Astro Gaga is a collection of surreal, absurd and funny takes on Astrology, the New Age movement, and 21st Century Living. Read about the Space Dust Shamans, Neptunian Life Coaching, Supernatural Tinder and the adventures of Space Archeologist Vanadium Lightyear. Some of those posts are daffy suggestions for doing transits and unique takes on – say – the planetary styles of infidelity. Or Beauty Therapists of the Galaxy. Others explore an alternative dimension where disincarnate Real Housewives of Hades haunt the subways and pentacles are a cryptocurrency.

He Wasn’t A Man – He Was A Fuqing Figment

Suddenly one Sunday, the Love Zombie trance wore off and it occurred to her that not only did she hate the sodding country, but he also was never going to turn up to Casa Del Rural Idyll. He would never come around and catch her unawares with her lovely livestock, the carefully placed nest of eggs,  Adzuki beans sprouting in the kitchen, the handwoven lavender hemp sheets, the fuqing Aga …

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Daria Werbowy in a kitchen with black and white tiles holding a paintbrush

Neptune Venus Transits In The Suburbs

Neptune Venus transits can be difficult. They are particularly challenging when you’re in the suburbs with a married lover, naff art and poorly performing hair product. The stripes on the skirt and dead fish necklace had seemed like a fantastic idea. But now Agapantha felt as if she was wearing clothes for someone else. Neptune was stimulating her art and romantic nature even as it blurred her self-image. Had one …

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Eighties Office Scenario

The Office At Zodiac Pty Ltd

Actually, i get a lot of requests from people wanting advice re how to handle an office situation. Obviously, I’m good on the general astro du jour dimension of things (see Wednesday’s Daily Mystic email – the Office Edition lol) BUT as i work from home, my grasp of office politics is perhaps not that nuanced. BUT i do notice that people seem to work in pods of one particular …

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art woman with imaginary lover

Astro Gaga Competition: Create A “Love Zombie Alert” Slogan

Warning posters are everywhere, right? Like you can read them whilst you’re out and about or on the back of lavatory doors. The possible perils from sex, drugs & alcohol seem to be adequately covered but what of the VERY real dangers of becoming a Love Zombie? We are going to create a poster. The artist ought to be the genius Joe Webb – you can get his prints here …

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W Magazine Charlize Theron & Michael Fassbender

She-Leo & He-Aries

Even by the oft-awkward standards of W Magazine Couple Covers, this one could have been tricky to shoot and photo-shop. So I am too much of a wimp to see Charlize and Michael “sizzle on screen” in Prometheus. Seeing the first Alien made me learn counselling so as to get free group therapy at uni.  I may not be ready for the prequel.  But they sizzle…yes? ANYWAY, this cover: He-Aries:  …

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Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen as Martha Gellhorn Ernest Hemmingway

Astro Gaga: Pimp This Cover To Win

Twelve months of Mega Mystic (as a new subscription or an add-on) to the person who comes up with the best astrological explanation or funniest critique of this cover. See previous examples of such genius in the Astro Gaga Category.  My fave W couples cover analysis is here. Some starting points for consideration here; SHE is Gemini and – says my friend the Scorpio Sex Academic – an alien. HE …

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