Full Moon In Scorpio Briefing


This Plutonic Full Moon fracas is quite something but guess what? I just posted a complimentary Astro Rave on the Mega Mystic members page that you can listen to right now.*

Candid and with the raw, hyper-scorped authenticity that comes from broadcasting out of an apres-midnight kitchen that reeks of sage and cats piss, it is 18 minutes of 8th house vibe-check.

*It is for Mega Mystic members only, sorry.


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Was feeling so good and pumped this full moon, then I started watching the Shining and I felt creeped out to the max and the kids got all anxious (they were in another room). The mood flipped 180 degrees!!


Old school Kubrick, or later series? Both creepy in different ways. Hope it was the first one! You can deal w it…kubrick always gives a key


Oh if it was second one, turn off all screens and media for everyone at home this weekend. If you feel the need to clear energies, use sound and metal xxx Next clear step you will sense, and so will everyone


The Original Kubrick Shining! Hadn’t seen it before as I am super sensitive to horror as it always reminds me of actual experiences I have had. I have been muggling so much lately I thought it would be OK 😮

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I loved your whispered late night intel, Mystic! I absolutely LOVED this moon – it felt like a massive creative turbo-charge for me. I am somewhat Plutonian though…

Wish Upon a Star

I didn’t realise how exhausting that moon was.

I have been having deep sleeps to recover.


Had the opposite effect of all the interventions I did this full moon. Laid the himalayan rock salt line by the door. Did a chord cutting ritual, burned old energy things….and got even MORE emotionally entangled. Took the alchemy bath and drank Reishi tea the night before….had even more disturbed sleep without any significant dreams. I wonder if I am doing too much, not enough or that these tools are simply subjective and don’t work for me?


Oh, full moon was sandwiched between my natal Pluto and Mars, so even more Plutonic for me, than others.


Pluto overload perhaps?


Agreed. But it’s not a bad thing, it’s a slooooow thing. Release under Plutonic energy will never be immediate relief. Pulling up to the surface the energies that connect you etherically is like a winch to the underworld. These creatures need to be viewed and felt in the light. Maybe now the deeper aspects have come through under ritual and pain, there will be a deep slow subterranean release. Your 5th house will really feel the joy of the subterranean lift, and the work in it suits your Cap. I believe you did well under the Scorpio Moon, 5thHCap xxxx


Thank you do much Scorpio Rising and Milleunanotte! I believe you. Its been a long time coming. (Hello, 2020! Bye, 2020! What? No, you can’t stay here forever! Rental rights? I don’t remember signing a lease!) Its not even the Taurean new moon yet and already the chains are melting away one by one. I remember reading Mystic somewhere when she spoke of the line of salt around threshold. “Observe who stays away.” Bingo!! I will be making these rituals a true ritual indeed, to be repeated at full and new moons. Thank you for the encouragement. P.S. I am… Read more »


I am a multi-Pisces with a heavily aspected Neptune and yet I didn’t believe the salt thing. Until out of desperation I tried it at work. The psychopath-in-charge would literally hover at the doorway and lean in but would never step into my office. I still don’t know (or care) how it works but it does. x


I will be smuggling in more Himalayan rock salt when I travel back to my home country next time. Its EXORBITANTLY expensive where I live. Then I think, therapy is even more expensive, let’s make do with salt. 😄


Also, random question, is there a way to get a notification when somebody responds to my comments?


This timely gem from Mystic has saved my soul. What an intense few days it’s been. I cannot sleep well under full moons anyway but this time so many energy vamps have come out from their lairs loudly seeking my attention & making their presence known in unwanted ways. I was about to explode until I listened to Mystics nocturnal rave here and felt so much calmer. Lighter even, knowing it was Scorpio full moon energy and knowing how to deal with it. Later that evening I went out to view the huge glorious moon shining away in the night… Read more »


Wonderful, ‘Give me your power’!
Will keep that in mind for the next full Moon 😉


Thank you, you are super generous and deliver so much, I appreciate it. x


Call me crazy..but I’ve just been gliding effortlessly thru this Full Moon. Natal Scorpio Moon…so yeah?
Altar is immaculate, tarot & oracles positive…vibes are really good.
Just gliding away, enjoying everything x


I’ve been enjoying it too!


