As if the planets in the Solar System are not enough for astrologers and astro-fiends to think about – Pluto alone could constitute a lifetime’s study – we also have asteroids in astrology. Are they just a form of space junk that sound cool when you throw them into a chart?

Because it’s funky to say “Well, I have Hatshepsut Rising and asteroid Dallas conjunct my Venus?”  But asteroids have a subtle, surreal influence that can be bizarrely relevant. Browse dozens of posts on asteroids such as Eros, Psyche, Geisha, Circe, Arachne, Pan and many more.

Preraphaelite Mary Magadalene

Asteroid Magdalena

Frederick Sandys  Yes everyone, there is an asteroid Magdalena – a.k.a. Magdalene aka the Mary Magdalene.    She is asteroid number 318 and you can go flip her into your chart via the amazing asteroid options on Astrodienst.  WHAT does it mean?  Well, extrapolating from myth, poetry, magic and all I would be saying Asteroid Magdalene had something to do with the Divine Feminine, yes?  I’m completely thrilled to find …

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Nike the Goddess of Victory

Asteroid Goddess Nike!!!

Was looking at fitness gear on the Nike site – no I’m not shilling for them but my Mercury in Aries loves reading stuff like “You are in charge-You are entirely up to you” etc..right and then i thought well, I know Nike is actually a Goddess and the Goddess of Victory at that but is she an asteroid? And voila guys, Nike is asteroid 307.  Currently at 22 Scorpio. …

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The God Pan

Asteroid Pandemonium

Einar Nerman “…Asteroid 4450 Pan brings something very earthy, very natural to any planet or point he touches. He’s no “Victorian” when it comes to sensations and sensual pleasure. Pan brings a link with the instinctual nature and couples it with a kind of wily pleasure. On the Ascendant, Pan gives the body robust strength, added libido and sharp instinct. He is raw and vital and knows nature’s ways. He is a seducer of the innocent, …

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Dita Von Teese with her cat at airport

For The Love Of Bast

Suicide Blonde   This is my fave pic of Dita Von Libra ever!   She and her cat are at LAX The cat is named Aleister, after the Occultist and creator of the Thoth Deck Aleister Crowley. I always thought she did more than just dabble. Do you have felinophilia? Check out your Catty Astro. Asteroid Ubasti is currently in LEO – purrfect  – and trining Lilith.

The Bast Beat

“my cats” by Charles Bukowski I know. I know. they are limited, have different needs and concerns. but I watch and learn from them. I like the little they know, which is so much. they complain but never worry, they walk with a surprising dignity. they sleep with a direct simplicity that humans just can’t understand. their eyes are more beautiful than our eyes. and they can sleep 20 hours …

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Rune enscribed stone tablet

He Points The Way To The Gates Of The Sun

At Bolligen Jung created a monument out of stone to express what the Tower means to me. On one side, Jung carved in Latin In remembrance of his seventy-fifth birthday, C. G. Jung made and placed this here as a thanks offering in the year 1950. On the side shown in this photograph, Jung created a mandala centered on Telesphorus, the Greek demi-god of healing, surrounded by a Greek inscription, …

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