Month: November 2020

Mars At Maximal Fuqery Hyperflux

The Aries Moon is amping an already loud Mars in Aries. It’s day 149 of the Action Planet in Aries, with 42 days to go. Mars is stronger on home turf* and it’s the prelude to a Lunar Eclipse, intensifying everything. Add in the cynicism and ennui from being at the dreg ends of Saturn in Capricorn for a good time. Or, some hot Mars flashes – recognition of having …

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Cats Are Neptunian – Not Ruled By Saturn

I’ve loved Cats and Astrology for centuries, so how could I not have known this weird fact? Cats are classically seen as Saturn-ruled! I don’t believe it. They’re Neptunian, legit dimension-tripping, time-nomadic magicians. Yes, they can be aloof, and I can see how olden time astrologers could have contrasted Cats with the Jupiter-ruled Dogs, seeing an obvious dichotomy. Dogs are ebullient, reliably loyal, and can be employed. Cats are inscrutable, …

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Check Out My Cool Reading Recommendations

Epic news. Mercury is out of shadow and I’ve posted my recommendations for a heap of books & practitioners on the Mega Mystic Members page! It is also where you can see the Turbulent Times series all in one place – that is, all the most pertinent posts on the pandemic and economic astrology. Additionally, the MMM page features the Daily Mystic email archive, the Astro-Alerts (that I am still …

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The Seventies Vampirella Zodiac

Seventies Astrology Art like this launched the “You must be a Scorpio?” trend. It took Astrology from the Hippy Shop’s fusty confines into the swingers circuit and suburban cheese fondu belt. Speculating on Geminis ‘going both ways‘ was acceptable repartee, and someone made a fortune selling Zodiac Sex Positions Iron-On patches. The images shown here are by the second-top Vampirella artist – Esteban Maroto, a Spanish Piscean. I can only put …

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Mars In Aries Direct = You Ahead

Mars Direct means you’re ahead already. Maybe not literally – yet – but you’re clear on terrain, routes, and tactics.  Mars turns Retrograde every two years but the 2020 version is amplified because Mars in his home sign of Aries is extremely potent. And, while most Mars Retrogrades involve the action planet backing into the previous sign, this is a long-haul Mars in Aries trip. There is no let-up and …

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How Good Are Your Quincunxes?

What do Quincunxes mean in astrology? They sound strange – like a hipster cactus or Scrabble ploy – and they are! But they’re also your secret key to self-composure, to unlocking secret assets within. It would help if you decrypted them before you can figure out how they run. Firstly, a Quincunx is an aspect between the Sun, Moon, planets, or other points in your birth chart. Aspects are angles, …

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