The Oracle, Mercury Transcript & May Scopes

Welcome to May, a month named after Maia, an original Earth Goddess and Queen Star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are not only an aspirational home address for ambitious star-seeders, they’re the most esoterically significant zone of Taurus.

I could go on but this is a practical post and I am doing something really cool on the Pleiades and Maia soon.

So, the May Monthly Horoscopes are posted, complete with Eclipse Season notes and other helpful – I  hope! – intel for each sign. But months like this are when the Personal Daily Horoscopes really come into their own – precision-timing and working with your unique assets-liabilities spectrum is everything.

I have just added the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Mp3 transcript to the product, by popular request. If you purchased it already, it should pop up in your downloads folder if you click ‘download’ on the Mercury Retro Mp3 item. Any probs, email [email protected]

An FAQ of late: Where is the live chat window? I removed it as I thought it was compromising security.

And, the Oracle! It was recently refreshed and all the questions should be showing. If the one you think should be there is not, please can email support as above?

Finally, Aquarians, what do you think of my theory in the May scopes? I think I’m onto something.

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Hi Mystic,
I’ve emailed support several times for a copy of the Merc Gemini transcript as it wont download for me. Can I get a copy please? Not sure if my emails are getting through.

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I finally downloaded and listened to the mercury in gemini mp3 and found it totally invigorating: I’m an aquarius and have been having fabulous jupiter transits (along with my friend Saturn, still in orb of my sun, and my own sun square uranus). I’m getting ready to make the big pitch and public push on a creative project in the next month or two and was feeling bummed I hadn’t gotten it ready and launched while still riding the crest of the jupiter-in-aqua wave (it will blessedly be back on my moon-merc in autumn). But the mp3 made me feel… Read more »


Darling, I think most true Aquarian’s are permanently on the threshold of that 95%?!! It’s our innate vantage point. X


Quadruple Scorpio/ Aquarius moon here. My Dad would have been 89 today (very much a Taurus he was) but he passed away peacefully on April 1st. My electronics are his communication choice from the other side. Touching emails from him that I had deleted are randomly appearing on my screen, I left a space inside of a password that I needed to get into a pension account and the corrected password randomly shows up in an email…… I can’t wait to see what’s next!


Are all the old questions that were removed for a refresh meant to be back in the Oracle now? e.g. What tarot card represents me right now?

Edie may

Wondering that too


just curious, when will birth charts be back?


sorry, i meant astral DNA

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