How To Dispose Of A Problematic Ancient Artifact?

How do you dispose of an obviously problematic ancient artifact? These are not trinkets that happen to be centuries old: they’re created by someone who made them at an astrologically appropriate time to draw down a particular energy and then charged the talisman or icon with intent. You can’t just leave them out in the council recycling bin. If you need answers now, I immediately referred this woman to my druid, Anthony Ashworth, who is an expert on these matters. The short answer is to clear/honor the item before returning it to an apt recipient in its place of origin. But I also have thoughts that you can read right after this spooky, poignant tale. 

Dear Mystic,

My brother was a shaman of sorts, born on Christmas Day, he was a schizophrenic who identified with a Jesus-like prophet role. He died of his own hand many years ago (I was 12) on (quite deliberately) David Bowie’s birthday. A collector of both characters and antiques, he left behind many treasures.

One was a small hand made sarcophagus, like the effigy buried with Egyptian elite, nestled between their hands. Many years ago, Simon, in a fit of temper/madness threw the effigy across the room and it broke at its base, separating its feet from its body in a crooked break. One week later, my brother went skydiving and broke his leg in a disturbingly similar spot. He always said that when he broke the effigy it released a curse. Yet he kept it. He said he bought it from a deceased estate that housed many international curiosities. When my brother died no one in my family wanted it. I took custodianship.

For many years it has sat, wrapped in silk and hidden in a box that I superstitiously taped shut. I had actually forgotten about it. I recently moved the last vestiges of my former life from a shipping container and discovered the box. It is home with me now. But it feels strange. I am celebrating my birthday with a good friend on top of a mountain with a permitted eight close friends. mount Alexander in central Victoria with a permitted eight close friends.

I have recently begun to consider the possibility of bringing the effigy with me, and all of us performing some sort of appropriate, grounded ritual for/with the effigy to release the curse? To free the spirit? Gosh, I don’t even know! I wonder, do you have any advice on ways to approach this? Fire? Rock? Water? I feel I don’t want it, however, the practicalities of popping in the bin feel dangerous!

The group of people who are with us for this celebration will also all be going skydiving together for the first time in December, which strangely feels not at all accidental! My year (like everyone’s) has been unprecedented – breakups, a parent dying, hysterectomy, near-fatal car accident – and I strongly feel that releasing the effigy at my natal Sun return will somehow begin a new chapter?!

(I did not respond to this question in time and then received this update after the release ritual took place)

An update: Since I unwrapped my little effigy there have been notable accidents in my close circle. The first two did not start me ruminating on their significance, but yesterday brought it home. Firstly, a couple of weeks after the unwrapping, my mum broke her foot. Then just before the new year, one of my best friends (who was slated to skydive with me) had a motorbike accident which he narrowly escaped, but his injury was a decimated foot/leg/ankle. Then yesterday my 13-year-old daughter broke her tibia in two places when skateboarding. The same bone and leg my brother broke all those years ago.

Perhaps it is not synchronicity and just coincidence? Though I always struggle to believe that everything is not connected… for now I will gaffer tape up his little box, as things were better with hundred miles an hour tape in place, though if you have any suggestions for ritual or release, I will practice them profoundly and reverently.

How to do this safely, respectfully, and with some sort of aboundingly positive finality!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

With love and respect!

Aquarius, Scorpio Rising.

Dear Aquarius, Scorpio Rising,

This is such a sad and beautiful story: your brother, a seeker and clearly one of the Supernatural Capricorns, and a 12-year-old you, rigid with grief, taking on the exiled talisman. You’re right. There is no such thing as coincidence. As I write, the effigy has – I believe – been cleared, blessed, and sent back to the land it was from. (I’m adding in some words from Anthony re this shortly). I’m often stunned by the casualness with which some people (not you, obviously) treat Ancient Egyptian (actually, Kemetic)* artifacts. 

Enchantment was central to their culture, infused into everyday life to an extent not seen in any civilization since. If something says ‘opening this tomb will unleash the rage of Apophis’ (or similar), isn’t there a faint chance that the creators of the message might have (a) meant it and (b) have been pretty good at sorcery?  I am always interested in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic discoveries – many of them have temple friezes which show ancient astrological diagrams, for instance – but I view or read with my eyes nearly shut, lest they suddenly show the remains of a person on there. It’s disrespectful.

