Introduction To Mega Mystic

Mega Mystic is a members only online Tarot, Oracle, Moon Calendar and Horoscopes service. For the cost of less than an espresso per week, Mega Mystic members access insider cosmic info. This includes sensationally accurate Horoscopes and unique, contemporary occult content. The Moon Calendar (or more accurately, the astrological scheduler) that runs a year ahead at all times is worth the price of admission. Whether you seek super-relevant modern Horoscopes for successful people OR instant, incredibly accurate Tarot reads, Mega Mystic is a fantastic investment.


Next to organic foods, and my triple water filter, Mystic Medusa’s website is something I could not live without. Her teachings, guidance and consciousness raising tips for modern times can not be matched anywhere. Her site is an unparalleled esoteric library. It is a therapists office (Jungian of course and an Astro wizardry school. Here you will also find a web community of the reincarnated souls of the beheaded and burned magicians, witches, wise ones and goddess worshipers of our ancient past. Mystic is providing a life-hack pack of knowledge and wisdom that everyone deserves to have at their fingertips. Consider the subscription cost an investment in your soul, an homage to your ancestors. 
Lynn Collins 


Being a Mystic Medusa subscriber has created deep and profound shifts in my own art-making, fashion, relationships, and spiritual evolution. Her horoscopes are incredibly wise and effortlessly on-point. They invite you to step into a worldview where we are all powerful magicians, visionaries and witches co-creating our own magic in our own lives with the energetic currents of the universe. 
Yumi Sakugawa


Mystic Medusa is an adrenalin shot of wit and wisdom. I’ve been a Mega Mystic subscriber for nearly TEN years and it has honestly been the best investment in my personal growth that I have ever made. No other site teaches me more about myself, my work, my struggles and my relationships – and ultimately how to be the best version of myself – while making me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I love Mystic – she adds genius and pragmatic magic to your everyday world.
Fiora Cutler


I’ve been a Mystic Medusa member for years. Her horoscopes are pointed and insightful and inevitably leave me feeling fortified.

Peternelle van Arsdale


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