Are Ancestors, Past Lives And South Nodes Linked?

The South Node and past lives enmesh. But do they also integrate with planet lines and ancestral energy?


I have been wondering about this question for a while now and you touched on it a bit in regards to your “Cornwall” ancestry. What role does ancestry, genetics and hereditary play in our cosmic makeup? If I am a rising this or a rising that, doesn’t that trump any type of genetic inheritance? If one believes in past lives,  does ancestry not matter or are our past lives always in the same genetic line?

I used to be insanely addicted to my ancestry, genetic makeup, and heritage along with ancient civilizations and tribes and how my own Y-DNA might have progressed from them. My own Y-DNA is Norwegian by way of England (Devon), and before Norway who knows. Long story, could be related to pre-Slavic, Iranian tribes. 

Anyway, I was into all of this before I got into astrology and now I am wondering if it even matters anymore because of our cosmic ties. What are your thoughts?

Thank you,


The South Node and Past Lives Are Just One Dimension Of An Astral Matrix.

This is such an interesting question. The Nodes shifting into Cancer/Capricorn this year, along with Saturn already in Capricorn, will be a resurgence in ancestor spirits.

Astrologically, look to your South Node for a sense of previous existences. People with the same Nodes as you are your Soul Pod, for sure. Certain astrological themes recur in families. Runs of Scorpios. Whole clans where everyone has Venus square Saturn. Big-time Jupiter-Pluto Vibe in your dynasties such as the Kennedy family.  Whole bloodlines where everyone has Mercury Rising, whatever.

But ultimately, the past and its lands are lost to us except for in our dreams, during meditation and random psychic flashes. This is the realm of Neptune, shamans, mediums, and poets. I did my DNA and compared it with my birth chart cast over the globe.

Not a single Sun, Moon or planet line ran through Cornwall. Or from anywhere else my DNA was apparently tied to. And of course, our soul is not determined by gender, race or genetics.  There is probably a strand of DNA linked to ancestral memories. If we can inherit traits like skill with languages or green eyes, surely we can inherit memories?

But i do not believe that our soul that reincarnates through lives is tied to something so simple as gender or skin hue, let alone religious beliefs. I’ve been vegan for years and vegetarian since the age of 5. I doubt many of my ancestors were and my blood type (the primal-killing-neanderthal one) certainly does not suggest it. It’s just me but i feel it in my soul.

Moon Gazing In Other Times

If you’re magic or you’re witch-affiliated, that carries on through lives. Deep in your psyche and presumably within the double helix matrix of the DNA, encoded in, is a memory of Moon Gazing in other times, the smell and feel of the ocean, certain scents on the breeze beneath the stars. A recollection of having studied – say – astrology or medicine – before.

The first time i ever looked at a birth chart, at the age of 11 or something, i felt relief at seeing one again. Only, of course, it was not “again.” Once I met a mercenary who said he always knew that was his path, life after life. He would not be someone anyone would describe as “spiritual.”

Fortunately, for my Mars in Virgo, i don’t have the time to geek out on Ancestry DNA but i can see how it becomes engrossing. What i do know for sure is that reliably, people with strong Sun, Moon or inner personal planet links to your Nodes are important, always.

The conjunctions to the North Node are usually more constructive than the South Node connections that tug into such a poignant familiarity. The South Node and past lives are just one dimension of a vast astral matrix.


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Me, my dad and his mom: Sun square Saturn
Me, my dad and his dad: Venus square Uranus
Talking about family dynamics xD


I believe that this is an accurate observation. I study vedic astrology, but will explain in detail for those who do not. I have rahu (north node in western astrology) conjunct mars and jupiter in my 12th house in Leo. They sit in magha nakshatra in the constellation of Leo and are conjunct the fixed star regulus. Magha relates the ancestors, commonly referred to as the “pitris”, the mighty, the throne, royalty. The 12th house also deals with the ancestors and foreign lands. Then regulus is the King. I have Jupiter and Mars conjunct this star, with rahu expanding it’s… Read more »


Hi there, I am wondering what are your opinions of moon directly conjunct the south node in the 4th house, Pisces. Any tips will help, here is my birth chart attached


I love this article. Wealth of knowledge. I had the same reaction at age 10, the first time I heard my aunties reading from a Linda Goodman book. Transfixed ever since. I am an astrologer, a herbalist , a lover of nature wildlife and gardening, and can use my hands and crystals for healing during massage, my profession natural therapist, yet I cringe at being called a witch. South node at Scorpio 29 degree maybe has something to do with it. 5 planets and Chiron in Pisces.

