Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Zodiac Sign Compatibility does not exist in the way that you think it does.

Yes, there is a deep affinity between the signs of particular elements.

Fire Sign people tend to understand other Fire signs and so on. But this theory confuses similarity with compatibility. The related idea is that Water Signs naturally get along better with Earth Signs and Air with Fire. It’s not just simplistic. It rarely works.

People are not just their Sun Signs, for a start. There are many factors in the birth chart, and it’s the combination of all these which provides the elemental balance.

You could be a Leo Sun sign and have Moon in Scorpio + Pisces Rising. You’re classically supposed to get along fabulously with Sagittarius. I don’t think so.

Another factor to take into account is that people often crave the company of those who have a heap of the element they lack. People who are strong Fire with little Water feel magnetically drawn to Water people.

To correctly parse Zodiac compatibility, you need to look at factors like these listed below.  If you’re breaking it down like this, the Zodiac Compatability theory is more resonant.

* The Ascendant – It shows how the person presents to the world and their image. Two people may be in love and relish their intimacy but if one has a brash “Hello darlings I’m here” Leo Ascendant they are going to eventually burn out the more privacy-loving and subtle synapses of a Scorpio Ascendant. And likewise, the Leo Ascendant would not understand why a Scorpio Ascendant did not want to – as Leo puts it “make more of themselves.” That is, bling up or wear eyeliner you can see from space.

Moon Sign Compatible Couples Meet, Hook Up And Buy A Couch Together On Their Third Date

* The Moon Signs – Moon Signs of the same element – Fire, Air, Earth or Water – can work well as these people feel relaxed and at ease with one another. They enjoy downtime together and are the kind of couple who meet, connect and very quickly graduate to order-in food and television marathons or buying pets together. Their chill style is the same. But with the Moon Signs, what matters more is the aspects between the Moon and the Sun or other planets. That’s far more likely to set the emotional tone of the relationship.

* Mars + Venus – This is the ultimate in pure, raw attraction and sensual chemistry. The optimal is one person’s Mars conjunct the other person’s Venus, but really, any aspect between Mars and Venus packs enough pheromones to power a relationship long after it should have perhaps dissipated. Imagine this for a fun visualization: Two people with totally incompatible Moon signs but they have mutual Mars-Venus inter-aspects. They can’t form anything approaching a sane relationship; their friends are sick of hearing about it, and yet they’re continually hooking up again. A Mars square Venus is technically an “incompatible” aspect, but it often generates super-intense chemistry, the sort that is palpable between the two, like they’ve charged the very air electrical sex particles.

Mars Venus Couples Chemistry Never Dies Down – They Don’t Care if They’re Mentally Or Emotionally Incompatible

* Mercury Aspects – These show communication – if you can keep the conversation going, have your little in-jokes and can discuss awkward situations, rather than lapsing into Power Sulks or launching a weird version of relationship psy-ops, you have an advantage that goes beyond “compatibility.”

Rather than there being a specific Zodiac Compatibility, that there are many forms of being compatible. And you will prize the different types according to your persona. For example, a very Mercurial person (say, a Virgo with Gemini Rising who also has Mercury conjunct the Moon in the Third house) would value Mercury links above all else. If the mental zing were not there, this person would not be able to mate, no matter how attractive the other character.

And people who are Mars-Venus focused will overlook a lot of things to get laid by someone with whom they think they’re going to get a robust sensual high. Some people are incompatible but stay together for years because their Moon Vibe is so good. They can end up keeping one another so stuck that they stagnate. But they, they’re comfortable together, and their mutual congealing is definitely ‘compatible.’


Image: Nadia Lee Cohen