What The Astro-Fuq?

What the Astro-Fuq (?) is posted – it’s members-only so you need to be logged in to access it.

It’s long but divided into different sections and, I hope, helpful + some good news in there.

The Sydney Lockdownee spesh is not finished yet but soon!

I just watched the second half of the President Biden speech – I am still parsing it (I’ve been up for 24 hours writing so I don’t want to comment on this when I should prob sleep) but FYI he currently has Venus conjunct his Neptune and Jupiter square his Scorpio Sun.

I saw both of those on display – I will return to this later but in the meantime, I hope you like What The Astro Fuq!

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Has anyone considered the Astro for Hurricane Ida about to hit New Orleans this Sunday, 16yrs to the day after Hurricane Katrina in the middle of a pandemic?


Definitely a tense day in the South, with hospitals already stretched in the ICU’s due to COVID, even before Ida lands tonight. It was Katrina, I’m still so baffled by the timings and would love your Astro on this. I’m in NY and safe.
In the meantime, all good thoughts go to New Orleans 🤍


Brilliant Myst! Thank you✨

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

great post, thanks Mystic


At a time when there are no words, we have to rely on the poets, stargazers and seers. As a matter of self-preservation and grace. Thank you MM, in all the ways, from all the times and all the places.

Wish Upon a Star

Well said Earth Star!


Thanks Mystic! Your big picture research and knowledge is like a healing balm in such uncomfortable and scary times.

Wish Upon a Star

Fantastic !


In relation to 2022 I have that massive Neptune Jupiter conjunction happening bang on my asc. Last time I had a conjunction like that it was Mars Uranus on my asc and I broke my skull. Maybe I will do it this time on psychedelics or mushrooms?!?!?!?!?!


emg, I also have it upcoming on my Asc, Neptune has been on my moon and Asc – just waiting for Jupitr – im hoping it bigs up everything in my favour. Ha – I think Im being perhaps a bit too optimistic.

Wish Upon a Star

NO I don’t think you are being too optimistic. Enjoy it. I’ve had Neptune on my Pisces Ascendant.

But please ground and protect yourself.



Neptune on the asc and grounding? Haribo here I come!


Thank you, Wish. I hope that Jupiter brings blessings to all. And, yes, grounding has been a major theme for me for the last couple of years. Trying being the operative XXX

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I know it’s a benefic and all that but I’ve always found uncle jup smashes stuff first then brings me new stuff. Bless him. I do hope it’s awesome for you.


I hope its awesome for you – too! Watch this space. I like having Neptune on my Moon & Asc and it may feel less intensely heady for me as Jupiter will be leaving my 12th house.


One of the reasons for the many mixed messages and confusion around the pandemic was the years-long hollowing out of national health systems and scientific institutions.
And seemingly because China bought out the WHO. WHO KNEW !!


All the covert operations are being uncovered after many people in the know were muzzled. The pathology biology & psychology of this plague is mind blowing. And yes i watched Assassins Creed movie last night for the 2nd time coz i like that spinny machine that wizzes you down your DNA.


Gods I’m gonna have to watch.


I love it when you do big picture analysis like this. This is the reason I have been subscribing for so many years ( eight I think? Nine?) It’s validating and comforting. Empowering too because knowledge is everything even when you don’t like what you’re hearing or wish it were different. I appreciate that you mentioned the Uighur situation. Regardless of what you think of the group as a whole, the thoroughly Orwellian approach the Chinese Government has adopted is surreal and terrifying — something out of a sci-fi novel or an episode of Black Mirror. Everyone world wide should… Read more »

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Absolutely – I recently listened to a podcast on Mysterious Universe – and the findings from someone who had escaped the regime was horrifying and beyond belief unless we are actually living in a real dystopian age.


Thank you!


Mystic! Your ‘what the Astro fuq’ piece is incredible!
Your ability to summarize headlines in such a concise and informative snapshot without getting lost in the sauce/details is your superpower! We love your confidence and understand how sensitive the times are, pls never stop sharing your truths with us!
Sidenote…. I just watched a news story on Tesla cars that have been in 11 recorded crashes with emergency vehicles (police/ambulance) in auto pilot mode because the drivers had been watching movies or completely not aware of the road lol.
Hello Saturn in Aquarius 👋🏼


You said EVERYTHING and I applaud your clever writing in this neo totalitarian atmosphere. Looking at everything/everyone in a quick “Saturn” or “Uranus” shorthand is also extremely helpful. This square does not fuq around! Thank you for your courage and clarity.


Well said! Many parts resonated with me but “ Countries like Australia need to bump up their fuel reserves/alt-fuel sources as a matter of urgency and run some sort of a self-sufficiency audit. “ has been in my thoughts since t-shirts changed to $5 and everything imported became disposable.


Great stuff, I always appreciate your perspective on whatever the headline crazy is at the time 🙂 I see the next Saturn-Pluto square in 2028 will probably be the sequel to all the darkness we’re currently seeing (especially as idealist Neptune will be in warmonger-ish Aries by then, yikes!)
Neoliberalism/technocracy isn’t dead but it’s probably dying, and it will put up a massive, prolonged fight to keep its dominion.
Highly recommended text for all MM readers: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein. Written in 2007 and will be relevant for years to come.




Yes! Disaster Capitalism is doing my head in. Why can’t it just alll be peace and mung beans – it makes my Pisces Moon & Asc so existential.


A truly mammoth effort. Very much appreciated. Please rest and replenish your reserves. 🛌




Mystic, you blew my mind! Everything you covered in What the Astro Fuq was brilliantly done. So much resonated & I especially appreciated the part about taking the time to write/think about what you’re saying. Thanks, MM.


I appreciate a stand back and have a look at all of it without locking on to one view because it’s desirable or highly annoying or whatever. I think you’re right re 90’s amongst other things but not going to have a full blown discourse here because I like the comments off too… it’s a bit sit with your own stuff and work with it and for me it’s a nod to the power in that – but admittedly very difficult in this psychosocial climate as is sharing your views publicly. It’s an incredibly polarised time..

Wish Upon a Star

Sit with your own stuff and work with it.
I like that. 🙂
Lately I’ve been sick of talking. It wastes energy.

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It’s a super power. Not the most popular one on the shelf… many folk will go with one they can strut so you’ll often find this one dusty and overlooked in a corner on the highest shelf. Zoom out (am over that word these days) and zoom in – repeat. 100% agree with word wastage unless it builds energy. The trick is discerning which is in play and deciding where you sit with that eg if it is energy wastage but you don’t really care then a) it’s not and b) it doesn’t matter but if it doesn’t meet the… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Interesting Centaurus.

I have to add we can’t discard the rant or whatever floats your boat as a way of releasing and discharging bad or stale energy.


Of course, that’s in the mix. Always better when consciousness is applied at some point though don’t you agree 😉

And always vivre et laisser vivre.

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what the fuq indeed! well penned. elucidating and fresh. oddly comforting. thank you.

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