There Are Now Four Horoscopes!

There are now FOUR Horoscopes: The Personal Daily – done off your personal natal chart and – for all signs – the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes.

The return of the Daily Horoscopes (for all signs/rising signs) is by popular demand. And, I am also now putting the Mystic posts that are series on the Mega Mystic Members page, under the Daily Mystic archives, for easy access.

So far, it is the Turbulent Times series – with my recent Financial Astrology post added in there, for some post-bubble hope and inspo metrics, and part one and two of the Astrology of the Black Supermodels series.

More to come but please remember that there is only one of me!

Image: Norbert Cames



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Thank you, I so missed the daily, and didn’t keep quiet, and got belted, so then kept quiet. Really grateful for the extra time/energy which it must cost you – love you all over again (never really stopped 😉 )


Well, i have found the evolution of my personal Daily quite profound, in ways that i still find mysterious and intriguing. They have been beautifully written and even more so with recent calibrations. I appreciate the exact times coming back into them, and i did haha about your frustrations, Mystic, with a techie who nixed Hecate etc as minor. Like, who does he think he is/was working for?!?! Goddess energy channels wisely, boyo, and now is not the time to fuq about and ignorantly create some tech stymie to feminine (as trad assigned) power. Regulus has moved to queens, now.… Read more »

Crystallised future

Oh I must say I missed the daily scopes and I’m really happy to see them back. xxx


I would not have bothered. It’s your site and people who want more horoscopes are free to go somewhere else.


Thanks, Mystic! TBH, I missed the Daily, but I wasn’t gonna say nothin as I felt it was probs way too much work for you. Yer a Rawk Star!


Same here. I love the personals but missed the dailies. But kept quiet. Hoorah for Mystic’s 27 hour working days !


Same here. I didn’t want to be critical given how much Mystic gives to this site but I did miss them.


Thanks Mystic for always going above and beyond xx


Great image! Reminds me of Parrots Live Forever by Flack.

Thanks for the added horoscopes and your hard work 👏 👏 👏 


I love the image too. Reminds me of a dream I had as a kid. Where I travelled out into space and then through a tunnel that ended up being a bean can on the kerb or a road. Bizarre.


Thank you for all you do! I am so very grateful! <3


Mystic, all power to you, but people can be greedy x


How do i contact you? i am trying to get the daily horo for the 4th of Sept, but its gonski, How do i find it?


Thank you, Found it.

Squared Virgo

thank you Mystic for all your work and the depth and beauty you bring to all of us.


I’m so disappointed to hear you are receiving that kind of mail. Thank you for all that you do MM 😇 you are incredible.

Wish Upon a Star

“In time we hate which we often fear.”

William Shakespeare

x. twinkle twinkle

Wish Upon a Star

I feel this quote is more apt:

“Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be”.

I was trying to find the Oscar Wilde quote that I vaguely remember but couldn’t.

Any suggestions peeps?


he knew a thing or two about envy and hate…

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Penelope Darling

How horrible! This site is total magic and I love that it is driven by your vision, I’m so sorry you received this kind of mail.


I too am appreciative of the return of the classic daily scopes as it’s fun to read my Sun sign, Moon and MC for the extra insights. But when I read my Personal scope yesterday I thought of you MM: “Dispense your genius wisely to obtain the maximum blessings. Keep your code-cracking and speedy algorithm analysis for worthy causes and people”.
In other words, don’t let others waste your time and energy with their petty envies. Your site conveys so much wisdom, it is a fortress of strength, vitality and power.


Well said Bon. I adore this space too.

The personalised dailies are incredible and to have the good old dailies back, is sheer brilliance.

When the Oracle tells me to change scents, it’s spooky true. It has helped me to put up the “Exit and Snagglepuss it out of a situation.” Two visits to fuel pumps this past week under the lunar rays, have been paranormal Aquarian Plutonic experiences. The energetic vibration can be described as (Pheromones + Moon Rays + Fuel Pump = wildcard oddities).


A quarterly magazine would be so great … go on .. glossy … Astro centerfolds .. sealed sections… celebrity gossip ? 😘


Interesting ideas. I remember getting the MM book (from a Target, that is no longer there).



Crystallised future

Cheeky!! 🤣🤣🤣


Yeh but nah. I have enough mangement of my teen self without my fav adult astrologer packing the glossies up to feed-starve the girl! 🤣😄

Worried she could beat the half day i dieted on cottage cheese, grapefruit and blak coffee…AquaMa told me we had no grapefruit. Oh goddesses, no dieting. It took this full Jupiterian three awful hours. You just don’t do that to anyone! Esp a young growing teen.

And we already (shh 🤫) haven’t we had some astro-centrefolds? In track pants, for example?

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You’re amazing, Mystic. This site is such a resource. Thanks for sharing with us, but yes – make sure to take time for yourself!


Thank you MM. You are kicking it out of the cosmos and the visual feasting is top notch, as always. Thank you to Gem for helping with my administrative updates. Carpe the cosmically daily offerings, diem the to do list 😇 💓✔️😘


Dude, is that kohlrabi in the painting?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love them all!

(I always forget to check when the weeklies are posted though)


You are very generous with your time and energy. Thank you.

Love Merkuri

Thank you!! Am loving, loving the mega mystic page. You are amazing ❤️


Relax Mystic! (If you can.) The site is a digital temple of spiritual genius. A unique and wonderful place. The upgrades in design and services over the last six months or so is something to behold (!) you provide real bang for the proverbial buck. Thank you for all you do 💚🍃

Wish Upon a Star

Well said !


Massively grateful, darling!!
Return of the Daily is timely & cherished…
Thank you, thank you, thank you X

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