Wish Upon a Star

I have Scorpio South node and am ruled by Neptune.

Thanks for the reminder that I need sanctuary in solitude and protective of privacy.

I am just about to bust out of this nosy, conservative shit hole of a small town.


Thank you for this mention of the scolds bridle which for some strange reason has not come to my notice before (repression?). Seeing it on wiki brought me to tears. I missed this post at the time. Also, I have had two relationships with men with natal conjunctions to the position of my natal moon’s nodes. Saturn conjunct the North Node in synastry is extremely difficult, ditto Saturn/Pluto conj my nn especially since my moon is conjunct my sn. It does feel fated and of the distant past…all my relationships have this feeling… but with this one probably because his… Read more »


Just started reading..but intriguing!


Mystic that is interesting anout family and common placements. My son is a Leo, my moon is Leo, my sister is a Leo, my dad is a Leo, my dads mom is a Leo, my moms mom is a Leo. Thats 2 grandmothers, a dad, a sister and a son that are all sun Leo’s plus I have a Leo moon.


I wanted to post this, not sure if this post exactly fits but, he talks about creation and nature and consciousness. This is amazing, it is George Harrison and talks about our physical being and very deep astro type stuff, very very good seriously. Most of his mindset comes from India..


Love and adore George Harrison. Have a photo of him in my living room, framed like he’s a relative, lol. Spiritual guru. He was definitely a gardener, in both material (actual plants) and spiritual ways. <3 Hari om.


This interveiw was the best! He was so spirtual!


Literally sending in my ancestry dna test today <3


I’ve always wanted to visit places where the leylines in Britain are strong… been to Stone Henge but keen to go to the Chalice Well and pagan sites and springs and burial mounds (barrows). The white horse etc. etc.


Loved visiting sacred spaces like the rainbow waterfall near Cape Otway (I felt it was an Aboriginal sacred place)

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I really have no clue about this sort of stuff, but I have had some intense dreams that seems to hint at other times or civilisations.


I am friends with a group of women that I have known since I was 13. We are all completely different and all went our own ways from age 20 to about 35. We all came back together when I went through serious crisis about 10 years ago. We think we are some sort of an old witch coven reincarnated:)


Wow! I’ve got to start a coven asap… hang on maybe I already have, I had a couple of friends who are quite witchy:D


Anybody here do Akashic readings? I hit a wall when I try to astrally explore what my past lives may have been. I get feelings, inklings, but mostly it’s darkness and it remains unknown to me. Anything I come up with feels like only a guess. Maybe I’ve got it blocked… and maybe for a good reason. To me it’s kind of like trying to find out when and how you will die. Might be best to just not know and carry on.


I have experienced a visceral sense of belonging, though, when I’ve visited certain cities. Like just a knowing that I belonged there, that it was eerily familiar and a sense of being home and that if I left I would regret it and always need to find a way back. Paris and Prague both did this to me. Yes, they are both ancient cities. Yes, they are both widely covered in photos, movies, etc. But this was a spiritual resonance beyond that. I knew the cobblestones. I felt spirits. Or memories trying to bubble up. Or fantasies, who knows. I… Read more »


I definitely have Cornish ancestors from St Austell and Scottish and Prussian (from family history) but don’t know much about Akashic readings. Once I saw a clairvoyant who said I was a Roman soldier in a past life, I have a vague memory of eating weevilly porridge and met another person who said they also had a memory of being in the Roman legion. It seems crazy but I believe that. I also love plants, trees and herbs and lean towards Paganism. Have never believed in God, only goddesses.


I’ve always been fascinated with anything to do with ancient Egypt and Byzantium. The artifacts speak to me.


