The North Node In Astrology

North Nodes Astrology

There is a lot of fatalistic tosh talked about the North Node in astrology. But really, along with its companion, the South Node, it is a navigational aid.

The Nodes are always in a pair. These are essentially hypothetical points. They’re not whizzing about out there in the galaxy.

The North Node was once called the Dragon’s Head and the South Node the Dragon’s Tail.

Whilst this sounds satisfyingly medieval and poetic, it’s not particularly helpful as a definition.

Essentially, the South Node depicts the point at which you entered ‘this life’ and also pertains to your previous existences. The North Node illustrates your destiny or purpose in this life.

To be crashingly simplistic about it, a North Node in Gemini suggests “writer” or a North Node in Leo is “performer.”  Generally, people get better results from navigating toward or expressing their North Node energies. But we often default to our South Node, because it feels familiar and easy.

The Nodes are always exactly opposite one another.

So if one is at is 8 Scorpio – the other will be 8 Taurus.

If one is in the 6th House – the other will be in the 12th house.

People often refer to the Nodal Axis as really, whatever affects one affects the other.  If Saturn is squaring your North Node in Leo (lucky you) it will also be squaring your South Node in Aquarius.

Now a lot of rot is talked about the Nodes in that some say they compel you to this or mean you are fated to that. I don’t believe that.  Some say that challenging aspects to the Nodes mean you have struggles achieving your destiny.  But, as this example from my Astral DNA report shows, squares to the Nodes don’t hinder you! 

Mercury Square North Node

Mercury-Square-North-Node people can have difficulty with their perception of Time. Sometimes they live in the Future with apparently zero ability to remember even recent lessons. On other occasions, they might overly reference the past. But there is a bonus: This Time-Slipping elicits incredible insights. Operating almost out-of-time as they do, means their persona is always evolving. Carl Jung had Mercury-Square-North-Node: “We meet ourselves time and again, in a thousand disguises, on the path of life.”

So the North Node is meant to be your path in “this life” and the South Node the door that you came through. We had great fun with this concept in  It’s Your Past Life Competition. People competed to come up with the most fanciful interpretations of their past lives, based on the South Node. Mars on the South Node, for example, is a warrior vibe.

Work with the Nodes to stay on track. Study the House/Sign of your North Node and see that as where you are most productive.

Aligning with the values of your North Node to be more who you were intended to be. Shun the South Node vibe helps you be more you. This is not exactly prescriptive but it is a good way to stay on track. You don’t do it in some super detailed way but you check in with the values of your N.N. to see whether situations and relationships go with that.

Planets on the North Node augment your ability to move forward and maintain momentum. Planets on the South Node can trap you in your past – you can become unwittingly stuck.

Transits to the N.N. tend to bring people who will be instrumental to your future – the classic reset romance, people you were meant to meet.

Transits to the South Node often bring people you totally feel like you knew before but they are not necessarily good relationships or scenes to be in.

South Node energy and often the people with strong energies in your South Node sign feel/feels poignant and achingly familiar. They probably are past life connections. But they can take you off-track at warp speed.

If in doubt, just do your North Node.

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