Bitch Goddess Chic

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Bitch Goddess Chic (it is a personal consult covering the Eris/Persephone conjunct Uranus for the next two years in your chart + natal Lilith, Circe, Herodias, Kaali and Hecate) orders close in 24 hours. If you would like to grab [ Read more…]

Lilith Zeitgeist

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Zeitgeist is a cool word that just means ‘spirit of the times’ and this current zeitgeist is TOTAL LILITH.  The Bitch-Goddess herself is in synch with Pluto and Mars. Radical regenerative edge. Female empowerment. Dark sensuality. F u to convention. [ Read more…]

More Bulls

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Queen of the Night – at the British Museum – most likely Ishtar. Ishtar’s Bull – from the Babylon Gate.   Asteroid Ishtar – currently 23 Sagittarius conjunct Pallas-Athene, the City Goddess. Referencing this.