The Met Gala On Neptune

The 2021 Met Gala Was Neptune Central

If astrological events organizers were a thing, nobody would ever schedule a swank, exclusive event on a night with the Sun opposite Neptune. It wouldn’t even be a rookie mistake. One such slip-up and you would be dismissed from the astrological events organizers association. You might slink into obscurity but your name would become a slang term for ‘surreal cock-ups’ and social what-the-fuqery.

Sun-Neptune alignments are fantastic for chatting up poltergeists, accidentally getting high off something you thought was a kitchen spice, intricate, super-styled procrastination, love zombie reveries, seances, and sensing alternative dimensions.  Costly, ornate society events with multiple factors to manage that have to look fabulous and, you know, fun but which actually rely on next-level control-freakery? Fuq no, especially when it’s an opposition.

Think of it as a parallel universe, one that is much easier to access because when the Sun opposes Neptune, Earth is the closest it can possibly get to Neptune. Like actual Piscean people, Neptune in Pisces never once met a formal scene or conventional paradigm it couldn’t subvert. The 2021 Met Gala was Neptune Central. I did not watch all of it but I have some observations and I’m sure you do too.



(1) Kim Kardashian Sent A Phantom.

KK has Neptune opposite her Venus all year. It’s very post-divorce fog and groping around for what’s real. Neptune is also square her natal Neptune in Saggo – the truth bearer. It’s the sort of transit that makes you want to sit around a campfire, sharing s**t about your life and dreams with people who wouldn’t mince off to the media to snitch. Neptune-Venus transits bring vulnerability and addition to the surface and turn you on to more subtle dimensions of love.

With  all that intensified by the evening’s Sun-Neptune opp, hell really is being contractually obliged to show up to a photographer-intensive, vibe-vampire infested luxury mirage. So she didn’t. Sure, you could say she opted to arrive at the thing in a “Balenciaga morphsuit” that concealed her everything and managed to freak out even her sister. But I don’t think it was her. She has tonnes of body doubles for various reasons and I believe she hired one of them to swan around looking like a dementor. It’s genius and definitely a Neptune transit aspiration. By the time Neptune is in Aries, nobody will send themselves to parties.

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian AKA When you’re a Scorpio with transit Pluto conjunct your natal Neptune in the highly visible 10th house and you have to be photographed with your sister/sister’s walk-in dressed as a dementor.

(2) Neptune Versus Anna Wintour’s Mars-Saturn in Virgo

A famously frosty fashionista, Anna Wintour has edited Vogue USA since 1988. Her personal brand and the mag are symbiotic with the Met Gala/ the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume institute that the gala is the fundraiser for. She’s Scorpio but, if you watched The Devil Wears Prada or The September Issue, her core operating style is evident: she just totally overclocks her Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Neptune, however, has been opposing her Mars and now Saturn.

It shown up in many guises; the sad fade-out of her good friend, the luminous Franca Sozzani and the cultural sea change that’s impacted so many once iconic magazines. But imagine the Neptunian nightmare of multiple Met Gala no shows yet having to project chic composure as you try to figure out what’s going on. Natal Saturn triggers always feel like you’re back at school and deeply uncool.

Rihanna, a double Pisces with who brilliantly embodies her Neptune-Midheaven conjunction in Capricorn (glamorous, creative, a channel) was born as Anna took the helm at Vogue. She arrived so late many media outlets reported that she was one of the non-shows. It was clearly a rogue move, perhaps intended to send a similar message as the non-attendees but without shunning the black designers and creatives whose work she champions. I know that this is an unfashionable sentiment but in the stretch when it appeared Rihanna had ghosted, I felt compassion for Anna Wintour.

(3) Neptunian Love Stories

There is an odd air to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber and at first, I couldn’t figure it out. Their Met Gala presence was low-key: they didn’t star it up or posture.

Were they, I wondered, deliberately downplaying their vibe to politely dim the “young, hot billionaire” energy? Less animated because devout and thus not on Space Dust?

But then I got what the weird energy was: they’re legit in love. Not a pheromonal or even ‘we’re really into one another‘ statement but something more approaching mutual reverence.

Semi-religious adoration is very Neptune and they’re both packing hefty Neptune squares. She’s Venus square Neptune and he is Moon square Neptune.  They’re both Pluto people as well – Pluto is conjunct Bieber’s Ascendant and Baldwin’s Sun. They’d see their meeting and forming of the relationship within a mystical matrix for sure.

What’s the bet they start their own church?

