The Hyperflux 2020

In times of hyperflux, “scattered” is the new “together.” It means you’re not stuck, you’re thinking and reinventing.

I said this in my Daily Mystic email for members and it seemed to resonate so I’m reiterating it here. If you were entirely sure of a direction at this point, that would be weird.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that peaked in January (but which was building throughout 2019) was always going to call time on the rickety faux fixes set up after the G.F.C. and 2020 is obviously exposing a multitude of failings within the system.

Apart from the obvious stress factors of the pandemic and the various government responses to it, the current astro is difficult for one core reason: Mars in Aries pushes for nowness. It wants to accelerate or solve s**t via a burst of hyperbolic action. Saturn at the end of Capricorn wants to slow everything down so that lessons are learned and foundations are laid.

Mars In Aries Accelerates – Saturn Is The Speed Limit

These two are in a long-haul, repeating square to one another, flanked by Lilith and Eris in Aries on one side, Jupiter and Pluto on the other. We will get a new structure out of all this but it’s tough terrain between now and the December new-era vibe.

Saturn this potent makes everyone aware of shortfalls and vulnerabilities, exaggerating your perception of them. If it were a standard-issue Aries-Capricorn/Mars-Saturn tension, you could work and exercise your way through it but not if you’re confined to barracks or the work itself is elusive.

I’ve done detailed takes on the current scenario and its potential tangents in my (Mega Mystic member feature) Turbulent Times series. And the Mars in Aries strategies are covered in the Mp3 of that name. If you have them, re-read/re-listen, if not – consider both or either. The TT series is more than 10,000 words and more in-depth than I could cover in a blog post and the Mp3 is pretty much the most authentic – no fluff – 40 or so minutes motivational power-up for late 2020 out there.

Courage, Leadership, Magic

Remember, square or no square, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are the most powerful planets at the moment. All of them are in their own sign and feisty. You could interpret this as Courage, Leadership, and Magic.

Call it the Hyperflux, Great Disruption, Late-Stage-Capitalism, Fin De Siecle, general fuqery – whatever – it’s quite something. It’s also polarizing people, the set-up for 2021’s big deal alignment: Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Given that I’m trying to grow my own spirulina and am having problems typing because my fingertips sting from stinging nettle, I’m probably edging toward the Uranus in Aquarius end of it. More on this fascinating alignment to come.

In the near future, Saturn Direct in late September will be a significant shift, as it heads back towards Aquarius and Mars Retro is going to be recriminations central. A lot more intel will emerge, a blend of the usual grift, ecocide, and underfunding of public health AND more startling or unexpected revelations.

So, how are you all going?

Thoughts, tactics, and theories welcome in the comments!


Image: Richard  M Powers 

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Thanks, Mystic, listening to the Mars rant now. So, what I’m curious about, because I’m fairly new to the astro world, is how this might impact a native who already has natal Mars in Aries (in 4th house) that is squaring both natal Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn 12th house, and Pluto because well, Pluto is doing its thing and for me personally has resulted in massive catastrophic shoves from the universe resulting in a kind of starting over (no coincidence Pluto is transiting my 1st house and natal Pluto in 8th). Plus… **sigh** it’s all so intense … Uranus,… Read more »


If hyperflux means being scatty and unsure where you’re headed then I’ve been in one for at least 3 years and the rest of the world is only now catching up. I’m Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Mars and 43 years old. Anyone got sum astro to explain that…?


Maybe you’ve been wandering the foggy transit that is Neptune square to your natal Neptune? (since 2017)
Also maybe yr doing/have just done Uranus opp Uranus transit? Not the most stabilising vibe either.
Not for nothing they call this the mid-life crises yrs.
Stay flexible & philosophical is all i can say.