Far from the monotheistic religion ruling contemporary Egypt, old Kemet was governed by dazzling magic. They were a polytheistic, star-gazing, spell-making, sacred geometry mapping, nature-worshipping, cat-adoring people. Their mythology is the ur-culture that lies beneath modern mysticism and religion. A few examples: Many people believe that Bes – one of several household protection deities – lives on as the Maori Tiki. There is also a theory that the island of Tahiti was named for Tehuti, also known as Thoth, the original Mercury. Correspondences between the Goddess Isis/her son Horus and the Virgin Mary/Jesus story still tantalize academics.

Egyptian/Kemetic astrology influenced everything, like an occult river flowing beneath Babylon, the Ancient Roman Empire, the Phoenicians – who traded with Cornwall, Vedic astrology, and even China. The I-Ching springs from the eight primordial deities of the Ogdoad. The Tarot is but a visual depiction of far older mystical factors. The Fool, for example, refers to the Egyptian God Sah, which was also the constellation now known as Orion. The Ancient Kemetic people were black Africans by the way.*

Anyway, Ms. Aquarius, Scorpio Rising – your Capricorn brother clearly felt an affinity to lost, magical lands and had a brain too intricately wired for this society. In another time he would have been a shaman. I’m sure he is watching from one of the dimensions, awed at your higher perceptions. You did right by him and the effigy. I’m posting this below because it feels right. It’s the Osiris Hymn from the so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead – a botched translation of the real title: The Book Of Coming Forth By Day.***

The doors of perception open; what was hidden has been revealed. It is myself I see and a thousand colors swirling in liquid light. I am where the sun sets below the mountains. I am in this body. I am that star rising above clouds hung by a thread from its ocean moon. Hail myself, traversing eternity walking among gods, a shuttle flying across the loom through the thread of time. This is all one place; one cloth: a mans’ life endures. On earth flowers grow, snakes crawl and wisdom lies in the palm of a hand. All that is will be—hawks and sparrows, the thousand lives within.

I have come home. I have entered humanhood, bound to rocks and plants, men and women, rivers and sky. I shall be with you in this and other worlds. When the cat arches in the doorway, think of me. I have sometimes been like that. When two men greet each other in the street, I am there speaking to you. When you look up, know I am there—-sun and moon pouring out my love around you. All these things am I, portents, images, signs. Though apart, I am a part of you. One of the million things in the universe, I am the universe, too. You think I disguise myself as rivers and trees simply to confuse you? Whatever I am, woman, cat or lotus, the same god breathes in every body. You and I together are a single creation. Neither death nor spite nor fear nor ignorance stops my love for you.

May we come and go in and out of heaven through the gates of starlight. As the houses of earth fill with dancing and song, so filled are the houses of heaven. I come, in truth. I sail a long river and row back again. It is joy to breathe under the stars. I am the sojourner destined to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself.

*Ancient Egypt refers to the Greek translation for the land – it was actually Kemet. I only recently learned this!
**I once got into an argument in the comments for putting an image of the actress Claudette Colbert to illustrate a post about Queen Cleopatra’s astrology. But Cleopatra was Macedonian, the descendant of one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Her story was late in the day for Kemet. Jump back 14 centuries to Nefertiti – the beautiful one immortalized in art – and she – for example – was a woman of color. Cleopatra was white but she was not Egyptian.
*** The Normandi Ellis translation.

Image: Frieda Harris – the Thoth deck

Image 2: Queen Nefertiti

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Well Mystic, talk about coming back after a break, with a bang! The comments read almost as interestingly as the article. Thank you MM for (again) taking great care of a potentially sensitive and inflammatory subject. My thoughts flew to museums and lack of regard for objects and heritage stolen, the power of intention, the power of responsibility as well as the power of knowing what is/isnt, meant for us. Without hashing over the myriad of comment content here, I am sat with thoughts of my best friend (aquarian) who’s story was very similar. I never got over the bright,… Read more »


PS: Never underestimate the power of an authentic apology – this includes our MM community



just reading the comments thread – oi – I think the curse HAS been released. Bury that thing, or burn it, send it off to sea, something. Was that ever addressed? I was rereading the blog and couldn’t figure out what she did ultimately. Did she just tape it back up?


