Speedy Astrological Shorthand

Need to get the gist of a planet, aspect, or transit fast? These are are the swiftest astrological explanations possible. And even if you know your natal birth chart like it’s your neighborhood, these can be a fresh take!

The Sun illuminates.

The Moon reflects.

Mercury conjures.

Venus beguiles.

Mars conquers.

Jupiter expands.

Saturn measures or contains.

The Outer Planets lend an alt-dimensional, extra-sensory magical edge to any of these seven, whether it be via a transit or natal birth position. They represent a paradigm that exists outside of mainstream culture.

Aspects between the Sun & Moon are stronger with proximity. One degree is more potent than ten degrees. You could write a life analysis from your one tightest aspect alone.

Conjunctions impose one planet (or Sun/Moon) upon another.

Sextiles spark things – ideals/chemistry/realizations.

Squares agitate and catalyze.

Trines support and augment.

Quincunxes*are cryptic puzzles that, if you can solve them, elicit great benefits.

Oppositions block or polarize.

The planet rising and/or ruler of the zodiac sign rising at the time you were born is always an ally.


*A 150-degree aspect between two astrological points.

Image: Tron Concept Art

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Secret Sagg

Gah! The tightest aspect of my chart is Mars square Neptune exact. Then having Uranus rising in Libra is a wild card ally and chart ruler Venus is like having a charming ally

Last edited 8 months ago by Secret Sagg

Oh my!

The tightest aspect is Sun (virgo)square Neptune(sagittarius), mutable signs, 1orb apart. This has been the curse of my life! It’s horrific.

My ally is the Libra Saturn cause I have Cappy rising. But I don’t know, it’s conjunct Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. Yes, I’m one of the 81’s stelliums. It seems I have to fight, always fight…


I like this. Tightest aspect? Why, Venus conjunct Uranus in Scorpio at 0 degrees 01, of course. It’s conjunct my sun too, albeit 3 degrees apart. Still trying to understand it all. All opposite my MC too. I know for sure though that mainstream anything just doesn’t seem to work for me. I can’t handle doing what everyone else is doing or doing something just because it’s popular. I just don’t get normal.


Thanks, but contents may shift.
You may have missed the true contender, Sirius, and Orion.
The centre is a test.


Can you explain further, pls? (interested as I have my Sun on Sirius)


Thanks Mystic. This is an excellent cheat sheet for an instant astro day recognition. Anything to help with the relentless mediocre surge in daily stuff.

murasaki muenja

I have Venus at 1° Pisces in 5th house square Mars at 2° Gemini in 8th house.

Also Saturn conjunct my North Node in Capricorn with 1° difference.

Last edited 8 months ago by murasaki muenja

Love these nuggets, thank you! I have a few tight aspects under 2º, with my favourite being Moon conjunct the MC. But if i were to write a life analysis with emphasis on the WTF! end of the spectrum, it would have to be Mars square Jupiter exact (10th/1st H respectively).

Last edited 8 months ago by Skarab

My Taurus stellium – Mars 23, Moon 26 and mercury 28 – is a tight conjunction!


Oh wow that’s a super power for sure!


Woah I would be careful asking you to budge up on the sofa !


LOVE this! Thank you for posting.

Last edited 8 months ago by Cat

life is so very short. so very very short, for all these interesting worlds to explore are so vast.

found out today the “safe house” i moved to now has two cases of covid.

there is just so much beauty, i hope, deep down, everyone is enjoying it. its just so goddamn beautiful. all reflective and beguiled and illuminated this morning. blocked and polarized and flummoxed and just wrecked. utterly wrecked.

so beautiful. its so goddamn beautiful


Maybe you don’t have time, but what are your astro transits? Can we all help contribute something in response that might effect a move to ‘safest house’? Or just be here for you?

Love Merkuri

Love this! Thank you.
I have two outer planets: Mercury & Venus. No, I haven’t figured out how to harness these ‘magical’ powers, I’ve had a challenging life full of struggles and a lot of life lessons and I can’t help its because these outer planets are responsible. I’m still trying to grow into my 8th House in Pluto – I’m 40 by the way. Birth charts are so fascinating!


.Ha Astrology i can understand. The older i become the simpler i want everything to be.
A life story from a tight orb? Immediately thought Moon-Neptune conjunct mid-heaven, she says having just awoken from dreamworld.


thank you! this so helpful – as ever, i must add.