I’m a lifelong natural pagan as well, though I was raised in a non-strict Christian home. It was a while before I could shake off the mantle of religion though, lots of guilt in doing that but it felt authentic. Not that I was ever “religious” – I stopped going to church around age 13, which coincidentally is the age I started studying astrology. 😉 But yeah, like you I’ve always been drawn to nature, plants and animals, spirits, astro, gems, healing, aromatherapy, herbs and the like. I feel like there’s been a witch inside me my whole life trying… Read more »


lol. I was visiting a friend years ago and he goes to church but isn’t overly religious. I wen to the service with him and his kids, then he said do you want to meet the pastor? I said I’d introduce myself as a pagan witch, and he said, best not to meet him then… Lol


LOL awesome 🙂


My girl does readings, distance and in person. She is the real deal.


Cool, I will check it out. Thanks! 🙂


For ancestry & a sense of ‘what went before’, look to outer planets conjunct the IC. I have Pluto conjunct mine & my personal story with it is heavy. Since I read about that Pluto, I have always known that my family story was shrouded in darkness, mystery and brutal secrets & power struggles. We are only discovering much of it now, but it’s a gamechanger. My sister & my mother have their Suns on my south node; we have evidently known each other before <3 I’ve only loved men whose Sun or Venus conjuncted my north node. We had… Read more »


I have Chiron on my IC… with Pluto opposite. Eek.


My IC has Venus mars moon !


In Gemini. Flirt for Britain.

Calli G

Looking at Astroclick travel, I have my Uranus line going through where Dad’s family was from and Neptune going through where Mom’s family was from. Meaningful? Who knows. Kinda cool, though.


I find this subject so interesting. I’ve never had the remotest flash of past life anything, and to be honest I have a hard enough time dealing with this present one to grasp the concept that I may have been here before! Although, my ex-hub’s SN was exact on my Pisces sun stellium and when we finally split it felt like lifetimes of journeys had finally finished. It felt absolutely, cosmically final. (Perhaps everyone who gets divorced feels like that). Certainly the lovers with whom I’ve had NN connections have been seismic in their effect on my life. My great-grandmother… Read more »


My German Grandfather – Uranian Astrologer, had a ‘knowledge’ that the grandparents usually returned (via reincarnation) to the grandchild. It helped if the grandparent died while the grandchild was young, and that there was some degree of ‘important’ connection between them. Otto, the German Grandfather, had an experience during WW2. He was sent to the battlefield as a medic (he was also a biochemist and operated his own Veterinary medicine practice). He didn’t want to go to the war. However, as he lay wounded on a battlefield, surrounded by dead bodies, he claims (in one of his many folders of… Read more »


Of course – everyone wants to be Cleopatra, usually to fill some sense of insecurity about their importance. Everyone is important, most don’t know why, because our values have been screwed up and society now equates importance with dollars or power, or possessions. You’ve clearly got blocks there, I wouldn’t attribute it to your fixed cardinal nature, because that is not owning your response-ability. Perhaps there is more to unravel for you emotionally and with your experiences, before getting to the energetic reality of our world. I feel past lives help people to understand their life now. I don’t really… Read more »


It’s hard. You don’t have to connect with them, just clear your anger or whatever directed toward them. You do’nt have to be like them. You can be different and you can own your actions and choices. You are not their victim.


This is awesome. Do you have these types of visions in a dream state or near-sleeping liminal space? Or do you have them in normal waking consciousness? Fascinating.


I’m usually fairly awake, or in a form of meditative state. I try to do ‘walking meditation’ as a life path. The Past-life-mergence experience with my Dad, I was doing the dishes by hand. Water is a conduit, and I often have great connection when in the shower or bath. On this day, it was the mundane dishes. I remember looking down at my hands, the soap bubbles on them, I looked up, and around a little and super imposed over the ‘existing reality’ was a previous reality, not related to that geographic area. My kitchen was transformed into a… Read more »


Cool. thanks for the site link. I think I’m a multiple ability. I spent most of my childhood talking to my dead grandfather. I still get messages that I hear. I often get pictures too. Mostly it’s just a knowing, and after so many years having learned to act on and trust that instict, even if it seems completely out of place. I wish I had listened to it a few years ago when I met my last boyfriend. All alarm bells going off, although I couldn’t place it anywhere. I put it down to past hurts, and said that… Read more »


I love this whole post. Thank you for sharing it.


My pleasure.


Wow. You are such a fascinating person. I wish I could meet you over tea and scones and just listen to you talk. I have so many questions!