Hey all, firstly am relatively new to this website so I didn’t feel my thoughts were relevant. But for sake of spreading some hopefully healing oil, I just wanted to say: a) MM & Anthony, is there maybe a healing rite you can do over this post ?? It seems the release of this artifact- and even its very story – has accidentally released discord. I ask for blessings and peace for all sentient beings accidentally or intentionally affected by this story .. 💗 b) My humble experience of this magical safe harbour created by Mystic, for people (I.e. all… Read more »


I have two prefaces before going to my main reply, first is that I have many mistakes when writing in English and I’m a Virgo with Mercury conjunct Mars (square Saturn 0°), so you can imagine how hard it is for me! And I wanted to reply to many of Mystic’s blog posts cos the Saturn-Pluto conjunction was 0° degree with my natal descendant-north node conjunction… second preface (lol…) is my name – Anat – is the name of an ancient Canaan warrior goddess who was inspiration for Egyptian and Greek goddesses and maybe in other ancient cultures too. I… Read more »


Gosh! I can already see mistakes!!


Forget the mistakes!! Beauty shone through!!


Beautiful story & Beautiful name, Anat .. xoo


Hello Anat, what a wonderful story. This sounds like psychometry – the ability to hold an object and being able to tell something about the history of that object or of the person to whom it belongs. Have you tried since then with other objects? Maybe you have the ability to scry that way. I’d like to add that the only time that i have been truly impressed by a psychic was by a psychometrist i found by chance in a bookshop. He held my watch and was able to tell me not only about myself, but about my partner… Read more »


Oh wow. I love this post. Thank you for infusing what feels like a wierdly banal few days with reportage from beyond <3


On another note, a very beautiful hymn! Happiness and blessings to all XxXx


lol… I donated my problematic ancient artifact to the Goodwill. It was the best I could do.


Reiki that shit!


It is in the realm of possibility that any alleged barbaric practices has largely been exaggerated by institutions of opposing agenda, as to further control the masses from rediscovering our connection to the universe. The Ancients deserve our respect, and at the very least some understanding. Would love to hear more Mystic and appreciate you being so brave to continually share your opinions on a public platform, knowing how polarizing opinions can be lol. We have some work to do as a society 🧐 *rolls up


This is a beautiful version of the Osiris hymn, Mystic. I have read it now about 10 times since yesterday & each time it makes me sigh with utter pleasure. It sounds like the diaphanous & poetic cousin of Lao Tzu’s TheTao that can be told is not the eternal Tao...


Hanging to know some of the MM recommended Anthony Ashworth’s thoughts! Obviously, much of it will be between him and the querent, but if there’s anything for the rest of us to draw on, it’d be great to hear.


This is just soo fascinating Mystic. I love this. More please when you can.


This brings to mind the centuries-long practice of the squandering of ancient relics, by notably, ‘colonialist cultures..who simply collected and stole whatever they liked from anywhere?? No consideration given to the country or culture of origin, and no consideration of the often highly-charged symbolism of the object. Visit ANY famous museum for proof. And, even down to small items, origins unknown, people trade & collect objects still..from curiosity & for personal pleasure. The innate symbolism & energy of these objects is quite literally ‘objectified’..and then it’s seems random, that the object creates a sense of “curse” or havoc. Much more… Read more »


In other words…thoroughly contemplate purchasing that *antique mask made in the PNG highlands* to decorate your patio area…possibly just to make yourself seem more interesting?! x


Aqua Sun/Scorpio Moon/Polynesian..
And the Fire element has always been a potent favourite of ancient cultures to dispose of items with bad juju and/or cleansing.


