Astro Gaga is a collection of surreal, absurd and funny takes on Astrology, the New Age movement, and 21st Century Living. Read about the Space Dust Shamans, Neptunian Life Coaching, Supernatural Tinder and the adventures of Space Archeologist Vanadium Lightyear. Some of those posts are daffy suggestions for doing transits and unique takes on – say – the planetary styles of infidelity. Or Beauty Therapists of the Galaxy. Others explore an alternative dimension where disincarnate Real Housewives of Hades haunt the subways and pentacles are a cryptocurrency.

Ferris Bueller in the shower

Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is Ferris Bueller?

I was  just reading that the house featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is up for sale & including – obviously – the amazing Ferrari garage overlooking the ravine that featured in the ‘you canned the car’ scene. If you don’t know what I am talking about, apologies but i adored this movie sooo much & weirdly, so do my kids. But sign is Ferris???  I’m thinking total Pisces…

Stephanie Seymour veil and hat

Astro Gaga: What Sign Is She?

Well, in REAL life this is Stephanie Seymour, the Leo model in Numero mag. BUT if she were a raving astro-cliche, would she be the repressed Virgo cousin of the Leo Kaftan Lady?  And she is finally breaking out to do her own kinky Virgo thing, unfettered by Leonic put-downs? Or is she another Leo & she has JUST read that Goth is back so she’s taking it ON with …

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