I’m open to high tea sometime! I have an interview I’m putting up on my site soon. I’m being interviewed for my book, which is my conversations with a renowned psychic energy healer. I’ll try to remember to post it back here. 😉


Looking forward to reading it!


Wow! I have a Prussian great grandfather called Henry Lydeker, who was known as ‘the Hellraiser from Hurdle Creek’! so cool


wow. there were so many germann immigrants — leading to wineries such as Lindemans etc. But understandable the suspicion of germans after WWII. Sadly


and that german town, the name escapes me now (in SA)


Our DNA is obviously everything about us. We have taken it from others and jumbled it up to make a unique individual. But that means that the physical body we walk about in meets the neutrino ocean of the universe and our solar system in its uniqueness and find its own reality there. We are born into this ocean and we see it only through our eyes but there must be some interplay with those that came before or infact, us before? Just in a new suit?
It is one of those thoughts that has my head spinning.


My nodes- South in Scorp and 10th nestled against Neptune and North is in Taurus and 4th snuggled up against a stellium of Ceres Juno Mars Mercury and the Sun (sextile Saturn). So the future is I assume Home/family ba$ed and the past a dreamy career? Does anyone else see something? Past lives? I was really sick at 2 1/2 with measles and was deliriously talking about who I was before, my mother encouraged me to talk but my father said stop encouraging this crazy babble. I also have this weird urge to do a drum roll with clenched fists… Read more »


Please tell what your mother heard you say in your pyrexia? My nodes are the same Scorpio and Taurus and I know for sure I was a high level concubine come into empress type stuff. Neptune sits on my SN which is the 8th


Oh I also know that I killed my first husband. In a previous life you understand. He got his own back this time!!!!!


discovered a real connection with Athena when I was in Greece and Mercury was on my Pallas. I looked at the acropolis and was sad to see so much missing but glad the female forms still stood near Poseidon’s/Athena temple. And the Palace of Knossos and it Museum blew my mind. Corfu was special too


Seriously 21.4.18 was a big day for my transit chart. Nep on Natal Pars fort, Jupiter on N Neptune, South Node on Asc (exact) Venus on N Sun/North node, Juno between conjunct Chiron & Saturn, Mars and Lilith conjunct near Pluto. I didn’t feel esp but very very comfortable. When I went swimming at Katakolon I thought I am home.


And… (sorry) Algol is conjunct natal north node…


Our birthdays are close J and my NN also conj Algol.I went to Greece for my 50th. And the day Merc conj Algol I swam in the baths a legit & well org tourist thing at Hierapolis having a very special day. Just as I got out of the water I cut my foot on the ancient pillar of Apollo that was in the water. It bled and hurt and a Greek doctor tended it. And I knew I had paid back some ancient debt.


So – I mean Turkey. 🙂


I had my wallet stolen in Marselles I must have owed someone $500


Hopefully- now they owe you next tme!


So cool. Artemis and Isis are my favourite goddesses. But traveling in Greece was so spiritual. I love Dephi and the Oracle. And Pompeii, and the pantheon in Rome, and acropolis in Athens.


I think of the top several chakras as coming with us through lives, and the bottom several coming with this body (and bringing DNA with them). And our astrology, as well as our body/heritage are “chosen” by our soul to help us in this lifetime.

So I think it’s all important, at least potentially.


That is an interesting take on it.



Apparently i’m top heavy, when psychically read.

The astro chart is in the bod, i guess. “Chosen” might be true but you have to wonder how many made those choices, if you put it in ancestral context. There’s spiritual layers of ancestry not necessarily immediately connected to biological ancestry. I don’t see it as choice as much as some kind of magnet.


I have at least one memory which I know is not my own. It was, I thought, from when I was a toddler (I have memories since the crib) and I mentioned it to my mother once and she told me that the place I remembered had been gone since before I was even born, it was torn down when she was a child actually. So there’s that. I also have spent a good deal of time comparing my families natal charts recently and found specific aspects which I share with my siblings (not all three of us share the… Read more »


Yes, family astrology is fascinating.

I just today looked at my brothers’ charts and realized, thunderstruck, that not only do we share an ascendant sign– we actually share the degree. Our Asc/Dsc lines are exact! I got chills…


My sister’s ascendent matches my descendent perfectly (1 Cancer) so our charts line up via those (flipped) angles too, it freaked me out the first time I saw it, like wow we are family!

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