Month: October 2020

Every Day Is Halloween Now

Every day is Halloween now. Magic has gone from luxury or hypothesis to practical necessity. Basic aura-cleansing skills are the new ‘know how to change a tire.’ The convergence of science with metaphysics is gathering pace – example? Time Crystals! Lockdown cleared the skies so we can see all of the ineffable Star lines, connecting more profoundly to these billion-year-old self-illuminating stellar life forms. Being a technician of Wyrd is …

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Speedy Astrological Shorthand

Need to get the gist of a planet, aspect, or transit fast? These are are the swiftest astrological explanations possible. And even if you know your natal birth chart like it’s your neighborhood, these can be a fresh take! The Sun illuminates. The Moon reflects. Mercury conjures. Venus beguiles. Mars conquers. Jupiter expands. Saturn measures or contains. The Outer Planets lend an alt-dimensional, extra-sensory magical edge to any of these …

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Helmut Newton woman at beach

How To Be More Scorpio

Scorpios themselves are often baffled by their archetypal Scorpio sign traits. “I don’t have any of them,” they’ll sniff disdainfully, deftly concealing an incoming message notification from scrutiny. Like ultra-rich people who ‘don’t care about money’, they don’t measure “sexiness” as a metric and couldn’t care less whether someone thinks they have sex appeal. Superficial people calling them ‘obsessive’ is an omen they’re on the correct path. Note: In Scorp-O-Vision, …

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The Real Southern Hemisphere Astrology

If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, your birth chart is not completely accurate. And no, not because of any 13th sign or peripheral factor. It’s an inbuilt bias that applies Northern hemisphere settings to every chart. There are practical, political, and magical dimensions to this situation.  Astrology as we know it is seen through Northern Hemisphere optics because “that’s where it started.” When I was learning astrology, any …

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Downtown Marsopolis

Welcome to Downtown Marsopolis. There’s no welcome committee because that would be inane. It’s not that sort of a neighborhood. But if you can handle yourself – that is,  don’t try to fluster people’s focus with fluffy opinions – they’ll reward you with a conspiratorial wink at some point.  Some people moved here ages ago, natal Mars squares are an automatic in. You need it. Real estate agents in Downtown …

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Which Mars In Aries Experience Are You?

Which Mars in Aries experience* are you? Is it like lockdown resolutions where you start out planning to make your own spirulina and pasta but end up with garish and vaguely insulting “same again?” suggestions from the food delivery algorithm?  Or in the Mars equivalent, you set up your mission H.Q. and scale every goal to be suitably extreme. This Mars trip has a soundtrack, a primal thudding doof of …

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