Every Day Is Halloween Now

Don Maitz R

Every day is Halloween now. Magic has gone from luxury or hypothesis to practical necessity. Basic aura-cleansing skills are the new ‘know how to change a tire.’ The convergence of science with metaphysics is gathering pace – example? Time Crystals!

Lockdown cleared the skies so we can see all of the ineffable Star lines, connecting more profoundly to these billion-year-old self-illuminating stellar life forms. Being a technician of Wyrd is more fulfilling than feigning normality.

With that in mind and this Halloween/Samhain being a Full Moon conjunct Uranus, it is fantastic for fast-acting magic and speedy realizations. Don’t get hung-up on seasons – yes, it feels more apt in the Northern Hemisphere because it is a prelude to Winter, whatever.

But the real reason this date is significant is that the Sun is near Khambalia, aka the ‘Crooked Claw’ or the Star of Secret Knowledge. If you want to align with that aspect of Halloween, why not look more into the real meaning of the star Betelgeuse?

A few cautions: Necromancy, like Tequila ‘Concept’ Cocktails, is never a good idea. Calling up a dead person to ask them an important question or to do you a favor may have seemed like a good idea in the Dark Ages but seriously, no.

Also, ghost-busting is unnecessarily aggro, particularly if you’re so spooked you decide to use Holy Water and singe your own foot off. See it more as ghost-whispering – they’re often disoriented and need reassurance that it is safe to move on.

Finally, can somebody please invent a working pair of Aura Goggles?




Image: Don Maitz

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Laughed just as hard about the concept cocktails the second time I read this


Aura Goggles? LSD worked for me, the real thing tho’ not ‘trips’ that are made from not sure what and not recommended. Or you could put a 6 faceted polished crystal up to your eye and look thro’ it?


WORD =wyrd? Spelling=how to use words to imagine something? Words wilding wyrding was in a ‘Webster’s First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language’ by Mary Daly a radical feminist author. It has some wonderful ink illustrations. Found it in a bookshop many moons ago published in ’88.That was an amazing year for esoteric publishing.

Wish Upon a Star

This Full moon and Uranus was conjunct my now south node and natal Taurus moon:

Lots of speedy realisations about the past.


Hope you’re travelling well, Wish. x

Wish Upon a Star


I’m hanging in there.



I really love the “magic as a practical necessity”. Despite all the Intense merde and grind of this year I’ve really been feeling the Neptune in Pisces undercurrent of magic that Mystic has alluded to at times. This may sound LZ but I’ve been really focused on visualising what I want in my life and this has included visualising a relationship as well as a lot of esoteric healing work around relationship wounds with guided meditations etc (Mars was transiting my 8th house so I decided to really do some work there). And voila, I have had an amazing multiple… Read more »


Oh that sounds lovely about your Piscean new love! Tell us more about your synastry! xx


Oh yes, everyday really is Halloween now. That said, did anyone not find Halloween extra spooky this year with the full moon conjunct Uranus? We had it against a backdrop of misty, rainy, stormy weather and I was feeling things.


Chiron is opposing my Venus in Libra, bridge in the middle of my virgo/libra stellium in the 8th house. I didnt find any chiron aspects in my report. Any hot tips regarding diplomatic wyrd powers or some such?


I need some fast and practical magic!! Need to banish trolls at the cube farm. Any tips?


Thank you, Mystic! xx


Awesome, Mystic, salt and rosemary are so fresh and cleansing. May i add, i took a little salt shaker in to work. If i get a moment alone, i shake a discreet arc around my space. Works when the pass agg lady tries to start up.


Thanks Mille, that’s a good idea. Last year when I had an arch-psycho boss I took to sprinkling salt across my doorway. She never came in when the salt was there. I’d forgotten about that. Also, I obvs need to make an exit plan as the culture seems to let these vampires flourish


So cool that the salt seems to really work! Hope you get those trolls off you ASAP, lovely Chrysalis. x

Stella Polaris

yes to the exit plan: the culture lets these vampires flourish because it suits the owners/managers for it to do so.

Stella Polaris

Mystic is there a basic kit of materials/oils that one should have to hand, like an esoteric or auric first-aid kit? Salt (a lot, by the sounds of it), rosemary oil, sage…others?? I use a couple of sprays I’ve purchased: a Good Vibes Spray (frankincense and sage), an aura cleanse spray (Bergamot, Peru Balsam, Palo Santo and Ylang Ylang) and a white sage spray, but would like to explore returning to ‘first principles’. Advantage of sprays is they are easy to use in the work place. But I’d like to explore some more about DIY. Chrysalis: I don’t know exactly… Read more »


wow, rosemary oil bought!


cube farm?


Try this magic little witchy spell which I gleaned from Mystics offerings on this site 2 years ago. I worked in an open plan office in a very competitive and disruptive sales environment and desperately needed to find my “peace” within all of this noise & chaos in order to perform at my job! I tried Mystics wisdom using elements of earth, sound and scent. It had to be discreet so I went in early one morning before anyone else arrived and sprinkled a hefty circle of salt all around my desk, I have a charming little bell inside a… Read more »


What wonderful advice, thank you! I am going to do this x


The thing about the salt advice, which i appreciate whenever it comes up in the oracle, is that no one has come into my apartment in over a year.



My Saturn in Cancer is opposed to aura goggles, like, do the hard work and learn to “see”. Tradition and diligence must be respected as a muscle. Though like the internet, I daresay good and bad would come of aura goggles. For fast-acting magic, I tried to do an abundance visualisation yesterday. Last night I dreamed I was in an underground temple somewhere like Pakistan dedicated to Ganesha. I was too awed to stop and look at the inner sanctum (or afraid?) and too humbled to pick up the gold chunks lying in the dust. Or was it shame? Either… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Beltane in the southern hemisphere!


f it.
its my venus return today-im dressing up
fed up of being ignored
green face, black dress, witches hat
i’ll let u know…


And you took a photo and used it for online dating profile, yah?


ha ha, theres an idea…at least i got out for the night…not seeing the ravwns on my birthday now due to lockdown-sob!
another time….


Mystic we must stop meeting like this – first cab off the rank, linked again. I love the continual upgrades to my personal daily horoscopes Sappho on Natal Neptune. Ghosts, ancestors deserve respect every-time always!

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