Taurus New Moon Briefing

Happy New Moon in Taurus! I uploaded a free-styling rave about it on the Mega Mystic members page – it’s 19 mins long, just click play.

Additionally, the Venus Retrograde post below now links to this epic resource: all of the Venus Retrograde dates between 1900 and 2098.

[epic_element_blocklink compatible_column_notice=”” first_title=”Mega Mystic Members Area” image=”652591″ second_title=”Listen To The Taurus New Moon Rave” title_url=”https://mysticmedusa.com/my-mega-mystic/”]
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Thanks a lot Mystic for the rant. I should try to be more Taurean.
Your speech also made me realize that for the next 2 months, Lilith will not only trine Pluto but also conjuct my natal Venus…wooooooooow
Praise Hathor


This is great. My moon is 25 Taurus so appreciated this! The bit about Lilith was helpful to help me understand this transit more.


Thank you so much for your new moon rave!! My solar return was (I’m in the US) on the new moon so it was super beneficial for me!


So awesome. You’ve summed up the profound nature of this past few days perfectly. Happy Hathor Moon, all ..♉

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