It is tricky to get the tone right on this topic…but my basic summary of the random acquisition of icons et al from other cultures could be ‘careful what you wish for’…even from seemingly benevolent items??
Such a great article post, Mystic.
Some very interesting comments! x


Yes to both Myst and O888. Often we are exploring our own spiritual lineage or the ones we feel strongly drawn to, because they are not passed down as practice. We all know the various reasons why peactices were shut down and not handed down. Not everyone’s a “Karen” wannabe witch. I bought Vaudoun tarot cards years ago; they taught me, opened up energies and interpretations. I had connected thru my french lang with other brown cultures through Vdn at a time when poc were not even called such, and the images on the cards were artistically gorgeous and fresh.… Read more »


Beautiful comment, great story… I can relate to seeking guidance from other cultural sources… Interestingly, I practiced a form of Chakra Yoga daily, for about 2 years (In my 20’s) anyway, I had to release and end my yoga practice too..when I realised it was actually awakening too much of some sort of energy force in my body, that was too strong for my liking?! And I then realised, of course, that even Yoga has a distinct history (millennia-long) based on highly spiritual practice?? It’s interesting to see how there’s just about a Yoga school in every suburb now??…that’s a… Read more »


Sorry! Correction: it was Kundalini Yoga…ie. based on chakra work etc x


Thanks for your understanding and response, lovely one. Yes, yoga is a funny one, isn’t it? It’s my birthright, started learning when i was 3. I wish the benefits and explorations for ALL WHO ARE DRAWN. But that may be bc i was clearly taught at that age that there is dogma, orthodoxy that helps many people, and also that each and everyone, including the thuggee, has their own personal path towards salvation. God help me if i was only just white enough but not white enough to learn Pilates when i did! There’s a practice, and then like you… Read more »


Your eloquence, is magical x


Got a weird feeling about using this for the artefact. Though i love that you share Polynesian wisdom even while reminding us of definite boundaries that can be appropriation. You know, i think we’re all adding silvery and golden beauty for the LW.


It’s a fascinating topic & post, this one…
I think ultimately, respect should be more important than curiosity..for all of us.
In regards to ownership of objects/icons et should probably be:
Question 1: why/how is this object even part of my life?
Question 2: if needed, how do I release it appropriately?


Oh yes Orchid88! Or the Sepik carved idol of a ‘demon’ of war, carried into a battle to embolden the tribe it belonged to…So ‘you’ haggled with the keeper of that carving until you managed to carry away that sacred creature; you grinning, falsly triumphant.but doomed from that time on even as you explained how if you didnt believe in its story, it has no power over you. And there it sits, on the polished floorboards in your library room, definately not bringing you the peace and good fortune you aspire to! Instead yu get relationship bust-ups, car accidents, sleepless… Read more »


Oh Aqua-Scorp, you have the flash in your hand, and should read as many Magician tarot esoteric not generic guidances as you can (in your own delicious time) find. This is not urgent; your brother was an urgent soul. Aqua and Scorpio are beautiful magic that connect to the Kemetic as they aesthetically and measuredly stepped and organised their world, and still come through in ours. Have been trying unsuccessfully to post a gift to Kenya for some time now, so i feel like my first flash of thoughts are not helpful, but may i write them: Return this to… Read more »


They also chose to eat their younger children when drought killed the crops. The inbreeding of the royal family led to quite nasty genetic errors that were probably their undoing. Smoking dried mummy was the drug of choice for the working classes …Slaves lived short nasty lives and were considered owned objects.. I can go on .. I’m not doubting the initial genius that seeded this amazing culture but when spirit is caught in Maya for long enough the cracks appear and what was once genius withers into mud. The search, the effort to secure eternity via obscure ritual became… Read more »


David, I love your clarity. For disposal, : binding and burial come to mind.


A little bit of quality googling will present documentation of all my comments
Ancient Egypt – cannibalism
Ancient Egypt – the smoking of mummy as a narcotic ( it was the embalming fluids )
Ancient Egypt – slavery
Ancient Egypt – starvation leading to family cannibalism.
Inbreeding in Ancient Egyptian royalty. King Tut was disabled, due to inbreeding.
Regards Dynasty, from the beginning to new dynasty ? It’s all easily found.


