Astro Gaga is a collection of surreal, absurd and funny takes on Astrology, the New Age movement, and 21st Century Living. Read about the Space Dust Shamans, Neptunian Life Coaching, Supernatural Tinder and the adventures of Space Archeologist Vanadium Lightyear. Some of those posts are daffy suggestions for doing transits and unique takes on – say – the planetary styles of infidelity. Or Beauty Therapists of the Galaxy. Others explore an alternative dimension where disincarnate Real Housewives of Hades haunt the subways and pentacles are a cryptocurrency.

Karma Secrets Of The Tabloid Geishas

Nobody can accuse the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of slacking off. Of course, it’s in Capricorn, so exceeding expectations is part of the deal. I have done dozens of posts on this thing, and this recent take is the most somber. I would leave it there but people are apparently interested in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – more specifically, is this a Saturn and Pluto linked event? Yes, in that …

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Santa with Audrey Hepburn

Yule Can’t Fool Me

Hark everybody! I know I speculated that Santa is a Sagittarius but I legit think something more sinister is going on. Here we have Capricorn season, a time when many people want to be temperate and goals-focussed. But no, a strange spectre haunts public spaces across many cities and towns. I’d say wraith but Santa Claus – an archetypal patriarch – is ‘designed’ to take up space. He is imposing, …

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Your Venus Square Neptune Mood Board

Venus is squaring Neptune and if you are interested, there are many posts tagged Venus square Neptune.  Meanwhile, here is a Moodboard. And yes, they all have natal Venus square Neptune. Images: Underground – 1995 Charles Sykes – Rihanna at the Met Ball| Women Who Love Too Much A Streetcar Named Desire Pamela Anderson Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud Charlize Theron as Ravenna Niki De Saint Phalle Jane Fonda and Angela …

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The Brides Of Saturn

There is a peculiar syndrome that can strike after Saturn Return and before Uranus Opposition. A.K.A. during your Thirties. That is the phase when people can become a Bride of Saturn – yes, any gender. And while the astrological Saturn has benefits, being a Bride of Saturn is not desirable. In fact, the more married to Saturn you are during your Thirties, the weirder and more destabilizing the Uranus Opposition. …

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The Astrology Of Space Births

My initial thought upon seeing this was Space Births Astrology. 2024 is one of the dates being cited for this, um, venture. So the first Space Baby would have Pluto in Aquarius. Of course. The other date mentioned – 2028 – would give Space Baby Neptune in Aries and Uranus in Gemini as well. But how would you do the birth chart of this baby? Then I thought Holy Hecate, …

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serenity signalling

Serenity Signalling

The weird thing about Serenity Signalling is that the people who do it are usually so strung out. The higher the incidence of “live, laugh, love” posts, the more likely they are to be enraged at their friend forgetting the name of their cat. Or firing off “never mind, I knew you would not get it” snippy texts. They may not be Buddhist, but they’ll have the statue because it’s …

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