Also serving up Neptunian Love Vibe  – Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Her Moon-Venus squares Neptune, he is Mars square Neptune. Their mutual Mars + Venus + Moon aspects generate a mad amount of inspo/adoration and yet, every time they engage, there is Neptune! They’d bring out each other’s clandestine magical potential as well as – maybe – taste for decadence and chaos, so long as it is beautiful.

Warning: Neptune can dissolve cynicism.

*Side Note: A$AP Rocky has a Cancerian Moon – is his technicolored quilt coat veering toward being a poncho or what?!


Pisceans disdain dress codes but’s it’s totally Neptunian of Grimes to take hers off-planet. The theme was “In America – A Lexicon Of Fashion” – the musician arrived attired (and armed, with a sword) for Arrakis, a planet circling the star Canopus. It’s the setting for Frank Herbert’s Dune and well, she’s triple Pisces.





Iman Abdulmajidis projecting quadruple Leo glamor at the age of 66. She and David Bowie – her husband of 24 years before he passed in 2016 – each had Neptune trine the North Node. Think shared artistic sensibility, belief in soul affinities and guided paths.







Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has Saturn conjunct Neptune – her ideals, magic, and compassion have to be structured. She’s a statement dresser and everyone knows it but in classic Neptunian style, she’s now caught up in nebulous discussions about the ‘appropriateness’ of her sentiment. You see, Neptune is also square her Midheaven: her natural process is polemical – a wild idea, freely expressed and then checked against the almost instant exposure.

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I love the quilt coat. That is all.

Unicorn Sparkles

I just realised this was the first time I’ve seen Imans’ last name


RiRi and A$AP were my favourites. I like your take on the being proper in love thing for the Biebs, Mystic. The stupid head spinny version is like polyester compared to the silk velvet of the real thing.


The image of Kim in her all-black suit stayed with me. I looked at her chart this morning and saw that she has her Sun widely conjunct Pluto in Libra. Is it possible that – as an intense Libra – she would feel totally ‘obliterated’ by her divorce? ‘Total eclipse of the heart’ as Bonny Tyler used to sing… If so, that is perfectly expressed by the all-black suit

Wish Upon a Star

I love J Leo’s hat. That silver necklace even more. She is a cinematic Leo afterall. But I would have put her in a sexy vintage dress from that era.


Ohhhhhh my goodness!!!! Holy Neptune – Mystic! Could you have possibly enlightened me no end with my fav combo of articulate AF Astro and the fashion of the Met Gala?????!!!!! You have made my 18 months of crap seem that everything will also be ok. Love Pisces Moon, Pisces Asc – Neptune opposite my Venus and my Venus squaring my Nepune natal self XXXXXXX

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love these kind of posts <3 Pisces rising


Arrakis is actually a real planet? Let me at the spice faster than quick. Reading Duke of Caladan at the moment, the younger alive Herbert’s latest book circa2020, just when i thought they couldn’t squeeze any more stories out in the series, Wanting to read Chapter House Dune again but size of book & print too small to bother. It’s all about bene Gesserit training techniques, the power of the voice. What was KK thinking or she wasn’t? In mourning for the marriage to Kanye? A simpatico move for the poor women in Afghanistan? The logistic’s of putting it on… Read more »


Neptune looms large in KK’s chart for sure, but i’m sure the awfully long Pluto sq natal Pluto transit that she’s been heaving since 2019 has influenced the Priestess of Pluto look too. And Mars on her MC (exact!) on the gala night. It was never gonna be a fluffy look.


‘Priestess of Pluto’ love it Skarab.


Mystic, could you pull some strings & suggest to Anna Wintour that next year’s Met Gala theme should be “The US Pluto Return”? Now that would be fun!


Absolutely brilliant Mystic! Love love love this!!!


A$AP Rocky’s Blanket coat is what we all want to hermit under when being dragged out of bed to go to some crazy high stakes event


Yep, and for me it was pure Americana, the patchwork quilt of many a Black American home.


Wow, Mystic, I love this piece so much! Glamour, fashion, zeitgeist, psychology, interpersonal relationships, gossip – everything seen through the prism of astrology. Insightful and endlessly entertaining, thank you! 🤩


PS Especially loved your observations about the special quality of Justin and Hailey’s love and Anna Wintour feeling ‘back at school and seriously uncool’ 💛


Yes, I am curious to know who didn’t/wouldn’t attend – Nicki Minaj for one, but who else…


Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Jenner, Lily Collins, Harry Styles, SZA, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, Billy Porter … these are just a few I know of.


