglected a cat so that the poor darling died makes my blood boil. (Bast conjunct south node personal chart)


I always give any neighbourhood cat I see a little chinrub! At the moment my next door neighbour has a cat and our backyard is part of his territory so he gets the most chin rubs of all the cats and I did give him some ham once when he followed me into the house but I never thought that I was catnapping, just making sure the neighbourhood was a safe environment for him 🙂


Hahahahah. Sorry. But my mother has done this a couple of times! Her current ginger tom was her next door neighbours. She’s a whiny Gemini who is so passive aggressive And self obsessed I can’t stand it. But yes it’s a horrid thing to do. Cats are polyamorous for sure but if you want a cat go get your own.

Crystallised future

Perhaps buy a micro camera and hide it in the collar?


You know what makes me so sad about this (and I have been in the same situation a few years back) is women against women it seems to be the theme. Why? Just WHY?


Gender aside, ppl like this are stuck in an eddy current of empty competition and petty victories. Not having learnt to recognise a real enemy, or perhaps being too fearful to face it, they don’t see that the only person they are ultimately undermining and defeating in the process is themself.

Secret Sagg

Divide and conquer is a strategy used to oppress, control, exploit or annhialate many groups of people. Think of a certain superpower instigating, then maintaining civil wars in certain resource-rich countries.

If groups of people are denied resources and self determination, in wider society, they will seek both from within their own group.


Mate, you can join my Antares army any time.


Also, this is not about wanting a cat, so the gift of one would not do. This is stealing.

Now i read about Fishgirl’s familiar just below, i know it is energy stealing.


Totally, Sabrina was like my little shadow and caretaker, I just felt so wrong when she was in someone else’s ‘house’. Gosh I still miss her, and it’s been 6 months. She was such a precious cat. I have Bast conjunct my pisces sun!

Wish Upon a Star

Dear Fishgirl I’m sure Sabrina is very thankful that she had a thoughtful and loving owner like you. Just look up to the night sky, you might find her twinkling down at you, because she definitely is a special star. I believe pets still hang around after they cross over. Of course you will still miss her it has only been 6 months. This visit from Bast has affected Alot of people in relation to cats. Maybe you’re in a quite moment Tonite you can speak with Goddess Bast and ask her to protect Sabrina And open the lines of… Read more »


Thank you so much, this is lovely. I will never forget her.


When i was very young, our kitty was cat-napped in a similar fashion. It was most distressing as a little girl, and i cannot even imagine that as an adult who takes more care of kitty rather than just playing with him. Your mention that you have not kept a cat since resonated in a surprise way just now. The family has, but on my own i have not, as i “know they wander”. Over time as a teenager i came to hope that maybe it worked out better, since i lived with an abuser then and you know that… Read more »


This same thing happened to me last year and it was incredibly distressing. I ended up locking the cat inside and putting chicken wire on the balcony and just supervising her every time she was outside, grabbing her every time I heard the cat-napper coming downstairs until I felt safe that she wouldn’t be lured anymore. It was awful. The catnapper got angry (I’d hear her calling), and I was just so distressed by the whole thing. My dear Sabrina has passed away now, but I still have her in my photo. She was my familiar. I’m sorry this is… Read more »


Yes to a cat yard if that’s doable or maybe a microchip in case Leo is not allowed to return (by accident of course – she didn’t notice he’d curled up on her bed….for weeks). It’s almost like you need a neighbourhood cat watch. How disconcerting and to be honest odd behaviour – I mean if you want a cat then get one right. All your feelings are normal but not sustainable in the longer term. In essence it’s feeling powerless yes, so anything you can do to take some of your power back and invoke boundaries real or otherwise… Read more »


It doesn’t even need to be a “rare condition”– renal failure is very common in cats (including *my* Leo!) and is treated (more like managed) with a special diet.


Yes exactly and good point. Is definitely a tactic I’d deploy because sometimes confrontations with some folk just seem to make them go in harder like some sort of dare or challenge….at the risk of…well is evident enough – more than one way to skin a cat.

In case it isn’t obvious that’s not literal and I happen to be more than an armchair animal advocate.