Note to self: LISTEN TO THE MARS IN ARIES TALK. Do have it & should have listened before i shot my arrows at my the DVN, Demented Virgo Neighbour’s all-nighters-on-ice, as so tired next day from lack of sleep, him running up & down passage, renovating at 2am.Asked property manager to send a cease & desist letter about noise pollution. Being Mars in VIrgo it was a detailed documentation of 10 years of bullying controlling behavior aka emotional abuse. After the quiver was empty, felt sad. Sadness follows anger & felt tears coming.Symbolic situation of how lack of communication can… Read more »


…..and I’m listening to your Focus and Space Clearing mp3 while I’m packing my house up, MM! It’s helping! I was feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed and was procrastinating with all I have to do, but I had a really productive day today. I still feel a little behind on it all but I’ll get it done, even if working on it right ’til the end. I’m moving on Friday!


I’ve rediscovered that mp3 too this week! It was just exactly what I needed. I used to listen to it on my daily long commute but I haven’t commuted since March 12, but this week I knew it was exactly what I needed.


What a good idea Flower, listen whilst packing. Also feel overwhelmed at the idea of packing & moving. Just want to give it all away. Should sell some of the good clothes & shoes not needed anymore, will never be worn again but too slow. Goodluck with new abode sweetie girl, you will make it beautiful.


Thanks so much, Pegasus!


MM you are amazing and thank you for your intellectual and Astro fabulous posts. Astro-raging at the total BS factors at play here on planet Earth as I feel the need to share. Mars in Aries is Amphetamine ruling and setting the pace and then I’ve Saturn changing the highway speed limits with no idea on correct signage. WTF? With Neptune and my Crabness saying I’m likely to kill someone for not indicating and being a fuckwad pedestrian in peak hour in a 40km zone with roadworks. Meanwhile it’s taken me two goes across the same Bridge to get out… Read more »


Yes …I am sort of despairing that billionaires are going off to destroy another planet while our wonderful earth and so many of it’s humans are hurting.
I can’t watch any news about anything…just SO depressing.
Bless you and am so grateful to be retired and not having to fight traffic etc..


Hello magnolia and thank you for your message. It’s an interesting time and I hope you are enjoying your retirement. That sounds fun. I’ve have seen these retirees out drinking in front of the beach (as they waited for their lamb to cook for dinner). Sounds blissful and perhaps retirees are the new schoolies. The news is intensifying a lot of triggers for people, some are aware of them and others not. I have to filter what I watch at the moment and being stuck to the newsfeed right now can be harmful for me. Does remind me of years… Read more »


I love “sparkling and unexpected revelations”…


Shoes off, bare feet on ground,
boundaries reinforced,
therapy completing.

Eat, pray, love thyself.

Wish Upon a Star

Go Well Wizardora !


Mars, Lilith, and Eris are hanging around my NN in Aries. I’ve been taking action and upsetting other people’s apple carts (and they effing deserve it!). I’m moving next week! Finally! Things really came to a head here with neighbors and mgmt/owners turned out to be as awful and diabolical as the neighbors. Mgmt won’t deal with the situation properly even though I wrote mgmt/owners a detailed letter including evidence in photos and audio recordings of the neighbors noise and bullying toward me. F*** all of these people! I’m moving back to the coast, to the beach! –a smaller, mellow… Read more »


Sounds like the perfect move…the situation is forcing you out. Excellent, Thank good for spirit…! Be happy.


Good Lord, darling…
I’m just in pure Slash & Burn Mode with every irk and substandard situation and/or person I can identify?!? Fed up with and taking zero bullshit from now on… It’s been a challenging year..I’m finding other people’s inability to stop projecting their anxiety and angst outwards, exhausting. Get a grip, please! X


P.S. …2020 was supposed to be the long-awaited year of my Jupiter Return et al…and somehow it’s just been a bit of a shit-fest?? *sigh*


I completely resonate with ‘slash and burn every irk and substandard situation…’ YES!! Good for you! I’m doing that right now too. It’s like there’s no other choice, no other response, can’t take no more!