This scorpio moon is conjunct my natal 4th scorpio moon exact (and squaring my 1st house 8Leo sun) so its one I’m watching. So far all I can think is that I’ve been in a 2mo long refi and its taking forever but I think im done with all the docs.!


Thanks for this Mystic! Hope you’re well protected from any chi vamping attempts✨


Went to the Tanks at Forster to take a photo of yesterday’s almost full moon rise (perfectly above the Forster Tuncurry bridge but not using phone while driving all things considered) and there were selenophiles everywhere. But the best thing was a woman walking her Labrador and a goat. Homage to Pluto in my natal 8th was acknowledged. Going to spark up my sage right now. Thanks MM

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This was awesome!

Wish Upon a Star

Just listened to it now. Love the bit when you started talking about magic and the door squeaked open, I could hear the laughter in your voice.

Was that your 🐈 making an entrance?
Very cute.

Yes it is intense and it feels like a rich, potent moon to do magic !

Inmaculada Concepcion

🥰Could listen to you all day. LOVED iT! Thank 🌷🌻🌹✨Beltane Blessings for a Magical Full Moon✨🙏🏽

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Wish Upon a Star

This full moon is opposite my natal moon in taurus 3rd house.


Thanks for the rant Mystic. I will listen to it tonight, under the full moon.

🌕 ❤️


You had me at “sage and cats piss”. And I *LOVED* how your cat insisted on being in the recording – just LOVED it!! Could listen to your voice and wisdom all day MM – more please !! Just ordered the seven years ahead report, and once have cleared space on my phone, will download Housewitchery (‘cos I need to also clear brain before parsing the Mercury rx intel!) Good luck harvesting herbs for their essential oils/collecting seawater for maximum potency today, everybody, and *THANK YOU* Mystic as always !!x

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Does cat’s piss smell as bad as possum & mouse wees?


Thank you so much for the Full Moon talk & validation spoken in the quiet of the night. Had the sage bundle out ready for lighting at an opportune time. This is it! Clear out accumulated negative energy from the DVN. My loaded 8th house is REALLY listening to what the stars are emitting atm. When one has a fine energy it does ends to attract low vibe peoples. Have a spiritual protection print out blue tacked to fridge door. It mentions visualising a cap over the heart chakra front & back to repel unwanted crap. Also says if you… Read more »


Thank you this mystic — so dead on !


Aaaah, sage & catpiss on a Full Moon….. i know that aroma well, Mystic. If you add a little frankincense it will transport you to a balmy night on the banks of the Nile. Thank you for this, i look forward to more of these impromptu little gems.


It was cool, yes? It saved my bacon – listened on my commute and was able to bat away the energy vampires in my workplace. (What is the collective noun for qi vamps?)

Would you believe the full moon was ON my youse-know-who. I went full big-hair Leo to honour Him today.



That is pure genius Chrysalis – making good on the Leo outlet to defuse the FM-G pressure – and I bet you look bloody fantastic!
Hey, that means He’s conjunct my Neptune ….. jeez, the yarns they could spin.xx

Quadruple Cappy

Makes perfect sense with what’s been occurring in my (shared) household. . Clashing with a fairly new housemate. . . Very intense flare-ups that have totally surprised me and I cannot communicate with her whilst she is raving. I have been very aware of the effects of this Full Moon and am conscious of taking the high road in this tense 😬 situation by keeping it low. . . Thanks for confirming what I’ve been experiencing MM. . It’s like first-aid to me. . 🙏❤️🌕


Loved this. Loved the candidness. More please! This FM is CJ my MC + Mars 😅


Good luck SusanE. It is broadly (within 5 degs) trine my MC conjunct Mars in early Pisces..


I’m leaning into the creative side that Mystic mentioned. My NN is Leo too so this all fits.Hope you are doing okay too x

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