The Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Mp3 Is Here

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is not like the others – it’s conjunct June’s Eclipse in Gemini for a start.Β  Already high-potency in Gemini – the sign Mercury rules – does this antsy little astro-passage really need to moonlight as an Eclipse catalyst? Apparently yes.

Mercury spends ten weeks in Gemini all up and some of that will be in square to Neptune, which will be ultra-hyped via the presence of Jupiter in (yes) Pisces from early May. Throw in the Lunar Eclipse in Saggo & the return of Saturn square Uranus and you’ve got yourself a formula. But for what?

Find out from my latest Mp3 rave – it is quite free-ranging but it contains mayhem mitigation tactics and insights for each zodiac sign as well as a broader take on this mid-year flashpoint.

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This content is so magical Mystic over this chaotic planetary period, but also exciting to have the intel to supercharge results! Mars shifted into my 10th which feels like ambition personified on steroids, lol like there is an actual spotlight on my path, not to mention the freshly cooked up innovative ideas marinating in creative juices!
I’m loving the mutable feel in the air already…. Time to create something real real πŸ™‚

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My workplace was hit by a major phishing attack last Mercury retrograde. Cost lots of money in repairs and lost revenue and took a month to get all systems up and running again. This Mercury retro, it is going live with a big new system implementation πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€žπŸ™

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Listened to this a few days ago and will give it another. This June 6 Gem really appreciate your astro intel!


For a moment I thought that second image read, “get the Merc in Gemini *wave*”, like synth-wave, and I am here for that.

It’s activating a lot of my chart squares soo, yeah. *Reaches to switch on little-used light that illuminates a faded wall planner and a stack of note books with half an inch of dust on them*

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‘There’s a mouse in my kitchen-what ima gonna do?’ Think the original song was ‘a rat in my kitchen’ it’s a reggae number. The mouse used the stuffing behind the oven (didn’t know there was stuffing in stoves, like cotton wool) to build a nest somewhere in the skirting boards. consequently it broke the oven. New oven-stove came & Tradie closed the mouse hole with silicone.Now there is one behind the fridge, where it’s warm.Am feeding it to stop it ripping into dog kibble or anything else around. Wondered where the piece of chocolate i left out went as i… Read more »


Found it so hard to kill the mousies too, cos they’re very sweet. My cattle dog took a few out until we ended up sealing all the holes in the reno. Maybe you can look into the ethical non kill traps and re-release?


Love that reggae song !! Pegs we had the same issue six years ago. Bunnings used to sell a “catch and release” trap, retailing for about $30 back then. It basically looks like a large flat-ish transparent plastic box, with two flapping entrances


there’s a rat on the dancefloor!! I too have had to kill mice this year for the first time in my life ughh .. I at least try to do it quickly with traps unlike the landlords who put out glue traps. It will definitely stay with you forever if you feed it <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

It’s so good. Best thing to listen to while working out.


Thanx Lux have been awaiting opportune time.Better get on my bike that goes no-where.Have Elder ADD i think because my awareness of the microscopic & telescopic world distracts me.


Thank you Mystic for this Mp3 rave! One that I’m going to listen again and again. My main divorce proceedings will take place through June and it’s not an easy process. My kids father is set in his ways and I like to see myself as a free spirit. I’m in the midst of my last Neptune opposite Mars transit, first Neptune opposite Sun transit on June 15th. I’ll have 3 times Mercury conjunct Saturn / square Mars/Mercury and square my Sun in Virgo starting on May 18th until July 6th. So I must prepare myself mentally and emotionally (secure… Read more »


Thank you for the insightful response. And yes, I even printed it out!


Mystic! You are awesome and so insightful. Love your energy with your MP3s. But for the sake of us Yanks here in the 50 states, it would be helpful if you could slow down your delivery. Sometimes you speak so quickly that your words run together, and I don’t get all of what you’re saying. Thank you. I love your site and it’s my astrology go-to.


I listened to it this morning. It’s great! Thank you Mystique. 😍


Have it! Will listen on weekend. An interesting few months coming up. My GP & i are going to have a fall out over the covid vaccination, so already looking for a more holistic medico to save myself telling her in my usual direct style how confusing she is & the relationship is over. Twice she has mentioned how ‘conservative she is. Might be because i wrote her a note on a moon calendar print out & recommended ‘pyschoneuroimmunology’ for her to read?


Pegs, you make me LAUGH OUT LOUD – I’m taking notes from the master/Mistress !! Much love for the Scorped-up full moon – am also taking notes from the other Mistress, M.M ! πŸ™‚


(trying to figure out the order of acquisition myself, to use Scorp/8th hse finance terms. So, Housewitchery Mp3, THEN Mercury Rx Gem, THEN 7 year Astrology report? Or Merc Rx first? This full moon is behaving very Full Moon – clusters of deadlines, pop-up events, and other health/admin configs (Scorp rules my 6th house). Running off again).


Star use your intuition. Sounds like your life is full & you buzzing around like a bee. Bee in your Body?
Do Mercury first. House Witch later. Do 7 year report on Full Moon? THEN you can bring out the I Ching Tarot Runes & Bones.x


Peggy you always know πŸ’—πŸ’—. I’m always doing things backwards. Was thinking Housewitch but will get in my body and mind and bee. Symbols everywhere at present. Xx


OMG you are SO Sagittarian PLUS Capricornian, with all that research and experience to offer the non PIABs. Laughing and adoring and inspired again! There’s a bit of Sag nature that kinda seems like a teenager telling a truth to the stodgy olds, and gets written off with JUST that patronising tired voice by conservatives, in a nice move counterpoint resistant rationale. Then you move on, a truth seeking arrow πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ€—


Hi Millie darling, you so erudite, so succinct or is it you just know me as well as you know your own astro πŸ™‚ Am excited to have been recommended to an Integrative Medico quite close luckily. My separation letter to Dr Sara will knock her sox off as i will allow my ego (which is usually zipped up tightly in my back pocket when dealing with doctors), to emerge & tell her there is more to a person’s body than blood pressure numbers & cholesterol counts, that’s way too Newtonian. Heard they are now teaching nutrition in Medical school.… Read more »


Nutrition ?!? You mean like food and stuff. .???? You mean like that’s important ?!?!? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
Pegs we have to speak up now. We have to. The lack of basic knowledge in general medicine is astounding and sickening. I’m picking up on the whole idea that Chiron in Aries is the revolution in the way we accept medicine and what medicine is.
bless you oh outspoken one. πŸ™πŸ»


Hey Pegs, careful about labelling Dr Sara’s bog-standard kind of medicine as Newtonian…Isaac was secretly an alchemist and an occultist, who believed the cosmos was alive, and that all natural phenomena and planetary movements were a product of invisible (spiritual) forces. Biographers and others who’ve dug into his work have variously called him “the last sorceror” and “the last of the magicians.”


🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 reading material for an average GP. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Oh god stop it pegs my sides are splitting.

Wish Upon a Star

Wow, sounds great thank you.

So my June 5th Birthday will be admist tis Retro. Also ending a astrological 9 year cycle : Interesting 🧐

Inmaculada Concepcion

😍THANK 🌷🌻🌹, for all do do MM. πŸ•Šβœ¨Much Love & showers of Blessings 2U.βœ¨πŸ™πŸ½


Immaculate Conception is my birthday date. Are you a Sagittarius?

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