Sun In Leo Square Uranus In Taurus Benefits

Yes, benefits. The Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus is a naturally erratic annual astrological phenom.

It’s flashy – Leo! – and edgy – Uranus! But it’s usually transient. This year, because it’s amplifying 2021’s meta-theme of Saturn square Uranus, the alignment morphs into a full-stack catalyst.

Think clarity for creatives – the Leo Sun has to create, Taurus is a maker and Uranus is automatically iconoclastic. If it’s not a standoff, it’s a particularly juicy regeneration, guaranteed.  Taurus-Leo relationships – same! If you’re not control-tripping one another or trying to mitigate chthonic emotions with Byzantine sex + power protocols, the romance is back on.

Tipping points and Chaos Magicians are everywhere – recognize yours. Additionally, this square vindicates renegade moves around April 26/27 – when the Sun was conjunct Uranus and opposite the most provocative Full Moon of the year.

It’s good astro-energy for rejuvenating Lockdown Hair and thrillingly, you’ll probably have to D.I.Y.  it. See your Horoscopes for more tuned-to-you input and (soon) the Turbulent Times update, if you’re in the mood for a sharper take on it all.

Meanwhile, it’s a super Dark Moon until Sunday but think about this: Catalysts can be good and Dark Moon lows turn into New Moon highs if you let them. How is your Dark Moon going?

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All I know is MM’s art choices, gifs and horoscopes make me laugh no matter what is happening in the heavens. I gobble all the ‘scopes and the “You’ve activated enough almonds” for Virago tops them all (esp. as I can relate -puzzlingly – with Psyche conjunct IC there..) (Wish, Chrysalis and Emg have finally replied again under the Bear post, if you are flying past on your Bewitched-y brooms. Happy New Moon !! Xxoo)

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Doing dark moon sloth all weekend. I can’t hibernate far enough inside my own psyche right now. The new moon will be square my IC/MC and work/career etc is all that is on my mind right now. Am fairly clear I can’t go back to the old workplace/industry. Haven’t a clue how to make a viable income out of my other alternatives but keep telling myself to trust the process.





I told a friend today that I am at the bottom of Snakes and Ladders, curled up, after being bitten back to zero. New moon in my 12th.


Hmm it’s interesting you mention that Leo-Taurean relationships could see some level of repair, since my mother has disappeared out of contact since her bday and we’re not in the same country at present….. she’s always been the grounded earth mother.
My lockdown hair basically resembles a lions mane lol. Im in full Leo SZN by hair standards 🦁
It’s grown down to levels I had as a child before wild rebellion and self evolution passed me the scissors ✂️

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How cool to read I’m synced up with the DIY hair astro vibe. Couldn’t resist cutting it drastically into a wolf shag / shugget – that’s shaggy pixie mullet in case you aren’t following the hashtag on Instagram it’s much shorter than I thought I wanted but I am weirdly pleased with it. I’m adamant that I want it to look DIY. That is my whole aesthetic and I’m categorically not trying to hide it. The opposite actually. DIY hair cutting has been, besides sewing obviously which is more universal the most liberating beauty habit since face flannels were invented.… Read more »


S l o w . . . I needs me a tipping point!


I’m genuinely struggling – searching for a home in this market of insanity without a full-time job, I’m excruciatingly lonely, and my family has all collectively made a decision to write me off, apparently, and years of trauma are surfacing. Friends nowhere to be found, everyone seems angry with me and done with me and I don’t really know why. Pluto exact on my midheaven this week, pass #2.


Hey Girl, it WILL change. The dark night of the soul happens to most if not all of intelligent-thinking-feeling beings. A good cry to release, WATER is THE healer & quite accessible, even if it only an epsom salt bath for the feet to remove negative energy, toss the water onto the earth after. The housing market is beyond difficult with people offering more than what a place is worth just to obtain a roof overhead. Even used cars have gone up 40% & caravans impossible to buy. Many backpackers are empty from lack of travellers & they have a… Read more »


thank you, I’ll try ❤️

Wish Upon a Star

Hello Venus Rules, I have been where you are. I know what it feels like to have no friends or family support. And then facing trauma.
If you are in Australia you are entitled to free mental health support. Go to your doctor and ask them. Find out about community support in regards to food etc.

One step at a time.



Thank you lovely! I’m in the US. I tried some EMDR therapy in May but it was overwhelming, and we agreed it wasn’t the right time, and then last month got thrown into housing mess. One step at a time, but where… ❤️🌺

Crystallised future

Did the counsellor revert to providing other strategies for coping? EMDR can certainly bring up the unexpected aye!


Can you try one of the thousands of remote working positions opening in the US at the moment? And move away from shitty housing situation cities? Huge hugs! We are here, not just for much needed prayers and good wishes but also for practical advice and tips. Which area of work/housing are you looking at? Maybe the community can spread the word in our real-life networks?


