As if the planets in the Solar System are not enough for astrologers and astro-fiends to think about – Pluto alone could constitute a lifetime’s study – we also have asteroids in astrology. Are they just a form of space junk that sound cool when you throw them into a chart?

Because it’s funky to say “Well, I have Hatshepsut Rising and asteroid Dallas conjunct my Venus?”  But asteroids have a subtle, surreal influence that can be bizarrely relevant. Browse dozens of posts on asteroids such as Eros, Psyche, Geisha, Circe, Arachne, Pan and many more.

Kate Moss in moon dress by Juergen Teller

Lilith, Circe, Venus & Mars

How fun! You know the Mars-Venus trine building now and referred to below? Well, I just realised that it is a bit more complicated & enchanted than even that.  I mean, Mars-Venus magic is quite intense as it is. But asteroid Circe is conjunct Venus and so the Enchantress-Witch will be trining Mars too. Womanly wiles, anybody? And Dark Moon Lilith is in Aquarius, moving into an opposition with Mars. …

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Art - the God Pan

Weekend Asteroid Mash-Up

Oh well Virgoans are about to go absolutely ape. Not only is Saturn out of their sign so they can go nano-seconds at a time without guilting themselves, they’ve got asteroid Pan (asteroid number 4450) and Dionysus (asteroid number 3671) in their sign with NO Saturn to be a spoilsport banging on about carbs post 6pm, liver function, sane adult relationships and so on. Pan and Dionysus are the good …

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Promethea with Cadaceus

Lilith: The Bitch Is Back

Guess what???  Those primal throbbings ain’t just Pluto in slo-mo, stationing Direct. Nor Saturn revving up to oppose Uranus again. Dark Moon Lilith is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn. Let’s just say Lilith is the Bitch Goddess & that she is a Good Thing. Archaic feminine power and all that. And so we have Dark Moon Lilith conjunct (very powerful) the North Node (manifest destiny) and in the mega-pragmatic …

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Pre Raphaelite Sappho

Asteroid Sappho

The other day, I was posting real nice things about Saturn (Saturn Girl) and i only later realised that asteroid Sappho (number 80 if you want to bung her into your chart via Astrodienst) was conjunct Saturn and still is. That so fits!  I still think so many of the asteroids are just named randomly – and there are heaps of them – whereas the naming of the main planets …

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Ancient Egyptian Moon Goddess

Taurus – The Holy Celestial Cow

Every now and then a Taurus e-mails to complain how annoyed they are that their emblem is a Cow but this is SO sacred! Taurus is aligned with the divine Hathor, an ancient forerunner of Isis, Inanna, Aphrodite, Astarte and all.  Pre-patriarchally (yes, it IS that time of the month again) the symbol for Taurus was not the Bull but the Cow. And not just any old cow but the …

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Fox Art Floral Foxgloves

Mercurial Magical Weirding Afoot

Messenger-Of-The-Gods Mercury is – yes – heading toward a smack-up conjunction with Saturn & exact next Tuesday…That’s oh, i dunno, kind of factual.  BUT before then Mercury is opposing Eros & Isis as Pandora conjoins Neptune in Aquarius. This is tres foxy astro – cunning, mercurial enchantment.  No matter how hard you are working or how irritating this final crunching of Saturn over the same turf he has been covering …

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