Astro Gaga is a collection of surreal, absurd and funny takes on Astrology, the New Age movement, and 21st Century Living. Read about the Space Dust Shamans, Neptunian Life Coaching, Supernatural Tinder and the adventures of Space Archeologist Vanadium Lightyear. Some of those posts are daffy suggestions for doing transits and unique takes on – say – the planetary styles of infidelity. Or Beauty Therapists of the Galaxy. Others explore an alternative dimension where disincarnate Real Housewives of Hades haunt the subways and pentacles are a cryptocurrency.

After The Full Moon – A “Choose Your Planetary Option” Adventure

The Full Moon in Taurus squares everything (or so it felt) is over. It was fun, it was real but I am glad. (Concept: an astrological children’s book.) So apres that Full Moon and the X-Roads energy of the Sun/Retro-Venus opposite the Moon/Uranus square the Nodes of the Moon, we may as well hunker down and choose a stance for the rest of the Venus Retrograde. I have identified five …

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Hypatia And The Lake On Mars

The Lake On Mars Was An Ancient Sanctuary Hypatia could not stand it. Centuries of peace and quiet to be suddenly wrecked by scientific scrutiny. Or more likely, she thought furiously, commercial exploitation. Caligula, she gathered, had somehow managed to reincarnate and rule on Gaia, not usually a simple stunt. How had he done it? She honestly didn’t care. Some of the people and entities Hypatia was living with were …

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Space Dust Shamans

Space Dust Shamans Some mistook them for Vampires. Maybe it was the matte-face and monochrome. Or their world-weary demeanor. But Vampires counted their life span in centuries and had the reference points to prove it. The protocol of dead empires lurked within their psyche. In their eyes, you could see the reflection of cities razed, rebuilt and razed again. Now that mirrors no longer included silver in their manufacture, Vampires …

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Mars in Virgo

Pluto Lilith Transit Nightmare

I am having a Pluto Lilith transit and I see this. This menstrual hygiene display in a supermarket is my Mars in Virgo nightmare writ large. With garish lighting and synthetic scent-surround to boot. “Do Everything – Feel Nothing.” Mars in Virgo is second only to Mars in Capricorn in the potential workaholic stakes. It can easily deploy the “doing everything” goal to shut down feelings. But “nothing”?  That’s huge. …

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The Orgone Accumulator – Win $500 USD Via Your Wit & Imagination

The Orgone Accumulator Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator is a wooden booth lined with metal that people would sit in to improve their mental health by trapping the healing force of the orgasm. Well-known users include  J.D. Salinger, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Saul Bellow, and Norman Mailer.   Win $500 USD by spinning the best tale/explanation/polemic about this interesting little bit of historic business. Second Prize: A Skype Consult with me. …

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Veneida Smith newspaper article 1922

What Star Sign Was Veneida Smith

What Sun Sign was Veneida Smith? The “Holy Terror Tomboy” was a 16-year-old escape artiste, horse thief, and talented violinist. She sounds like our kind of person. It was in 1922, and after this (literal) escapade, she seems to fade from the media’s view. What Sun Sign do you think she was? Sagittarius, surely. Or, Leo for the music? Update: She was Leo! But this thread is still worth it …

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