Thank you for understanding…
I’m just quietly sending lethal emails or texts to put some much overdue reality check perspective into situations…
This is actually a new response…as I’m normally incredibly diplomatic & tolerant…but it’s recently just been a kind of reckoning happening??
Take care, darling. No regrets, either.
Just keep telling it like it is! X


I think maybe my current ultimate dream goal…is to put a 3 metre high salt circle around my entire life..until at least New Year….
That’s the *mood* X


Ha ha …


Phew. Im staying calm, breathing,sending love and being the good listener.


Work and exersice sounds like a good plan. So far liking the flux. As a multiple taurus (9th house) i can get so stuck, and heavy, and it feels shitty. When the world is in more flux things come flying my way and asks me to come along. Well these last couple of months original nutty professor type of men has come to me. I have started to only date one man at the time. It works wonders. Or maybe its a side effect of mars in my 7. And 8th house?


oh my … what a week. Tracking fires, floods, Republican fascism, and on the personal side, a bad and painful fall while out speed-walking with major rib bruising, wrist sprain, banged up body. Pluto is squaring my natal Mars at 22 Libra, so with Mars in Aries opposing natal Mars, squaring Pluto, Saturn in the mix, the whole jam, I am definitely realizing I need to slow down, be cautious and watch my aggressive/mad/hostile energy. And that I really am 62 years old and while there’s nothing I can’t do, I can’t necessarily do it like I used to. And… Read more »


Nice to know the feeling of spinning plates is tuned into the astro. Kind of longing for some facts/stability, but I’m also aware I’m made for dealing with this stuff. And I am my own stability, or will be soon! Thanks for the reassurance.


Scientists and medical folks I know have been saying this for quite awhile, along with that they haven’t isolated the sars cov2 virus (even CDC has said this), so a ‘positive’ PCR could be positive for many things and nothing. I’m not a ‘denier’ of anything, just passing along info I’ve heard from the scientific community since the beginning.


..and how about today’s quiet but powerful cdc statement that really, 180,000 people mostly DIDN’T die of covid in the usa..only 6 percent of that number….and italy saying the same…..


That is a statistic that is being widely misinterpreted. What the CDC reported there is that 6% of those that have died had ONLY covid as cause of death on their death certificate, whereas the other deaths from covid were those with co-morbidities – other serious health conditions that would predispose someone to a negative outcome, including death, from contracting covid. The way the statistic was presented and the misinterpretation of it has to do with the way death certificates are filled out, properly or improperly, and the public’s understanding or non-understanding of this. Hope that helps!


Extremely painful breakup, felt like the very core of me has been exposed and scraped clean. Gave love to him in our ending that I later realized was how I wished I was loved a child. Strange feeling it’s not over between him and I, but Neptune is squaring my moon so there’s probably lots to watch out for there. My Pluto conjunct his Venus and Moon, his Pluto square my Sun. I’ll never be the same. Also, THANK YOU Mystic for your words about the difficulty of working/running through this–my own work seems to be part of the problem,… Read more »

Secret Sagg

Awww, hugs, because it’s not enough to be in the middle of a pandemic and sociopolitical/economic unease, with a sprinkling of current + Impending climate change infused strife: relationships imploding, too…, you’re not alone there, my marriage imploded in June, and I’m deeply feeling for you 💜 The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. DOES sound promising, but December feels SO. FAR. AWAY. IF I may suggest, perhaps do some sort of volunteer work/ultruistic type service, aside from your regular work, even if it’s only for an hour or two every week – there are so many reasons why this would be helpful, it… Read more »


yes, great tip re volunteering work.
i did this at a local botanical garden-it helped a recent love zombie episode, was a beautiful atmos, and then a friend gave me some gardening work.
interesting what you said abt the jupiter thing x


Many hugs to you too Secrett Sagg <3 Those Pluto connections are so deep but often so painful. Was taken aback by your kindness and total empathy in this message. Have been feeling very alone, and your message lifted me. Had not even considered giving back as a way forward–what a brilliant and beautiful way to alchemize the pain of loss. I hope you’re being kind to yourself too


