Transient Glitch S**t And – Unrelated – Abba

See Transient Glitch S**t Announcement below. It’s all very Mars opp Neptune.

Weekly Horoscopes are posted – be awed at the sequence of unabashedly harmonious astro.

The Monthly Horoscopes will be up within the hour.

And…I read the Abba reforming and doing a virtual tour story as being more like The Congress, that Robin Wright movie where she is turned into a virtual version of herself and has to fight her way back to a Hollywood where, as a post-menopausal woman, she is potentially less valid/real than her cartoon self. It’s a weirdly brilliant movie and anyway, I initially thought that Abba had been hologrammed.

So what’s up? Maybe it’s resurgent creative energy and their genuine desire to work on a complex, demanding production with their former bandmates who are mostly also their former partners. Maybe it’s a tax bill.ย  The royalties on their Seventies albums must be insane – their music is easily the most replayed in history.

Abba is, of course, iconic. Forming in April 1974 with Jupiter in Pisces square Neptune in Saggo, they’re super Jupiter. They were the first group from a non-English speaking country to consistently top the pops. They wore gaudy, fabulous costumes like they were disco pajamas and projected pure ebullience.

Given that Jupiter is going to be conjunct Neptune next year and that it’s the Chiron Return of Abba’s formation, I think they should go all out with this.ย  Presciently, the lyrics for one of their greatest hits – Fernando – included poignant lines about being ‘old and gray’ but recalling the fateful night they crossed the Rio Grande.

If this is referring to the American-Mexican war of the 19th Century and not a tax refuge, they could make this totally topical: I like the idea of them performing it on the border on November’s Lunar Eclipse, with Britney, drones – disarmed of course – dancing Fernandos and fresh take on Swedish athleisure with spangles.


HELLO! The Personal Daily Horoscopes, Astrology Reports and the Current Astro Influences Widget are affected by a technical issue at the momen.

I’m so sorry – I’ve been frantically trying to identify the issue (granular explanation below if you’re interested) was also ill so my messaging was a bit slack on this. It will be fixed asap and I will update soon.

Granular: The site grows – for which I am grateful – and needs to be upgraded to a new server every 15 months or so.ย  The migration two days ago went smoothly (and the site will shortly be heaps faster) and everything worked…but a sub-domain that contains the Atlas + Timezone data has some quirks and one particular file within that is not loading. Unfortunately, it is a pivotal file that feeds in data like daylight savings alterations, geomapping, and so on. It can’t even be opened, as such.

It took a while to identify the issue as the new server wouldn’t give the developers access to the root server so that was frustrating and maybe it looks like I’m being cavalier from the outside but actually I was sitting at my screen, lapsing in and out of consciousness, trying to stay compos mentis to get the access. Then, because it was not an obvious glitch – it was one of those things that ‘should’ work but demonstrably is not – there was a further delay. Now, we know what it is and I am hoping it will be back within hours.

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Still Glitch’in! I can’t spell wardrobe and my comment pops in and out, My energy not anything else. I have been on the computer so long words are not coming from muscle memory any more. best example is “complte” wrong every time. Every. Time.


I was a closet ABBA fan, literally! I was in 5 and 6th class and slept on a top bunk with the back of a wardbrobe against the head section. I had the lyrics from most of their songs (from the middle pages of a Sunday newspaper) on the top of the wardrobe and used to wait until it was safe and would sing quietly to the lyrics by torch light. I love this version and couldn’t figure out why it was accredited to Madonna, it seemed like I was missing something until I did my research. Time goes by… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

You need to be their concert planner, Mystic


Helena and Kate.. sooooooover it! Great choice of pic Mysitc!


I seriously love Fernando. Your Mexican border comment reminded me of a travel documentary I couldn’t resist the other night. Tony Robinson (yes Black Adder’s Baldrick)is doing train journeys and this one was in Mexico and included a journey through the Copper Canyon which is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon, a visit to Chihuahua City where he imbues their local spirit Sotol, the dangerous delicious cousin of Tequila, one of the Sotol entrepreneurs whose brand Los Magos (the Magicians) and his special brew named Elixir is made of 27 herbs two of which are marijuana and Peyote. Tony… Read more »


You are a supernova star! rest it will all fall into place and we are all okay, we have years of your wisdom to guide us.


Rest up too! As the site grows you’re growing with it. Granular glitches virtually, transient illnesses physically.
I think (hope) that for the most part members will understand and be patient when such a wonderful site is going through a growth spurt.


Yes I had a weird experience last night as an odd email arrived in my inbox or on some part of my phone in the middle of the night and it was about ABBA doing a computerised gig or cartoon type concert. Felt Japanese if anything but I literally looked and thought odd??? Then rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up and until I read this I thought I was dreaming. Obviously not.


Take care babe


Mystic I hope you feel better, and are not running yourself too hard! xx


Myst, you need to rest. asap. I am sure regulars would understand if the horoscopes were delayed one week or if the site functions were down for a bit. Fill your own well first. Rest.


Agreed ๐Ÿ’•


Iโ€™m in Sweden at the moment and thought to myself yesterday wouldnโ€™t it be funny if I am guessing correctly that this band they say will be reforming (I came in late on a radio story as I was driving) is ABBA and haha IT WAS. Lolz etc I was born in 1974 with that Jupiter-Neptune signature astrology, amped by having a Sagg ascendant and Neptune rising in the 12th. ABBAโ€™s disco balling Jupiterian vibe felt like a weirdly personal soundtrack to my younger childhood. Some of their album art was beautifully exotic and trippy too iirc. Just as an… Read more »


Discovered ABBA way too late in life (Pluto in Scorp generation), but I now live in Sweden. Swedes I know are mostly meh about ABBA. I wonder why.
And I know what you mean by being meh by all the nebulous fabulosity. What if it does not work out. What if it DOES??? I feel far more resilient, but I wonder if its the result of a hardening heart and not better sense.


That resilience and heart hardening sounds healthy in this instance. Iโ€™m taking from this transit to not run away from life in woe or cynicism (seeking Neptunian escape that way) but to engage with it renewed; put my best foot forward and get involved in the fray of it again. Big myself up, prepare for some fun. Cos thereโ€™s got to be a lot of fun out there waiting too right? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

Crystallised future

And! Share your pain about site transition to a new host provider!! Ghastly….

Crystallised future

Love your vision for a proper ABBA concert being done at the right place at the right time Mystic. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Wish Upon a Star

Disco pyjamas. I want some!



Mystic, there is no doubt about it, you are THE Super Trooper! How you can manage to sit at your computer for hours trying to figure out tech astro fuquery after a bout of Pluto flu took you out for a day and you’re struggling to stay awake I can’t begin to imagine. Hats off to you! I really hope you get some well-earned rest on the weekend. Oh and thanks so much for the ABBA post! I was almost going to email and ask for your take on it but figured you’d be so swamped already with stuff that… Read more »


Hold on over there, Mystic. Doing a great job, across all the dimensions – you make it look easy, like a gliding swan on a river. ‘Rio Grande’, of course, translates to “big river”. Perhaps not the Styx, but river of intelligence/intuition/stars? perhaps! (incidentally “Fernando” apparently derives from the Germanic for adventurer/journey-er. So very positive – Mars dances with Neptune.)

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