Get a gps tracker for your cats collar (write ‘ID Tag’ on it, to avert suspicion), then log where the cat goes and for how long. If it’s regularly spending an unusual length of time on that weirdo woman’s property, take legal action. You’ll have hard evidence instead of her word against yours. Alternatively, get a dog and don’t let the cat leave the house unless it’s leashed to the dog. Cat freak weirdo is probably anti-canine and won’t go near them. It will also prevent your cat killing native wildlife because cats don’t do pack hunting. Above all, don’t… Read more »


As I first read the post I got a vibe your Kitty Napper did that in Egypt in a past life. Was freaked when I then read Mystic talking about asteroid Bast Egypt. She is Car Klepto and can’t help herself! Small muslin sage pouch on your kitty should do the trick !


I’m really sorry xxx This would distress me so much. Do you have the means to move? I think that with someone like that I would just get the hell away. xxx


Pulsatilla constitution… Hahahahaha…


My stepdaughter has a Pulsatilla constitution and, and when out of balance and needing a dose, is a shocking Qi Vampire. She went through a difficult time recently and I offered her a lot of emotional support. When she had come through the worst of it I realised she’d latched on to my teats and wouldn’t let go, to her detriment and mine. In the end I kicked her off with my hind leg, mother wolf style. Fend for yourself now, young one. I’m not a homeopath either, but have been using it for more than 20 years. My homeopath… Read more »

Secret Sagg

Oh, that’s sad for both of you. Where is her biological mother?


Poor old Pulsatilla could become a catnapper, sure – but it’s in your description that further clues lie. Initially when you’re describing Tesla’s (almost) cat-napper, it sounded like a Bryonia profile to me: ultimately self-serving, needy & selfish, but present as cloyingly nice in a horrible way, & is in effect sucking (stealing) your Qi, time & anything she can get from you – including kitty. That’s why you felt drained after talking to her. Then further on you described cat-nappers as wringing their hands a lot – this points to a more complex personality: Kali brom. There is in… Read more »


So cool. Thanks skarab. Great insight into Bryonia. I felt a bit bad generalising about Pulsatilla. When they’re in balance they’re gorgeous folk. True of all things. Dark/light. Nobody is one or the other.


!! a bunch of mummified cats were JUST discovered! dozens of em! thouuuusands of years old.
and reading about the bast conjunction here made me look up asteroid ubasti in my own chart again…it’s been a while. this has led to some GREAT discoveries! i am so thrilled with what i’ve just learnt about bast’s place in mine/others’ charts and current transits.
WTF about this cat situation though. i would just definitely keep my cat inside. bast of luck to you!


I just saw that it was amazing

Wish Upon a Star

You are not being too sensitive. This woman sounds strange. The fact that a cat died over this is hugely upsetting. The only thing I can suggest is a outside cat retreat with a connection to a door with a cat flap. It was only last week I was looking online for this in Australia. They are amazing, very clever, they have all the things that cats love to do. It will keep them entertained for hours. They will protect puss from snakes, ticks and crazy women. And you will have your peace of mind. They need to be seen… Read more »


yeah i am down with this. inside cat only until you can secure the premises.
alternatively, just let the cat do whatever. It’s not like loyalty is a big deal for them. maybe you have a uranus (detachment) bast (cat) conjunction, or a square. uranus in 3rd house (neighbours who are wierdos) , square bast in the 12th (loss, lies deception) or something? or opposing something in the 6th? pets.


Save a life and give a gift, or two. Get two, preferably brother and sister and ask for the oldest cat in the shelter as well. Give her 3 cats, and keep your Majestic Leo inside for a week or two while it all boils over. Make a salt line around your fence, burn a sage bonfire, and erect the most glorious Baast statue ever seen since the Ancient ones walked the earth, while chanting to the few remaining stars you can see. I went to my yr 12 formal AS Baast. It was a hoot, and I was invited… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

How about spraying her yard with some sort of cat-deterrent?

The map of cat nappers is CIA wall chart level here.

I also think baby-nappers are a thing.


Hey, a bit like JM’s later idea of making her place too repulsive for a cat. You could join my Antares army, too. (And your Co-Pilot, Lux). It’s not a fixed band, more comes together when anyone needs psychic protection.



Yep statue of Bast
Keep your cat in
Protect yourself and your cat
Boundaries and take on the mutant ninja stance
Erect a BIG mirror psychically and send it back to th malignant narcissist…
They are all trying to have their last hoorah before th karma train runs them over…


Yes to the mirror! On the outside of the cat’s aura. Obviously ask him for permission first.


Sorry this is a bit less delicate but these women sounds like total nutjobs. If your cat is missing go to her house and take it back. If she won’t respect your requests why respect her space?

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