I thought it was trashy. Jo Lo was the real MVP


Sorry, J Lo.


Totally, she looked – er – pretty bad. As for her outfit at the previous night’s music awards, ewwww..


I think her taste in clothes goddamn awful and she photographed a LOT. After saying that i loved her in Blue Detective in plain police attire.


I don’t understand what you mean – did you think she looked good or trashy?

Last edited 20 hours ago by RubenZ

AOC – the Libra with an iron-fist-in-velvet-glove variety; and with Sagg Rising, she’s always on mission – even at the Met Gala.
Add to that a 12th H Venus (exalted) which often translates to loving humanity more than material things, and you get a heady mix of beauty, brains, compassion & GUTS. How the patriarchy must love her, LOL.


She’s a hypocrite


Why? Please explain. Genuinely interested.


She was canned by that Piers Morgan (who i think vile and nasty person) for hypocrisy in going to a billionaires ball. That the tickets were free was challenged apparently.


Why? AOC apparently was invited to the event,her dress was a comp, so she expended no money and used the opportunity to create dialogue, albeit Neptunian and a bit foggy.


AOC is a fake Marxist revolutionary who grifts off capitalism and was virtue signaling in order to appease her fans. She should have been protesting the event, not going to it! It stands for everything she supposedly opposes? She gets paid an average of $174000 per year. That dress was an in joke between her and her very wealthy influential friends and no, she was not given a ticket according to Vogue.


So should she wear drab revolutionary clothes, no make-up and do constant street demos to get her message across? Should she get less pay than her fellow politicos? Should she live in a commune and drive an ol banger to work? Is that the “authentic” Marxist revolutionary that you wish her to be? Politics, ideologies & governments evolve (one lives in hope) but the problem is a lot of people seem to be stuck in some last century scenario. It seems to me that it is more productive to initiate changes from within the democratic system of government & by… Read more »


No. That’s what she wishes us to be.


I LOVE love you covered the Met!! 😍
I thought the fashionably late late show of Rih & Rocky was definitely fueled by them delving into a Neptunian night of love and losing complete sense of space / time lol. I’m so happy you covered their Astro! Hmm with Kim I think she has creatively realigned herself to Kanye, and we know that full face masks is more his current Donda style. Kanye was there too, but as in previous years he let Kim shine or in the case of this year…. disappear 😂


I thought it was the best KKW look ever! (No, I am so not a fan of her’s) and it summed up America totally, a black hole of a silouette. So weird, that shot of her and her sister, the photo flash makes her look literally like a cipher cut out.


Mmmmm perhaps it WAS political now she is doing law.


Judges “do law”. It is against ethics to be political.


lol the internet has gone off with the memes of the two sisters. I still admire her courage whatever the intended fashion angle was, be it incognito or controlling her image from the paparazzi.
My main interest peaked when I saw fellow 12 houser Frank Ocean accessorize with a neon robot called Cody 💚


Over on the Twitter, a scientist threw up a wonderful thread matching maybe a dozen of the outfits to various colorful species of bees. Just imagine if the theme had intentionally been pollinators, or something else relevant to the insane world we’re in today, instead of a vague mushy “American independence” theme which left all attempted fashion statements vague, disconnected, and at worst self-serving. (which, now that I think of it, pretty much is exactly where “American independence” is these days.)


Case in point, Kendall Jenner wore a dress that was inspired by one that Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady “because it has really pretty lines”. Uh, yes Kendall, so very relevant to American Independence.


Could not agree more! It felt more like an identity crisis.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh that’s the item that’s missing from my Pisces Rising wardrobe: a sword.

So mutable it hurts

Hahaha 🤣 thanks for the laugh!

Wish Upon a Star

My pleasure.



Wish Upon a Star



Star have you been watching ‘The Witcher’? Fancy a sword fight with Henry Cavill or maybe just a feel of his sword 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

Ha ha.

I had to google Cavill. He looks like Superman. Not really my type. But give me Jude Law any time.



what???? You don’t have a sword???? I can send you details of my smith !!


This is brilliant Mystic thank you. I legit thought A$AP was wearing a blanket! As a fellow cancer moon person if I were forced to attend one of these events, I would be tempted to do the same LOL


Yes, like a big soft shell. Maybe it’s like wearing a mask for the body where you can secretly give certain people the bird without them knowing?

Last edited 23 hours ago by barkinmud

Or the peace sign.

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