The Weekly Horoscopes From August 21 & Jupiter Fever

Yes, the Weekly Horoscopes from August 21 are up! Sorry, I should have announced this earlier!  I am omni-tasking optimizations that have made some things seem sketchy in the process but which you will love. More soon.

Meanwhile,  in today’s what-the-astro-fuq (?), could you have Jupiter Fever?  I outline the core signs of this condition below but first, get a load of this:

This is via Stellarium, us at the moment, as seen from the Sun. So the astro is that the Sun is opposite Jupiter and that means Earth is near Jupiter.  The little green dots are the exoplanets in Aquarius I’ve been going on about all week. If this is doing your head in, just take it as a maxed-out Jupiter: Optimus Maximus.

Do You Have Jupiter Fever?

* Your thoughts are currently running faster than time.

* You’ve been maxed out so long it’s a parallel dimension but you’re a metaphysical one-percenter and that wealth – wisdom and cosmic connection – is accumulating. You’re long on magic.

* Your inner critic left recently, no contact details, no goodbye – just fuqed off in the middle of the night.

* You’re developing a “method” that has more in common with your 11-year-old self’s bike riding and skateboarding hacks.

* You’ve reclassified the root cause of multiple obstacles: You downsized your dreams.

* You’re eating for momentum and wondering what is actually wrong with inflated expectations anyway…it’s all about the quality of the hot air.

* People notice you’re more jovial, a word which means Jupiterian.

If You Answered Yes To More Than Three Of These Questions, Possibly.

If you’re like “yes” and you leap up, punch the air, bust out some pretentious kung-fu moves then segue into Kate Bush kabuki-gesture rhythmic gesture trance dancing, totally.

The extra-zany galactic edge magic is courtesy of Trickster Uranus turning Retro. Finally, you can thank Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo for the ratatat running commentary.

This is happening now and the only cure is an outlet for your ‘enthusiasms.’

However, you will find your Daily Horoscopes and/or the Daily Mystic email archive for the week super-helpful.

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So funny! Two nights ago, I put “Kung Fu Fighting” on my speaker, turned it up as loud as possible, started kicking and punching the air!! My Pitbull came charging in and jumped on me, as if to say, “Chill the fuq out!”😂


OMG you got it. Heliocentric is a thing, yeah. No scientist would ever believe Jupiter would accelerate.


“you’re a metaphysical one-percenter”
something like that!
And my cat just jumped on the piano keys unexpectedly as I was typing.
Take that vibe and run with it…
keep running…

So Mutable It Hurts

OMG 100x YES! Fuck My self esteem is so high right now I’m low key worries I’ll start some shit * it’s vague but super intense prob because of Jupiter nearing my ascendant and natal Jupiter

Billy D

I’m re-tiling a bathroom. Because I feel like I’ll burst if it don’t.


I, on the other hand, feel restless. For a blip of a week, lost contact with the divine which has been a theme since THE conjunction in 2020. The gradual certainty that I had earned seems to slip away. Turns out, I do not like Uranus Retro weeks. Natal Aqua Sun.


Hell yeah!

Helen 3004

A big YES to all of these fever symptoms! pow pow


Ha ha. I love this.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

haha yep and the jupiter synchro has been strong


Get this, for today, Moon on Pluto (according to extended transit chart) Uranus on my natal Mercury. Mercury and Mars on my natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction. Jupiter in orb of my natal Abundantia. Well well well what will this stir up? I was awoken at 3:33 by a Tawney Frogmouth (fixing my stiff back?) and inner critic was kicked in the arse on the way out.

Last edited 30 days ago by JacQui

I’m living in a parallel universe for sure. I can’t get a grip on anything before my mind wanders off demands sleep which it then struggles with. My inner critic left in 2011 I think. She’s ghosted me completely. And I’m not at all concerned. My aqua man is pulling off an incredible life metamorphosis. He’s running around like a twenty year old, working 20 hour days and finally understanding what myself and cappi daughter have said for years about the yacht industry. It’s been amusing to watch.


* Your inner critic left recently, no contact details, no goodbye – just fuqed off in the middle of the night.’ LMAO, so on point! Where in the fuq did she go? Don’t care. I don’t miss her. She can stay the hell away.

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