As if the planets in the Solar System are not enough for astrologers and astro-fiends to think about – Pluto alone could constitute a lifetime’s study – we also have asteroids in astrology. Are they just a form of space junk that sound cool when you throw them into a chart?

Because it’s funky to say “Well, I have Hatshepsut Rising and asteroid Dallas conjunct my Venus?”  But asteroids have a subtle, surreal influence that can be bizarrely relevant. Browse dozens of posts on asteroids such as Eros, Psyche, Geisha, Circe, Arachne, Pan and many more.

Asteroid Bilquis – Queen of Sheba

Asteroid Bilkis was named after the Queen of Sheba. One of my minor Mars-in-Virgo irritants is when people refer to the Queen of Sheba as if her name was Sheba. Sheba was her realm. Bilquis was her name. It is also spelled Bilkis and it is as an asteroid, number 585, currently at 11 Virgo. Her actual life story – like that of many of the ancient queens – has …

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Vesta Versus Juno-Lilith

Vesta astrology is not usually a key player. But there is an exciting interplay between Vesta, Juno, and Lilith until  October 8. Juno (the so-called marriage or commitment asteroid) is in tandem with Bitch Goddess Lilith. The Node, Sun and Mercury Retro are also in orb of this hook-up. Juno pushes for partnership and the identity of “wife” or “partner.” Lilith is free-spirited to the max, prizing independence beyond all …

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Asteroid Mnemosyne

Meet Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Inspiration & Memory, mother of the nine muse goddesses (from nine nights sleeping with Zeus or – some say – Apollo) and keeper of a sacred pool in Hades. The latter element of her story makes me think of the Star tarot card, which has a pool of memory in it, kind of like the collective subconscious. She is asteroid number 57 – i have …

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Asteroid Antinous aka the Gay God

This is a bust of Antinous – the “Gay God.” He was real, the lover of the Emperor Hadrian and renowned for – amongst other things – his beauty. Then he died under mysterious circumstances that had eerie synchronicity with the heavy-hitter Ancient Egyptian God Osiris and voila, he was deified as the “Gay God.”  You can read more of him here. Obviously loads of the old pagan Gods and …

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Insomnia Explained…Magically.

So, as we have been noting, the current astro-fuqery seems to be manifesting as (amongst other things) insomnia. I can totally attest to that. It’s a peculiar form of hell to flop into bed, exhausted and then be lying awake, too wired to sleep. Yet it’s everywhere at the moment. Ever since Mars began stimulating the Zap Zone that is Uranus square Pluto. So, in an act of genius synchronicity, …

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Jimi Hendrix Had No Earth – But There Is An Asteroid Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a quadruple Sagittarian – Sun, Rising, Venus and Mercury. He always said he did not come from Earth and in fact, he had literally no Earth element in his birth chart. Timothy Leary, the psychedelic shrink, said “he was a magical person. He was almost like some Greek God. He was so powerful in a very quiet way”. Hendrix’s transcendental vibe – conversely made to madly cipher …

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