The Uranian Meditation Technique

The Uranian Meditation technique works particularly well in weird conditions like this. I know the old Vedic formulas are trendy at the moment but this is Space Weather: geomagnetic fuqery, high solar winds, and electrical strangeness.

Animals, winds, and the ancestral part of you pick up on it via a level of the psyche that humans don’t use or talk about much.

Now, the meditation may not seem like a meditation at first but really, it’s a different system. As Steve Blamire writes, in Magic Of The Celtic Otherworld, the concept of detaching from physicality is just one system. The other is that you observe, see, and immerse in everything.

“The ways of the East tend to put the emphasis on rising above the temptations of the flesh or the distractions of the mind. The Western system stresses becoming absorbed in this world, what is happening in it and within yourself.”

Notice everything. Imagine if every single object was important or had a message and coincidence was impossible.

So the meditation is super-easy.Β  List the name of every single street you ever lived in, starting with the one you were in as a baby. Don’t put ‘street’ or ‘avenue’ or whatever, just the name. It doesn’t matter if you forget some and you only need to include the number if it strikes you as relevant.

Now sit or lie down, close your eyes OR go for a walk and examine this list in your mind as if it were a Rosetta Stone or story clues and every single street name had a magical meaning. Yes, it’s imagination but if you let your mind try this, you come up with incredible insights. It’s probably more like a surrealist exercise than a traditional meditation but it works.

Don’t let logic intrude. This is a Uranian mind-trip, not your debt repayment spreadsheet. For instance, maybe “Arthur Avenue” was named after the town clerk but free-associate and say it’s King Arthur or Arcturus.

If you don’t know what the name of the street means, look up the etymology or origin.


Image: William Reiser


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Thank you. It’s been a particularly shaking few days and recent weeks even in the context of abnormal/ new normal times, and this actually helped my DREAMING. Is it the Akashic library, or is it too quotidian? Well what is there if not the quotidian for our souls and emotions to operate with, feed on and be with, really. That is the bounty of a life. Dreams that seem unadventurous hurt the 12th houser, with almost bored and frustrated tears when you get stuck in the daily. But it’s interesting what features and which huge concerns in sunlight get ignored.… Read more »


I love the taking everything as symbolic, and I do that as practice pretty regularly, it’s great! The street names didn’t work for me, they are all just names: Harrison, Dean, Fuller, Camp, Napoleon, 7th Ave, east 17th st. etc.. with a few exceptions, (Liberty, where I felt so trapped, lol) and so many upwards of 20 something, maybe I’m too literal.


Sorry, but “which involved scouring wool and standing in urine”?


I mean, it could always be worse than we’ve got, or this might be a job some work deprived under covid might wonder if, yeh ok, what’s the pay, and do they pay on time. Crikey!


Also, Fuller’s hammer and Niflheim…where the flip are you downloading source, Lady Witch? You are so onto it and seriously funny, Mystic, i am loving it and damn needed the levity and truth today xxxx Love you


Haha 🀣 the street names didn’t work for you! My Merc in Aries eye picked up only the street names and went, Well what a parcel of hilarious treasure YOU have! And there you’ve got a direct reply of fqn funny gold from Mystic herself! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


The Sagittarian one is to list every boyfriend’s name since 13 years old. Last night real eyesed i needed to formally meditate as felt like i had lost my usual map of the future and it was replaced by a map of now, and now was a unpleasant place to be. Am contented with one foot in the future and one in the past so that now feeling was unsettling so this game of names will be fun though i long for places w/o streets as life now feels like a cul de sac.


Love real eyesed πŸ˜„


This was next level cool! So perfect for the present moment & all the lives we have spent in our places of rest. Thank you MM you are so rad. πŸ’«πŸ‘


So doing this

Stella Polaris

This is great! I clocked up 27 addresses over my 57 years. I also grokked that, for me, C is for Complicated. Any street names with C had complications associated with them, courtesy of the people living there (including myself). Luckily very few Cs among the street names. However, the nicest part of this exercise was to reflect on these homes, the people within them, the people who visited. I worked out that I’d enjoyed many more good times than bad and that bad times were soon followed by good times again. This gives me perspective for our current times.… Read more »


Yassssssss! Thank you!!!?


After 47 years my family home was sold. It was were I was conceived and brought home as a 7 day old baby. My Mum just wanted to keep the telephone number. It was the telephone number to my stalking and she was stalked also (didn’t report it) and it was indeed a larger pool of victims than 51. I was taught many magical things there, to hear the bird calls to indicate the rain is coming. While harm befell me there many times, it’s understanding my own connections to the divinity (creative processes like art, music and my feline… Read more »


I grew up on a road named Salem to strict religious parents. They bought the house before children but the first two digits of the house number ended up being the date I was born and the second two digits was the date my younger brother was born. I always found that curious.


i LOVE this. i was literally doing this today, suddenly googlemapping a street i walked down as a six year old and clocking that I lived in Amethyst Court, my birthstone.

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