I used to tell my cats that they should wish me long life and to be glad that no one would chuck them into the ground with me should I meet my demise before them-á la the old days on the Nile when pets, servants and beloved objects accompanied the privileged to the After Life.

That said, of course we have a small statue of Bast!


Well, i don’t have to google, because i remember my history lessons to know that here in the West we’ve done famines & inbreeding royals quite well too – even some cannibalism stints via wars and their aftermath & only about 60 yrs ago or so. Not to mention that most of the wealth we have comes off the back of hundreds of years of slavery and colonialism. But you can google for yourself if you don’t believe me. We also do really humane things like throwing out over 50% of our food yet claiming that we can’t feed our… Read more »


Yes nothing much has changed.. we’re still hopeless at taking responsibility for ourselves. Especially our particular genre. Western middle class. As Michael Hutchence commented when asked what was the biggest problem in the world today .. he quickly declared … middle class inertia.. he wasn’t right about everything but he was spot on with that one.


Hahaha…yes, middle class inertia..
Nothing beats the comfort of compulsively dumbing it down x


Davidl, i am blaming you, and ok, the moon in Scorpio for a macabre research bender on mummies after reading your smoking mummies snippet (reminded me of the Keith Richards’ annecdote of him snorting his fathers ashes). So it appears that in Europe eating & using powdered mummies for medicine was quite the rage between 12th C right through till the 17th C, when finally mummies got a bit thin on the ground and unscrupulous apothecaries here in Europe started desiccating & mummifying any ol body they could find and palming it off as Mumia as the “medicine” was called.… Read more »


Yeah little did people know the deeper meaning of the song Mummamia. Who’d have known that underneath those fresh scandi faces of the group Abba lay a dark secret. A secret so shocking that it has remained one .. oh yeah mummamia Here I go again Why why why can’t I resist her. It’s obvious when you think about it. Apparently right now kids are smoking crystalmum. It’s a synthetic but much stronger. As you mention it’s getting harder to get natural or bush mummy. I mean when I was young you could still get Pharoah but hey those were… Read more »


Oh the other major mumia use reference series ? … Scooby Doo ! Right ? Nearly every episode had an angry mummy in it. Scooby Doo a talking dog referred to the most common hallucination one can expect from heavy use. His owner depicted as a brain damaged teen and his imaginary friends constantly searching sarcophagus in the mid west of the USA for supply. Sad .. So next time you hear pass the ‘scoob’ at a party. Well you get it. Another interesting fact I picked up from the internet was that males between the ages of 20 and… Read more »


No sh*t, the deadheads…. (no offence to the Grateful Dead fans)


Good Point: Dopes have always existed,they also used strychnine but usually just died and were just a footnote all during recorded history whether it be alcohol, laudanum, pervertin, chloral hydrate etc.


Hmm, dunno bout that, my gut says vaping is to the smoking world what diesel is to the fuel world – insipidly more dangerous than petrol.


Love you David.


Thank you for the link. It is amazing reading, and even more amazing that they didn’t have more plagues considering what people consumed!
If you’re interested in how Egyptians, Phoenicians et al were dismissed by Western historians you might find this book interesting: Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization by Marten Bernal.(3 volumes)

(i’m gathering you are also addressing davidl above in the same box?)

Last edited 8 months ago by Skarab

Yeah I gave you one and I’d love to get it back. It was about 12 years ago. Akhunaton, The Extraterrestial King. It’s a special book.


This is so interesting…I believe in the forces of quantum electrodynamics and what can be described as ‘super(-)natural. I think on these levels, there is an intrinsic truth in how we instill energy into objects? And how there is an ultimate interconnectedness between animate and inanimate objects. Particularly those objects which are purposefully produced to manifest or physically represent a particular use, eg. a plethora of ancient relics devised for “spiritual purposes”?…


As I said above, if someone can imbue an object with a certain power it is within your power to neutralize it. Or maybe those guys who lived in that time were far superior to you ? As insinuated in my comments above, I don’t believe they were superior. Just a little closer to the original genius.


