Mystic Medusa

Mystic Medusa:

Astrologer, Writer, Tarot Diva, Game Of Thrones Geek, Feng Shui Fanatic, High-Functioning New Age chick, Recovering Love Zombie, Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch, potato loving Gluten-Free Vegetarian, Blonde.


To create awesome astrological content – including the most consistently accurate, amusing and inspirational horoscopes on Earth.  


In Sydney, in an inner city suburb generally described by the media as “eclectic.”


Inexplicably eccentric (lol) but smart, astute and stunning – a Cancerian boy & a Gemini girl.


Lucid dreaming, Hot Hatha, Binaural Beats, Cats, Reading, Perfumes, Poetry, Art,  reading about Ancient Rome & Atlantis, Nordic Mythology, the Large Hadron Particle Collider, Surrealism, Acupuncture, matching Vogue Italia haute fashion spreads with transits, Most of her fave poems and best inspirational quotes are in the Sagacious category.

Most People Don’t Know That Mystic is…

Left handed, related to Lucretia Borgia and once got a ten page letter from a Virgo threatening legal action because she used Comic Sans Serif font on the site.

Work Experience:

Half a psychology degree, cocktail waitressing, advertising, journalism.


Mystic got hooked on astrology the moment she heard about it, aged 9. She’s Sun Pisces, Moon in Libra, Aquarius Rising with an impressive 8th house.

Favourite (Rejected) Suggestion For An Oracle Question:

“Is Tony Still A Fuq-Wit?”


Mystic Medusa does not own the rights to any images posted unless specified. If you are the artist/owner of an image and would like to have it removed, please contact me.

Mystic Medusa Artwork by Olaf Hajek.


67 thoughts on “Mystic Medusa

  1. Mystic, there are 3 kinds of peeps in the world
    My AM email missing please help find it?

  2. I would loooove to have a personal reading with you – could I come over for one next Wednesday at around 2pm?

    Let me know where!

    Love, India.

  3. Hi mystic and team!
    Is Friday this week the best astro for quitting smoking ?
    Desperate hacking cough

  4. Hey MM..
    U are incredible. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for years. .. wouldn’t go a day without my morning read then evening re read to see what lessons resonate. . 😉 thank you mm for your continued wisdom & unique spunk!!
    B Pluto

  5. I’m glad someone talked some sense into you. Comic Sans is a seriously atrocious font!
    Another Virgo sun

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