Astrology & Love – The Essentials

Francoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc

Since the most ancient of days, there has been a buzz-cloud around Astrology & Love. Why? Because they are linked and everyone knows it. Who has not experienced an encounter so weirdly synchronized that it seemed somehow preordained? Or checked the compatibility between themselves and the object of some sudden onset lust?

“When will I find love?” is a perennial question in astrology. Then again, so is “should I stay or should I go?” Being trapped in an emotional gulag of a couplehood turned toxic is as painful as the pangs of unrequited love. Or wondering when the hell a dating drought will be over.

Astrology does not dictate your love life. You’re in charge of that realm. But the patterns of the stars reflect your romances and significant bonds with eerie clarity.

Three Core Astrology & Love Themes

(1) The Astrology of your natal energies at birth. (If you don’t know your birth chart, you can get one of my Astral DNA birth chart reports.) The birth chart is not a fatalistic cosmic prescription but rather a reflection of the galactic energy at the time you were born. The birth chart is a stellar blueprint, a map of your potential assets and liabilities. If you want a broad and amazing perspective into how it all works, I suggest Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas. But for this post, all you need to know is that it works. Astrology manifests on all levels, shallow and profound, high and low.

People born with – for example – Venus conjunct Pluto – are naturally intense about love and sex. They desire and avidly seek out intense encounters. They are not built for the suburban barbecue belt or casual hook-ups. Authentic intimacy is the only fuel they run on. Venus-Pluto people fizzle in the absence of a soul connection. Dating for leisure is stressful for them. But if this Venus-Pluto person had Aquarius or Libra Rising, they could transmit the impression that they are nonchalant and cool toward interpersonal engagement. It’s complicated!

Neptune Loving Is Like A Spell

So understanding your natal birth energies is the grounding for any understanding of Astrology & Love.

There are also varying forms of expression for each aspect. The Venus-Pluto person in the example above could be devoted to forming empowering and mutually beneficial, emotionally intelligent relationships. Or, if they’re doing Lower Pluto vibe, be romantically obsessive. And in some cases, the Venus (romance) desires clash with the Moon (nurturing) needs. The Seventh House – the classical sector of “marriage” or significant alliances is also a factor. So the natal chart vibe is paramount.

(2) The Timing Of Love. There are times in your life when love comes more easily than others. And no, I am not just referring to the teenage hormonal vortex years. Certain transits conjure up romance and some intensely so. The transit of Venus (the Love Goddess) through the House of Love, conjunct to your natal Venus or over your Mars is classic ‘good dating’ times. They are what you would choose if you wanted to leap back into the dating pool again. Or stage a dazzle and awe pop-up seduction of someone.

Uranus Is From The Future & Uranian Relationships Zap You Into Your Future

But there are rarer and far more significant astral passages, ones that come around once in a lifetime. These are the Outer Planet connections to your Ascendant (aka the Rising Sign), Sun, Moon, and Venus. The Outer Planets are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They move so slowly that you may not even experience – say – Pluto on your Ascendant in this lifetime. But when you do have a Pluto square to your Venus or Uranus on the Ascendant, they tend to synchronize with major, profound connections.

Of course, not everyone is seeking to fall in love. There are people trapped in relationships that have turned rancid, wondering if it’s worth persisting or if it is time to cut loose. Here too, Astrology & Love works. Or ‘no love’ in this case. Saturn + Uranus are the planetary influences most likely to force a reckoning with reality OR a break for freedom. Saturn is like an engineering consciousness. The Time God does not care about the sentimental ties or your fears that you won’t be able to pay the rent/mortgage alone. Saturn cares only for the structural viability of the relationship. And Uranus? Uranus is from the Future and wants only individuation and space. If it’s constricting, cloying or out-dated,  it’s out.

Pluto Relationships Specialize In Karmic Chemistry

And then the other transit associated with the ending of a long-term relationship can be Pluto – the Change God. When Uncle Pluto comes to town, a third party can destabilize relationships. Pluto romances specialize in karmic chemistry, bizarre love triangles, and compulsive desires. Any outer planet transit relationship is a catalyst and can end up being a significant, life-altering romance.  Neptune transits can be a soul-mating, or they can end up as a Love Zombie crush nightmare. When Neptune is in effect, it is like a spell. People seek spiritual union and can project their longings onto completely inappropriate objects of desire, infusing some minor fancy with mythopoetic splendor.

(3) Cosmic Compatibility. Once you are in a relationship, your astrological energies bump up against one another. Some aspects are harmonious, and others take work. Everyone who ends up as a couple or dating will have a heap of interacting alignments. Why? Because people who don’t are energetically irrelevant to one another. The classic ‘good sex’ or strong physical connection planetary energies are Mars and Venus. If they’re in harmony, your sensual bond can carry you through a lot. Mercury relates to intellectual connection, that zing when want to know what they think of your theory, joke or gossip. Mars to Mars alignments energize the pair toward healthy mutual competition but can also lead to a combative atmosphere. Happy couples tend to have harmonious Sun-Moon aspects, hot Mars-Venus connections and then some funky, fateful Outer Planet vibe in there.


Yves Saint Laurent with Pierre Berge


Francoise Hardy & Jacques Dutronc
Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge