There Are Three Types Of Capricorn

There are three types of Capricorn: Stoic, Sensual, and Supernatural. Excitingly, they are not all ruled by Saturn.

Additionally, a Capricorn can segue between these different modes at various points in their life or manifest a hybrid version.

Fittingly for the only chimeric sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns excel at “X by day, Y” by night lifestyles.

Here are the three core types of Capricorn:

Stoic Capricorn

These are the Saturnine ones, Time-God ruled and they know it. They keep score, calculate odds, and set deadlines. They don’t resent rules, they master them. Stoic Capricorns would rather be in a position where they make the regulations, write legislation, or have enough clout to be a formidable challenger.

They’re stoic in that often, from an early age, they define themselves by their ability to endure what others cannot, whether hardship or their self-imposed regime of study or training. Many report an early peak moment when they felt suddenly charged with a distinct ambition or calling.

Temperamentally, they’re drawn to areas with measurable, non-negotiable success metrics: Difficult university degrees, black belts, trophies, and job titles that say ‘boss’ or provide the precise experience/info required. Shunning hubris, they devise ways to leverage their assets or access without false reckonings or profit-destroying pride.

Shunning Hubris, They Unsentimentally Leverage Their Assets

Stoic Capricorns are not moved by baubles or the ‘rich look, although they study successful people and will unquestionably sacrifice so-called leisure to attain their goals. Know them by their air of maturity, polished public statements, and coolness with systems/bureaucracy, even when young.

They’re not scared of self-discipline or accountability, only of failure and time wastage.  Some are admirable, some not so much but whatever they’re up to, you can see that they’re climbing.  These Saturnians are the classic mountain goats, strategizing their next hoof-hold, eyes on the peak, and exerting enormous strength to maintain composure as they rise.

Cold showers, conscious self-control, and spread-sheeted everything aside, they’re purposeful. They often restructure or fortify society, lead, inform, or inspire.

They include Simone de Beauvoir, Jeff Bezos, Christy Turlington, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Greta Thunberg, Franca Sozzani, Zora Neale Hurston,  Louis Chevrolet, Shulamith Firestone, Alexander Hamilton, Fareed Zakaria, Susan Sontag, Christine Lagarde, Justin Trudeau, and Lebron James.

Sensual Capricorn 

The Sensual Capricorns are ruled by nature deity Pan, the Wild God. AKA the Green Man and Cernunnos, Pan represents forests, free love, music, and pagan pleasures. Pan disdains temples – wood glades and waterfalls are his church – and artifices like work or clothes. An animal lover, he demands that no creature be sacrificed in his name. Rather, revere the trees and rivers.

Sensual Capricorns Are Affiliated With Wild God Pan

The Christians took his appearance – Pan is a satyr, half-goat, half-man – and turned it into their devil. Was it the ‘idolatry’ of nature, the God’s penchant for frolicking around looking hot and playing the Pan Pipes? Or all the sex outside of procreation? The word ‘horny’ comes from Pan and in the old days, children born without an obvious father were said to be Pan’s offspring. He is also credited with having a gigantic phallus and being the god of masturbation.

Like his namesake Peter Pan, this God of Sensual Capricorns is forever young. The secret of his youthful vibe? Orgasms and creativity. Unlike belief systems that say sex is depleting, the ethos of Pan is that nourishes and sustains inspiration.

This is the deity who reigns over the Sensual Capricorns. Know them by their resolute devotion to pleasure,  disdain for shame or judgment, genius artistic instincts, ease in moving through the creative demi-monde, big appetites, nature worship, and innate sex appeal.

The successful ones make their fortune from being charismatic talents, actors, musicians, and painters, etc but their main skill is in giving people permission to be wild themselves. They’re energy magnified, rebel muses for the masses. They hire Saturn people to take care of the details. They’ve got life force to spare, emerging from sex scandals or party decadence mishaps. looking supremely relaxed.

They Emerge From Sex Scandals Looking Supremely Relaxed

Sensual Capricorns are often nomadic, grounding enough via sex, physical movement, and food to seek their next high. They’re transcendentally minded and you can see them on television talking about karma or Pleiadians and enthusing about everyone in their industry as they eye the exit. But in their heart, they’re in a green valley with bluebirds swooping around, knowing the true name of every single plant and creature.

They include Nigella Lawson, Elvis Presley, Kate Moss, Joe Manganiello, Mary J Blige, Orlando Bloom, FKA Twigs, Sade Anu, Tiger Woods, Ava Gardner, Joe Orton, Marianne Faithfull, Jack London, Skillrex, Donna Summer, Karen Elson, Jared Leto, Stan Lee, Federico Fellini, Dolly Parton, Aaliyah.

Supernatural Capricorn

Supernatural Capricorns are the Mer-Goats, the only hybrid ‘chimera’ creature in the Zodiac. The symbol is based on a story before time or, more likely, pre-flood civilizations whose words and records were destroyed in the Alexandrian library fire. These styles of Capricorns are ruled by the ancient Babylonian Enki, one of the original Annunaki, the pet peeve of many a biblical conspiracy theorist.

Enki is also associated with Odin and Hekate. Odin is the Hanged Man of the Tarot; having suspended himself on the World Tree Yggdrasil, hovering in a weird liminal state to obtain occult secrets. Hekate, like the Saturnine Hermit of the Tarot, carries a light. She walks shadow paths between worlds and lives. Yes, this is the territory of the Supernatural Capricorns. The real story of their mysterious symbol is obscured by time. They’re magicians but it’s Old Magic.

They’re Magicians But It’s Old Magic

They have a mystical awakening early in life, usually something so weird that they pretty much figure out on the spot that they probably should not share it. They’re mature, not because they don’t scream the house down when they get a tax bill or chase people who don’t want them but because their psyche remembers previous existences. They don’t feel old so much as ‘been around’ already.

Regardless of their success, failure, good press, bad press, fans, critics, fortune or no fortune, they’re higher-powered, spiritually guided people who are channeling something rad from another place. It flows through everything they do, sometimes connecting with a vast audience and earning material comforts, sometimes the opposite.

Supernatural Capricorns Are In Kairos Time

Supernatural Capricorns don’t live in Chronos (Saturn) time – they live in Kairos time.  Capricorns like this infuriate the fuq out of people who don’t get how they know things. And it’s not like the Cap aspires to being “spiritual” – they’re not Serenity Signallers, ever. Often when they have their early initiation, the desire is to push it away and go in quest of more socially acceptable goals or guidance.

But they usually end up tuning back in and infusing their magic into their life, work and creations, summoning up that relentless work ethic to do some sort of contemporary alchemy.

The Supernatural Capricorns include David Bowie, Nostradamus, Jeanne D’Arc, David Lynch, Deepa Mehta, Edgar Allen Poe, Marie-Louise Von Franz, Sandra Cisneros, Robert Bly, Andy Kaufman, Mary Karr, Isaac Newton, Louise Bourgeois, Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Gurdjieff, Kahlil Gibran, Charles Addams, Patti Smith, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen Hawking,


Time does not allow for an exhaustive list of cool Caps but if you have a favorite Capricorn, please nominate them and the type that you think they are!

Images: Scott Balmer
Thoth Deck – Pan – Frieda Harris

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How about

Chronos (Stoic):

Benjamin Franklin
Clara Barton
Richard Nixon
Noel Tyl
Rudolf Bing
Mary Tyler Moore
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Pan (Sensual):

Cary Grant
Marlene Dietrich
Rod Stewart
Susan Lucci
Sarah Miles
Denzel Washington
Zayn Malik
Janis Joplin
Tiger Woods

Mer (Supernatural):

Johannes Kepler
Rod Sterling
Stephen Hawking
Martin Luther King


I have Saturn in my first house (but not close enough to the ASC to be a conjunction). I’d say it has a lot of influence, and I’ve expressed various forms of Saturn as this post describes!


All three mixed crazy work of art. 7 Jan Cap Xennials (Gen X + Millenials).


Thank you so much for sharing this, it has just given me a greater understanding of who I am and why I am the way I am!!


If say atm I am mainly Pan. I was stoic in my twenties until about 27 when I suddenly threw it away and changed tacks to become more Mear. Then fifteen years ago I found my Pan and I have been there for a while now. There is another shift afoot but what it is I am not so sure. I enjoy not knowing what’s next. Actually I refused to go into my house in the future as I’d love to it know what’s in there. Preferring to experience it along the way. Fantastic piece. Thanks.


This is amazing. If possible could you provide your members with a suggested reading list?




Def a hybrid of all 3 here.. Quad cap in sun mercury venus neptune (and if we’re counting astroids, here comes Vesta).. It’s like an awesomely weird and electric buzz, like downloading info from my dreams and going stoic/remaining disciplined enough to manifest that ish. But then..much of the time I’d rather be in the woods, playing my skin drum, leaves in my hair and mud on my feet.. Only to sit for hours and download more messages from the universe..what’s a mermaid goat to do?


Dang, u r just crackin’ me up here! “These styles of Capricorns are ruled by the ancient Babylonian Enki, one of the original Annunaki, the pet peeve of many a biblical conspiracy theorist.” Although my conspiracy theory style is not biblical, the Annu is sure one of my petpeeves. Some years back I was at a Judas Priest Show and these guys sitting in front of me were having a heated discussion about the Annu before the show started (Who could be discussing during JP show?!). I was livid! How dare you?! After awhile I said, “Hey, I’m trying to… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Luppa

All three sound like my Cappy partner – at different times. I think the stoic one is his core self, but he regularly needs time out from the grind with the sensuality of Pan play. The spirituality is there. I often tease him when he’s getting all wound up (Mars in Toro) and ask if he’s checked in with his sky fairy lately.

natalie le

Like reading our lives out loud ey caps?? Never felt so understood. I am all of these things and depending on whatever 7 year phase I’m in they rotate with strength. Right now, I’m a product manager for a behavioral research company and CEO of a creative consultancy moonlighting doing experimental nude art, live painting, and giving psychic readings when it suits me online. I talk to rocks, hug trees, have a massive to do list and actually take cold showers to keep me healthier. The thing about divinity though and having an experience at a young age is typically… Read more »


Omg we have so much in common. Happy to tell stories of how things come to me in the esoteric world. Amazing experiences.


I read this and thought of Dolly Parton’s America – the last episode when she’s talking about her faith and how it’s tied up with sex and music and self love – starting from a moment in her childhood when she created a portal to her own divinity. If that isn’t Capricorn I don’t know what is. Plus she is hella good with the ka-ching. Actually I think she straddles Supernatural and Sensual Cap.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alouetta

I always found interesting the 3 women in my (dec) husbands life are Capricorn.
Me – 24 December
Mother – 2 January
Daughter – 19 January.
Wonder what he was sent here to learn?


Or maybe he was brought here to bring the three of you together?


Brilliant article Mystic, totally agree with these insights & categories.
I’d add my favourite poet, John Wieners, to the list of Supernatural Caps. A gay schizophrenic junkie who wrote the most beautiful and avant-garde poetry, much like Bowie in the ability to channel otherworldly wisdom with profound earthiness and humour.
& Ralph Fiennes can go on to the list of Sensual Pan-influenced ones.


Cap rising (crabby sun & stellium FWIW). I am SOO the stoic one. Even in primary school, I remember looking around the classroom one time and thinking, ‘yeah, no point bothering with you lot’. I didn’t really care as much as other kids would have, that I wasn’t popular because I was top of the class and none of them could catch up with me. I was just like ‘I’ll be out of here in a couple of years. my results matter, not their opinion’ I did have a friend who had a similar mindset, I wasn’t a complete monster… Read more »


I have Cap rising, sun, mars, and mercury. Every word of the “stoic Cap” — yes. But at night…party Cap comes out to play. It’s a hybrid of the other 2 I’d say.


Thank you for capturing the Capricornian range and complexity so well … I relate strongly to the Sensual Capricorn type you describe. One of my all-time favourite novels is the delightful ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ by Tom Robbins – lots about Pan, and how misunderstood he is. 🙂


My brother Sensual Capricorn The Good Boy and all around golden child. In many way, almost my son and more of a lover and ego validation for my mother. The only time he ever went against the grain was to bed and then marry my ex wife. A Czech porn star and university graduate. The most badass, sexy and sensual woman I ever met. We had already split up as lovers and were great friends when they got together and she was as adventurous and experienced as you’d expect. Seriously naughty woman in the funniest and best sense. Someone with… Read more »


My mother (age 80) always says “ you can’t help who you fall in love with”.
It’s her universal response for all relationships, including same sex partners.
So glad your brother and you are still connected. My best friend for 40 years is an ex-girlfriend of my brother.


Patti Smith – 30 December 1946 – I remember reading once that she said something like … live your life with stealth and make art with abandon


Patti Smith is amazing. Her strength and creative approach has always intrigued me. Thank you for this wonderful quote.

Trivia: There is a hamburger place named in her honour it’s called “Pattysmiths Palm Beach.” I haven’t been to eat there. I’ve had a dream of a hamburger before. My dreamscape is like having Jung download straight into my field of consciousness, where emotional unpack and archive for later and then profound psychic fruition.

Black Cat

Cap here, and this might be the first time in my life I have felt truly understood. Thank you Mystic!

natalie le



Wooooaa. This touched my heart so dearly, I guess having a marged capricorn typed momma allowed my mind to just… fly with her memory among memorabilia anecdotes.


Jude Law – mega sensual Capricorn

Wish Upon a Star

Oh Jude Law.


I am Capricorn and definitely a hybrid of all 3 types 🌚
One question though, is Sagittarius the Centaur not also a Chimera?

Sarah F

Also a Cap (Sun and Moon), can also relate to this! Always zooming between the three. I think a centaur doesn’t count as a chimera, in the sense of an amalgam of different beasts, because centaurs were considered a whole and unique mythological creature. Kind of like satyrs (to get back to the goat thing) 🙂


This is lovely! As a Cap Rising I would definitely fall under the stoic Capricorn in the surface….which is why I don’t have many friends. 😐 I have met many supernatural Capricorns-including a late cousin- or maybe I perceive them to be that way because a lot of their suns/personal planets fall in my 12th house. Even fell in love with one, although his sun is in Aqua…most of his planets were in Capricorn.

Mistress of Mirrors

For the longest of time Capricorns have intrigued and mystified me. I have Neptune conjunct Uranus in Cappy in my 1st house and that seems to attract Capricorns like honey (or then it is all the other outer planet vibe and Sun in 8th overall gloominess). Sometimes the interest is mutual. I feel like all Caps are control-seeking workaholics, but there is more to them. Like, all the most extreme adrenaline-seeking guys I know have major Cappy placements. I just studied (and kinda fell for) a hyper energetic extreme stunt guy who was a Pisces and had a huge Capricorn… Read more »


How about the 4th type.The totally depraved sociopaths ? 😛


The Stoic type could devolve into that quite easily I imagine.


Christine Lagarde, Jeff Bezos….

Last edited 9 months ago by Nathalie


Sarah F

That’s just bad humans doing bad human stuff.

Last edited 10 months ago by Sarah F

God, this explains a lot. My 4th house is Capricorn with Neptune in it (Aqua/PIsces cusp here), and the supernatual cap is like…. wow. North Node is Taurus in the 8th house, and Hekate hanging out in virgo. I’m a fuqing witch. I can’t tell you how much I’ve tried to be “practical” but, uh, nope.


Thea von Arbou deserves a spot, Stoic mostly (I think)

Petulia Park

Longtime reader & first time commenting. As someone with a lot of Capricorn in her chart, including a Capricorn Sun, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this.Since childhood I’ve had a difficult time relating too a lot of the stuff I’ve read about Capricorns but this rang true for me and some of it was extremely pertinent to things I’ve been wrestling with during 2020. A few of my favorite Capricorns that I don’t believe have been mentioned yet: Writer Henry Miller – Sensual Capricorn Writer Paul Bowles – Supernatural Capricorn Actress Marlene Dietrich – Sensual… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Petulia Park

“They’ve got life force to spare, emerging from sex scandals or party decadence mishaps. looking supremely relaxed.” Classic Mystic. I am going to use this line the next chance I get to slip it into a conversation or digression from one.

I have learned to love being a Capricorn too: Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter all in there. I am definitely the Supernatural type and have some affinity with Cancerians and Aquarians for some reason.

Paul Keating is Cap – Stoic I reckon


PJK (of course who could forget his work in politics). Makes me wonder what ScoMo’s chart looks like.

I’ve got a lot in Crabland too (4 or 5) and it’s taken me a while to come to terms with myself and be more like my Aquarian rising. It’s no wonder water features so heavily in my chart, no leaks here it’s just the indoor steam room (aka pressure cooker) that is my life.


ooh I love being a Capricorn. I’m going to say I am definitely the sensual and spiritual type. Others might say im the boring stoic type but they don’t know!


MM thank you for this post and the decan explanation.
My all time fav hero Capricorn Sun folks would have to be: Betty White. Witty as fuq, ethical, ethereal and an absolute gem.
I made sure to play some David Bowie today.


Thanks so much for that explanation… I’m a Sag with a Cap moon. Both my parents are Caps (probably stoic) and my daughter as well (definitely a stoic). Supernatural fits my moon description best.


I would love to know who you met and what they said to you. 🙂 Was it David Bowie???


I hope it was Nostradamus and you were travelling on the astral plane, Mystic xx


Naya Rivera was a Capricorn. A supernatural one, I think.


My favourite Cap is my sis, who is the genius of making things happen in her life and is at her best when challenges come along. I’d say she’s stoic and supernatural. Funny, I usually think of her as a multi-Cap but I’ve just looked at her chart and she only has the sun in Cap, but it’s strong – square Saturn in Aries and trine her Pluto in Virgo. Her go-to cure for anything is to work hard and consistently. She also has the spookiest intuition of anyone I know.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I feel like some people are a blend of all three…


As for famous fictional Capricorns, Sherlock Holmes is a Stoic Cap all the way.


Interesting indeed. Thank you.


i feel like he’s got strong supernatural overtones, or is a mix of those two archetypes…


Supernatural Cap??!!! Mystic, you just zero-ed in on me. thank you! And to be in the company of Nostradamus, Jeanne D’Arc? Even better. 🙂

Penelope Darling

I am dating a stoic and sensual Capricorn, with an added megadose of Sagg in his chart. The flickering between stoic or sensual is intense and unpredictable and very fun.


Omgomgomg this might be the best article I have ever read on Cappies! Wow. Makes so much sense. I identify mostly with the last one (I’m an 11 life path / manifestor / “Sage” archetype which fits the bill) but of course can easily switch between all of them depending on the situation. I can easily be the life and soul of the party, but also her bossy assertive Saturnian counterpart. I love it. And guess what – been waiting all my life to answer your question. So don’t ask me twice 🤣 I’m a capri sun/rising and my list… Read more »


What a brilliantly written article about Capricorns. Besides the fact that I relate to it in ways I can’t explain, it’s also quite informative and enjoyable to read.

Thanks Mystic!


I’ve got a fav Cap and he is a Timeless Cat who plays music and will appear playing in my car (I’ve had to pull over) especially when I have a particular song on repeat (about to bust my speakers). WTF…MM scopes have been totally on. He is a shapeshifter weirdly interesting and suffers with creative road blocks and deep seated fears. Deep, hot and weird (whom is to blame for messing with my female cycle and profiting from our emailed conversations). Classic manipulative behaviour and one that should work on transparency because he knows better than that. The music… Read more »


Last sentence should read: That is the gold that gives meaning in troubled times.


Put Lemmy and Slash down as sensual Caps also. And I’d put Janis there too.


While not a Gunners fan. I have to agree with your list additions. Fabulous hair, bone structure and magical musical powers…tick, tick, tick


I have a Capricorn identity crisis. I relate to bits of all 3! Though I am of the Venus decan for sure – January 2nd.



My fav Uncle is a January 2 (I would say his the classic and the magical too). Keeper of the family tree (except my paternal side, it gets complicated and the indigenous lines).
Incredibly emotional and a free thinking challenge the establishment no wait I’ll work for them. Identify the loopholes and run with it.


Your uncle sounds lovely…and familiar! 🙂


Does this apply for Cap Risings and Moons as well?


I wanted to ask precisely the same question, cause I have Cap rising at 15 degrees and it’s the only position in Cap in my chart.


Yep I’ve got it say that’s been my thinking too. I have my lunar return this month…it’s a Cappy heavy hitting moon. It’s bone density and I need an array of healing work and medication. I need to take an iron supplement (caffeinated within safe levels and sugar sensitivity).


my fave cap is The Starman. This meme says it all.
p.S. Is this based on decans?


Thank you for this flashfire. This meme speaks to my soul. I have my Apple subscription just for Blackstar…I have a contact that can de-Apple my music, which sounds amazing however maybe a tad not so legit. Hmmm music is a wicked gift.


Holy hell. This is pretty much the only post I have ever read on the Cap experience that really, truly GETS IT. I have goosebumps.

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