Such a facinating yet exhausting time, observing everything going on around us. Weird timing for me after reading this latest blog today, but when researching material for my part-time media studies this evening, I read about the story ‘Descent into the Maelstrom’ about a sailor who survives when his ship is being pulled into a giant whirlpool by overcoming panic and remaining observant, studying the action of the whirlpool and cooperating with it. In addition to the turbulent times and Mars in Aries strategies, I’m definitely going to try and adopt this strategy between now and January!


yes, scattered! i am doing that part right. to do lists might as well be written on wet toilet paper! i been working with the uranus in taurus vibe (and also the vibe of my neptune and sun are conjunct for the next five months) by getting into minimalist/zero drop shoes, ie grounding myself with every step. After being a bit not quite convinced about “sensory biofeedback” shoes, my feet feel amazing now after 2 months of minimalist shoe wearing and are not the bundles of oncoming podiatric woes they once were. my balance and posture is also improved greatly. if… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Amanita

Every moment is like a kaleidoscope.


It’s funny when you think a response, scroll down and see your thoughts. Yes exhausted. New job this year and work load/learning curve is f vertical. (I have become the spreadsheet Queen trying to cope) Can’t wait for 2021. Just sayin

Last edited 1 year ago by JacQui

exhausted too
just cant wait for progressed moon to move to sagg in november
chirons on my moon till feb…
mars in 12th till jan, so not really feeling the oompf
neptune in 12 th till FOREVER
but may have a decent job coming up, which would b good, and maybe first step to owning my own property…nut maybe that idea is madness right mow…?
just binge watching Downton and dreaming of being lady of the manor in the meantime!
done a tiny bit of writing


Natal Saturn in Cap, natal mars in cancer, Aries sun with Trans mars now entrenched there for months.
This square up has been on the horizon since the January frisson of Saturn Pluto Jupiter mingling in my 7th and basically blowing it up The next 2 months will be interesting in every way. Thinking of using Opossum medicine. Play dead.


mars in cancer too!
what r your thoughts on this David?


My mars is early cancer ♋️ What degree is yours ? I’ve already had my mars sq mars but not sure how far it creeps back. Same with Saturn retro in cap, not sure how far back it gets. I’m looking into this now so tell me your mars In cancer degree


two degrees, in third house 😊


Should be fine. Saturn nor retro mars will square or oppose your natal mars x


thankyou David! x


still got saturn opp tho!


Not to your natal mars @ 3 deg cancer ? Saturn will only retro to 26 degree Capricorn so will oppose approx cancer 22 and up.


soz, i meant saturn opp saturn
my sat is 2 leo


Why was that image removed ? It was a photo of an oppossum using its defense medicine, pretending to be dead ? It was fine ? Seriously did someone misunderstand FFS . Look it up. Opossums pretend they are dead to fool predators ? A case of censorship for dummies ?


So on point Mystic. I had a complete meltdown yesterday. NN is no spot on my DC and thus SN on my MC the galactic centre and I lost it. I felt like my daughter and her complete and utter loss of any form of civilised control. It’s most unlike me who is saturnine to the end. My boss in July did ask my captain if He knew why we keep losing crew? He replied no no idea! Sycophant! And part of the problem. So boss turned to me. E will tell me… so I looked him square on and… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star


“He never carried that through”. That says alot.

Please look after your own interests.

Secret Sagg


aqua hair

Exhausted but thank you for that timely reminder of the chaos. Natally I have mercury at 0 degrees Aquarius in my fifth, Chiron and north node conjunct at 0 degrees Aries with a nice little opposition to my Uranus south node conjunction in libra. I am scatty and tired. this year i was suppose to be working on a book ( approached by the British editor/publishing house in Feb March, but not really progressed) This week she chased me up the same week that I was chased up about some international teaching work and filming work that was supposed to… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I loved the Mars rave, espesh the bit about war.

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