THANK YOU! This is so helpful


This is great! ✨

Tightest aspects include – Gem Sun & Sag Neptune in opposition (exact), Gem Moon & Sun (4 degrees), Gem Sun & Venus (5 degrees), Virgo Mars & Saturn (5 degrees).


Sounds like the universes recipe for baking. Take 1 cup of stardust, add a variety of elements, 2 cups H2O, mix vigorously while slowly adding your favorite RNA / DNA 🧬 essence. When mixture forms into a dough like consistency place in a warm moist vessel and leave to expand. Now you’re ready to form the individuals. This recipe should give you around 12. Place your now expanded lump of ( in this case) human on a solid rocky planet. This planet should revolve around a star at a distance that suits the species you are baking. (See chart 2)… Read more »


For more tips and a good laugh don’t forget to catch the latest series from creator god Ra Ramsey. Called Planetary Civilization Nightmares, Ramsey in this series travels to the Lucifer Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy and tries to help novice cook Yahweh Jones to fix his run down civilization called Earth. Here’s a clip with Ramsey is his usual uncompromising style giving it to Yahweh “ You my friend are a fuqing useless twit, I cannot believe what you’ve done here. By giving these stupid pastries free will you’ve basically fuqed the whole planet. Look you’re better off… Read more »


I want what you have had David but as you have written this late morning I know it’s not what i think it is unless still happening from night before. You are amazing, as my hero Timothy Leary said ‘intelligence is the greatest aphrodisiac’.And what was it that Einstein said about imagination……

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is awesome!

Janette Dalgliesh

This is bookmarked for future reference because it’s fucking brilliant.

Also …. “You could write a life analysis from your one tightest aspect alone”

Bahahahahah!!! …. pause for breath …. BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Sun exactly conjunct Neptune in Libra.

Saturn exactly opposite AC (Scorp / Taurus respectively)

Oh, you KNOW it’s true. Resolving and embracing that paradox? Totally a life’s work. Not for the faint-hearted.


Exactly. That was my first aha moment and my second. My Saturn Chiron conj at the asc opposit my pluto uranus conj at the dc. Hahahahaha. Life’s work just there !


I love it when teachers say ‘fuck’ 🙂


Love a good shorthand version for fast assimilation on previously learned topics. I scroll a lot through loose text unless its truly engaging or informative until the summary. A lot of things can be edited to condense the point.
Mercury Rx Scorpio conjunct Sun .5 degree separating, sextile Saturn in Virgo in the 3rd house 1 degree separating. Gemini rising.

Saturn in Pisces

“ You could write a life analysis from your one tightest aspect alone.” I actually started doing this, before realizing that I really, really do not need to entangle myself with “the past” anymore (Sun/SN zero degrees).

Interesting too about the chart ruler always being an ally! When I had Saturn on my Ascendant last year it was a massive cash windfall, sort of like what a Jupiter transit is “supposed to” be. With Jupiter on my Ascendant nothing is happening at all.


Oooh so interesting! Do we count Lilith? My tightest conjunctions are moon-Lilith, 8 minutes apart in 5th house Cap, and Sun-Saturn, 15 mins apart in 7th Pisces. Sun is also my chart ruler. I also have Neptune in 4th tightly opp Jupiter, at 20 mins off exact. Need to think on these and report back.

Last edited 8 months ago by Chrysalis

what number are you using for lillith please?


Oh I’m not sure – I just use the drop-down in astro dot com that says Lilith. Not sure I’ve helped much, sorry!


If you are doing it manually, the number astro dot com use (& Mystic) is h12.

Saturn in Pisces

I would consider Sun-Saturn as it’s more monumental and almost as tight. (Also my heart goes out to you having Sun-Saturn soooo close!)


Actually it is now my strongest ally, who knew? It’s helped with those watery Piscean boundaries. In my youth it got me into trouble with trusting the wrong people but these days I’m very grateful for Saturn. x


I love this, Chrysalis! Can so relate too. That’s really cool you have moon-Lilith too. Cap moon with spunk!


To my chart post haste! Here comes another research bender. So is Merc Rx a re-conjure?


Oh Pando! conjunct Isis Uranus Pluto and it’s conjunct it’s natal self now

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