I agree with you! Yes, in our capacity to imbue or disempower/cleanse a ritual/ceremonial object..with focus and intent. It’s just that I don’t think there is enough credence or awareness given by the modern “collector” of such power objects, in regard to doing this ‘clearing’ (or whatever you would like to call it?!).. A person may randomly purchase or become the owner of a relic..yet not consider its true significance or purpose, or history…in other words “gee I love the look of this antique ceremonial mask, it’ll look fabulous in my living room” etc…but I’ll ignore it’s actuality… I think… Read more »


And I want to add: I actually enjoy your usually very interesting & insightful comments…thanks for keeping the standard high! x


That compliment was for David x


I find it interesting how there is always a “token” male within a predominately female group that tries to inform the women and set them to rights. Ladies, please trust yourselves and your own inner knowing as to what to do and who to consult.


I was replying to her comment which somehow isn’t inappropriate ? Wow.


And no one here including you Myst explaining to her that her comments were ignorant ? Discriminatory ? Not one of you ? Incredible hypocrisy.


EE’s comment should be deleted. It’s entirely unnecessary to bring gender into this. I was actually shocked someone wrote something so sexist here.


I am happy to have Mystic delete my comment or leave it. My comment was not meant to be sexist. It is the product of many years of experience within groups spiritual and otherwise. What is important is that there was a heartfelt seeker and Mystic’s reply was researched, beautiful and, in turn, from the heart and David shat all over it. That is why after nearly 15 years I commented on this site. However, I know David of old and will not engage in fruitless battles. Wishing you all well.


Read my comment. It was an attempt to empower her not crush her. So much for your “ I didn’t mean to be sexist” and then repeat it ? Let’s leave your comment on this thread as your contribution after 15 years of reading Mystic. Maybe you’ve learnt something today. That your sexual discrimination has become unconscious. We’ve talked before here about these tendencies are often unconscious when they have passed through chronic illness into a letter in the Dna that passes down from generation to generation. Racism is another I feel is passed down this way. Ask a racist… Read more »


Not meant to be sexist, what kind of apology is that? You have been here 15 years, yet relegate one of the longstanding commenters to being some kind of blown in ‘mansplainer’ and address what you think are the rest of us as ‘Ladies’, while telling us how to be careful, to trust ourselves? After all the tales of challenge so many have shared here, and our resulting powers, vulnerabilities, triggers and did i say powers? We shared it all. DL and you (most likely) were here for all of it. Where is your respectful disagreement with him, at the… Read more »


I rarely comment on here – classic scorp rising – though I enjoy Davidl’s regular insightful comments and the notion that those contributions could be dismissed as ‘token male’ involvement, is what is really ‘inappropriate’ on this thread.


Totally with you on that. This guy’s always given me the heebie jeebies.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Most ancient civilisations had questionable practices/human rights, but that doesn’t mean all their knowledge and culture should be immediately disregarded.


That’s not even close to describing my comments intention.


Friend David, i must admit that i have not really understood your intention with the first comment, and i’m still stuck. Is there another way you can describe your thoughts in connection to the LW’s query?


I apologize to you and to the querent if I caused offense. The letter came across to me as a story about someone who had in some way given away their power to an object and in some way had connected this object to the nasty accidents occurring in the family circle. I’ve been noticing lately the incredible lengths that people will go to in efforts to either blame someone else or something else for their experience. Or in other words I see people not even questioning their own part in the more negative events that occur in their lives.… Read more »


No offence, DL, not to me. But the querent is grieving, has grieved and probably felt the grief was over enough to deal with the relic. Now there is further injury and pain, and newly uncovered layers and depths to the grief of the person, the family, the friends. I mean, is it the relic, as the querent seems to ask, or is it the living energies bound with grief and trauma? In this aspect, just by asking, the LW wants to know their part and what to do. There is already a sense that they are part of it.… Read more »


I know she mentioned a hard year. And some really tough events but I didn’t note grief in her notes about the effigy ? I just read it in a different way ?


Yah, i FELT grief under some other notes. But you know, 0 deg Scorp delineating the 13th house, then big bunches of Sag trying to be secret but then on the surp-Rise!


12th house wtf i really need to get vision check again though they told me last week i am due later in the year.


Heheh thank you for that 😀 I get frustrated by my vision, but now i could claim it’s visionary

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