Thank you! I do work remotely – hourly contract work, not a salary/benefits job. Housing is pretty terrible everywhere, I will find something. Don’t quite have momentum for an immediate random long-distance move, and the only thing going for me is long-term rental history here. A few possibilities are turning up. I am enormously grateful for your kindness and support, it truly makes a difference. I feel more grounded today and optimistic. ❤️❤️❤️

Wish Upon a Star

Glad to hear it. VR.


Hey VenusRules,
Just wanted to send you some love from across the oceans. I hear you and feel you. The energies are currently overwhelmingly potent and intense for many of us. Know, too, that this will change but in the meantime, self-love as a practice, and self kindness, and a regularly letting go of those ties that are so hurtful. I know it’s easier said than done but believe me, I am there/have been there/stuff is coming up big time at the moment. Being in the present moment does work – even if it is fleeting. Small steps.

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Star star

I’m in this same exact boat. I don’t think I’ve spoken to a human being outside of ordering takeout in a year. I never see my family. They don’t reply to my attempts. Im alone constantly. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my dogs. It’s been like this since august 2019.


Lockdown hair. Don’t speak to me about it. As a Sag rising, I have never dyed my hair or been overly fussy about it but my last cut feels like it was when Jesus was a child and I have layered hair and now, with being plunged back into lockdown in Melbourne so suddenly, I couldn’t even make it to one of those walk in hairdresser shops. My dog groomer crammed my little one in. He looks wonderful. Years ago, I remember an ad in the personals in the paper (I am showing my age) saying” Rumanian man would like… Read more »


Poor Melba, she’s been hardest hit from all the states. ‘Hirsute woman seeks companion for around the block walks’ 🙂


Yes. Owners of electric shavers very welcome.✔️


I have not suffered through a single day of lockdown except voluntary hermatism. My last haircut was in October last year. 🙂 Corona hair is definitely a thing. 🙂


How extraordinary that you haven’t experienced an enforced lockdown! Corona hair is certainly in. I won’t attempt cutting it myself or I will probably have to activate a monkish past life and shave my head. I did that in my thirties and it was incredibly liberating but most around me thought I had become unhinged. I had better not go there this time around.😕


I live in Sweden. We have achieved global notoriety regarding our no-lockdown policy, which has differed drastically even from our nearest Nordic neighbours. However, our infection and death rates have not been very different from mainland Europe where lockdowns have tortured millions, so what do I know! I gave myself a blunt cut last year to get rid of dyed ash-blond-turned-broomstick hair. 🙂 I looked SO good that a picture from that day is the lead picture on my dating profile. 🙂 Try after watching a couple of how-to videos on YouTube. You may surprise yourself. 🙂 And monk(ey)ing around… Read more »

Mergoat Scorp

That’s so interesting. I didn’t realise the infection and death rates were similar in Sweden despite no-lockdowns. Here in Australia, if I recall correctly, the mainstream reporting was that it resulted in many more unnecessary deaths. I had to stop listening to MSM on Covid months ago. The propaganda is out of control.


Very out of control. With the sixth lockdown in Melbourne, l have had to put my breast plate on to deflect all the rhetoric, manipulative misinformation.It is working.


Hey Brunnie, it is very important to get the nuance. We have VERY low population density, historically people are very compliant with any ‘recommendation’ the government gives out, and there is a tradition of trust in the establishment, beaurocracy and the government. So, when Swedes were asked to stay home and keep distance, they did, rendering the need for lockdowns mute. There was indeed a pandemic law passed that enabled the government to shut down restaurants by 8 pm, or enable takeout only. It was severely criticised but we have not had many massive protests like France, where going for… Read more »


Dear 5thHouseCap. I am sorry to have pained you. Please do not understand me, I do not think all covid reporting is a massive conspiracy. It is the negative narrative that is disheartening.


Please see my response to Brunnie below. It pains me to see our nuanced response as a society being used in defence of thinking that Covid reporting is propoganda. Journalists around the world are in a very difficult position. There job basically involves being on site and putting themselves in harm’s way. We should have deep respect for their craft, even if we may have different opinions from them.

Mergoat Scorp

Oh gosh, I don’t think all Covid reporting is propaganda. I’m incredibly supportive of the work of journalists and as my son is one, I have a good understanding of the politics he has to navigate in order to earn money from his craft. I’m frustrated with the 24/7 emotion-laden and fear inducing (propaganda?) main stream reporting of an issue that is, I agree, nuanced.

Anyway, sorry if my comment upset you. I just recalled Sweden’s approach being crucified world-wide and had wondered about what the results would be.


Brunnie and Mergoat! I am sorry myself for a) being overtly touchy in this Uranus-Saturn square climate and b) Making the classic comments section mistake of misspelling there/their. 😀

Thank you both, for being so understanding. I have had terrible experiences with explaining the Swedish logic to both sides of the camp – lock everything up and covid deniers. I actually had to leave a previous astrology community that I was active in for the same reason. So, I am super grateful to you for your patience and indulging my Captain Obvious rant. 🙂

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All Ok. These are prickly, sensitive times. Take care. 🌞


I won’t get into politics here but go Sweden. In all my travels to visit family in Europe, I never made it there. Maybe one day. Hmm, You tube videos. Scary. Good luck with your dating. 🌟

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