As if the planets in the Solar System are not enough for astrologers and astro-fiends to think about – Pluto alone could constitute a lifetime’s study – we also have asteroids in astrology. Are they just a form of space junk that sound cool when you throw them into a chart?

Because it’s funky to say “Well, I have Hatshepsut Rising and asteroid Dallas conjunct my Venus?”  But asteroids have a subtle, surreal influence that can be bizarrely relevant. Browse dozens of posts on asteroids such as Eros, Psyche, Geisha, Circe, Arachne, Pan and many more.

Asteroid Thais

Thais was a courtesan of Ancient Athens and constant companion of Alexander the Great, traveling the world with him. She was said to be extremely loud, learned and eloquent. Some say she was a musician, others that she was born into the Ancient Greek “Hetaria” class of women – a “cultured harlot” living outside the system. She was blamed for inciting the city of Persepolis to be set on fire …

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The Astrology Of Asteroid Icarus

What does the astrology of asteroid Icarus mean? Icarus is a psychological complex, and of course, he is a character in mythology. The boy whose inventor father fashions him a pair of wings so that they may both escape from Crete. The island featured the minotaur, mad king and a queen who had sex with a bull. Icarus ignores his father’s warnings to fly a middle path, went too close …

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Yes There Is An Asteroid David Bowie

YES, there is an Asteroid David Bowie.  I have it conjunct my Scorpio Midheaven, which is a thrill, obviously.   It is number 342843 and if you are an Astro Fiend just go to the Extended Options bit of Astrodienst and enter it into the box where you put all your other fancy stuff. It is currently at 4 Aquarius – Bowie’s Ascendant.   But really he was so Lilith, Mars, Mercury, …

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Vesta In Astrology Is The Flame Of Creativity

  Vesta in Astrology, distinct from the mythological Goddess, is raw creativity and devotion to craft. Her influence is strong in people who are “married” to their work. Vesta is the flame of inspiration and the unique spiritual sustenance that comes from devotion to art, a task or creation. From now until Feb 10, Vesta is conjunct Uranus in Aries. Vesta on Uranus specializes in fantastic bursts of quantum inspiration. …

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Asteroid Atlantis In Astrology

So I have asteroid Atlantis Rising. In Aquarius. I just want to drop that right there for any Crystal Links people reading. The Lost City Of Atlantis is, as Eric Francis put it, “a favorite reincarnation destination.”  It’s become Ground Zero for the more star-seedy end of the New Age spectrum.  It’s fabled, nobody knows if it existed or not and the would-be reincarnate Atlanteans don’t care. The real Atlantis …

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Isis The Goddess

 Isis is a goddess who is a totally timeless expression of the Divine Feminine; she is as relevant today as she was in ancient times. Devoted to empowering others, Isis supports the awakening of humanity as we head into a new World Age. She brings value and respect to the roles of wife and mother, is the patron of magic, nature, and healing, and is considered a protector of the …

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